Saturday, January 30, 2010

Run, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

Danna again! Saturday I ran with a new 'she runs like a girl' team member for the Ogden 1/2 marathon. Amber. She is adorable. If you have a 20-30 something guy who wants a runner girl, boy do we have a sweetheart of a deal for you! We ran the Avenues- for the VERY hilly aspect. Which created a huffing aspect! Amber and K have been friends for many years. I'll need to work harder to get some dirt on K so I can post it! (Just kidding K, kinda). Kristin is in Iowa. I miss her. Poor Suz can't run right now, I miss her.
Amber and I talked about running and eating- two of my top hobbies! We talked about how we had both lost weight before, and re-gained it. I once heard Bob Greene of Oprah say that you really don't lose most of your weight from exercize, but it does put a ceiling on re-gain. I have found this to be true. When it comes to losing weight- diet trumps exercize. New years just passed, I have recently had a birthday, all the Haiti stress- I have been eating like I DID go to Haiti and came back starving. So nervously, I weighed today. STRESS!!! I braced myself as I got on the scale, but in a month of truly eating quite terribly- I only gained 1 1/2 pounds! I'm so glad my running put a ceiling on that weight gain. Of course, I have had my little (ok, huge) binge. I can be a good girl now. I think those eating episodes happen in real life, and my "diet" is all about real life eating. I call my "diet" my common sense diet. When faced with a food choice I ask myself, "Can I make this same choice for the rest of my life?" If the answer is no- then I eat it. I still go out to dinner and eat what I want once a week with Adam, I eat whatever I want. Just not as much as I want. If I want a doughnut, I eat half, and then if I still want the other half an hour later- I eat it. But, I am then mindful that I have already had a treat that day, and make other wise choices. It's all about balance.
NOW, keep in mind that I don't share all of this because I have it down. I share because I need the constant reminder and repitition to keep myself motivated. So this is my advice for the day... next time you see a piece of cake and think, maybe I shouldn't eat that... ask yourself, is that a choice I can make for the rest of my life? If the answer is no, EAT THE CAKE!! Then go for a run, and make good choices the rest of the day. Then sleep, repeat.

Friends and family are forever

Hey all- It's Danna. What a week. I was literally packed, prepared, and at the plane this week to go to Haiti with my mom for relief efforts. We had weight issues on the plane due to being notified at the last minute we needed to take all of our water for the entire team of 150 for the entire 21 days. My mom and I both really felt the right thing to do was to volunteer to not go. For every person who insisted they NEEDED to go, medical supplies were taken off the plane. We both thought, this is NOT right. We didn't want to go for our ego's, we were there to help. We waited until the last literal minute at the airport just in case the weight and balances of the plane logistics changed, but in the end, I think we chose well, to help by staying home.
It was disappointing, because we really wanted to help, but I think we did, by the choice we made. We may have to option of going in three weeks, but I think I'll decompress and evaluate if the decision comes to fruition.

Anyway- I was going to name this post "total nerds" because my mom and I obviously are, as you can tell from the above picture! We now have almost identical gear- right down to our garmins. I think when people see us running together they laugh. But we should be used to that by now!
This week we received a comment from a reader Brandi who recently lost a baby. She is a sweetheart. Her story is amazing and heart-breaking. She wants to begin running again to help heal her heart.
Over the past years- I have had disappointments, sadness, and fear. I'm sure everyone reading this has. Sometimes it can be hard to know how to feel better, or how to deal with hard feelings. I am amazed at how running clears my head. I can literally feel sorted-out after a run. I find this to be especially true with running outdoors. It seems that nature is God's domain. Just being outside when I run or walk helps. I also love running with my friends. Kristin, Suzy, Ksenia, my mom. There is a power of healing when women band together. I believe that marriages are happier when women have close friends. It's really not realistic or even fair to depend on one person to meet your needs. I think the best gift you can give a husband is to have your own, close friends. If you don't feel like you have friends like that now, here is the formula. Ready to know the secret? Here it is... Pray about it. Ask for it. Then just start running. God will work out the rest. Running has been a good friend to me. Trust God to take care of you and He will.
Of course, we would always love to run with you too!

We are all trying to be better, fitter, happier people at the end of this year. Make running with friends a central part. You will amaze yourself by who you are in December, even July. We know you can do it- just ask us!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why we haven't run or blogged

It's Kristin.

