Saturday, January 30, 2010

Run, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

Danna again! Saturday I ran with a new 'she runs like a girl' team member for the Ogden 1/2 marathon. Amber. She is adorable. If you have a 20-30 something guy who wants a runner girl, boy do we have a sweetheart of a deal for you! We ran the Avenues- for the VERY hilly aspect. Which created a huffing aspect! Amber and K have been friends for many years. I'll need to work harder to get some dirt on K so I can post it! (Just kidding K, kinda). Kristin is in Iowa. I miss her. Poor Suz can't run right now, I miss her.
Amber and I talked about running and eating- two of my top hobbies! We talked about how we had both lost weight before, and re-gained it. I once heard Bob Greene of Oprah say that you really don't lose most of your weight from exercize, but it does put a ceiling on re-gain. I have found this to be true. When it comes to losing weight- diet trumps exercize. New years just passed, I have recently had a birthday, all the Haiti stress- I have been eating like I DID go to Haiti and came back starving. So nervously, I weighed today. STRESS!!! I braced myself as I got on the scale, but in a month of truly eating quite terribly- I only gained 1 1/2 pounds! I'm so glad my running put a ceiling on that weight gain. Of course, I have had my little (ok, huge) binge. I can be a good girl now. I think those eating episodes happen in real life, and my "diet" is all about real life eating. I call my "diet" my common sense diet. When faced with a food choice I ask myself, "Can I make this same choice for the rest of my life?" If the answer is no- then I eat it. I still go out to dinner and eat what I want once a week with Adam, I eat whatever I want. Just not as much as I want. If I want a doughnut, I eat half, and then if I still want the other half an hour later- I eat it. But, I am then mindful that I have already had a treat that day, and make other wise choices. It's all about balance.
NOW, keep in mind that I don't share all of this because I have it down. I share because I need the constant reminder and repitition to keep myself motivated. So this is my advice for the day... next time you see a piece of cake and think, maybe I shouldn't eat that... ask yourself, is that a choice I can make for the rest of my life? If the answer is no, EAT THE CAKE!! Then go for a run, and make good choices the rest of the day. Then sleep, repeat.


Adam said...

Hi Sweetie,
I think this was a nice post. I that that it is great that you share your strategies and struggles with the readers. It is very inspirational.
Love you tons,

Jeannette Memmott said...

Cute photo of you and Amb-leh. I'm off the cake, and feeling better. And I agree with Bob Green (and you) exercise doesn't seem to do much for weight loss. Still trying to figure out how to do it through diet, no fun.

Brenda said...


Those are great reminders ... especially asking yourself if you can do it for the rest of your life.

Danny and I just started P90X (again) and dieting ... and the mere fact that I called it "dieting" made me hungry - constantly.

So, I like your philosophy of just making wise, healthy, and sustainable choices when it comes to eating.

Keep up your awesome work (and blog)!! You're an inspiration!!


Brandi said...

How tall is Amber! I have a brother in law!

Kristin said...

She's 5'9'' I think?
D- nice post! I loved it. Jealous you and Ams ran together. What kind of "dirt" are you talking about exactly, missie? I think you should mention in o ne of your posts just how much weight you've lost!

Adam said...

You rule Danna!!!