I haven't run since Monday, and haven't blogged in a week. My life has been crazy! I got called as YW president (in my church) which has suddenly taken over my life in a major way. Hopefully it will settle back down soon, but it's been very very busy. Danna got asked to go on a volunteer mission to Haiti with one days notice, further rocking my world. Then she was told nevermind. Then again, yes we need you. Then again- no nevermind we miscalculated our numbers. So you can imagine she's been busy in a crazy way too! See her on the news HERE. She's in several shots- can you spot her? It's like Where's Waldo! How about "Donde's Danna?" I like it.

My work stuff is really busy right now too. I have a relatively new student which can be a lot of help or a lot of extra time depending on the situation. Also, Matt's 30th Bday is coming up and I've been doing "30 Days of Birthday Surprises" for him each night. Like "30 Cupcakes," or "$30 to spend on ebay" or "Look- I organized the fridge" since the fridge being packed and messy drives him nuts. I think that may have been one of his favorites. It's been so fun to see Matt get so excited. Should I throw him a party too? A funny over-the-hill party? Or a traditional one? I'm so indecisive.

And now, running. Ah running- I need you right now! I need to run off some stress, and I need to be with Danna. You know that feeling where you're about to part with someone super close to you for a month or a summer? And it's right when you really need them and you feel all desperate and selfish ("Haiti?! What about ME?!")? And you realize your reaction to their news is not right, but you feel like your tongue has a mind of its own ("Ok, so I know you're leaving for Haiti tomorrow and it's 1 am and you are going to be camping on the ground, debriding wounds, comforting orphans, and eating 2 granola bars and an MRE as you hike 12 miles to the city each day?" **Note: these details are all true!** "Well, what are some other things that I need to put on my presidency meeting agenda? I need help, sister! I'm stressed!")? Well, I've been there this week. Missing Danna already, and now she and her 25 lb. backpack aren't even going to have to leave me afterall! I'm so sad for Haiti, cuz homegirl is a FABULOUS nurse and a dedicated hard worker like you've never seen!! And so's her mama, who almost went too!

K, don't be offended of my seemingly light treatment of the Haiti theme. I really feel so sorry about the pain and suffering going on there and would gladly give up Danna and lots of other stuff to help them out. I donated here if you wanna join me. 100% of the money goes to the people themselves for their needs and care. I just did a tiny bit of inward whining about being without her for so long in such a crazy time. Suzy's not able to run for a while either due to some health issues, so I'd be out there on the trail. Just me and the guy in the bushes (and the cops). :)

Anyway, this weekend is my trip to Iowa- it's a business trip, but I get to stay in my own hotel room for the first time in my life! I'm totally psyched, and you will most definitely be receiving a blog entry summing up the sweet experience. And get this- the concierge has located a fun river pathway I can run on! Cool, eh? My boss said he would run with me. Not sure that's gonna work. 1)I'm super slow compared to most athletic men. 2)Awkward? 3)What if I want a walk break? "Um boss? Can we walk for a minute? You can run on ahead if you don't wanna walk with me..." I dunno.

Well, blog readers. Thanks for being faithful and asking for new posts. We feel loved and needed. And remember- this is the year to run!

This weekend's training (from Galloway's "Novice" schedule):

SLC, UT 1/2 Marathoners
Saturday: 3 Miles

Ogden, UT 1/2 Marathoners
Saturday: 4 Miles

Buffy- I wanna learn the foot taping method you mentioned in your comment! I wanna buy clogs too. I think I also wanna buy one of those ties or boots that stretches your calf and plantar fascia all night.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

you asked for it...

Hi- It's Danna! Well, I have been asked a lot about my crazy family since my last post. So, I thought you might like a couple pics. These are from last Easter:

Matt and K found the coveted chocolate bunny. Notice Ksenia in the background.
The easter egg hunt is CUT THROAT! Small children are pushed aside, and "adults" throw hissy fits over things like, "that was my chocolate bunny! give it back....." Lowering of standards would be entered about at this point.

The official lighting platform for each person's rocket. The police were not here yet at this point.
Notice all the sane people standing BACK at a safe distace.

It takes A LOT of concentration ok? Devan is a ring leader.

The big one. Notice it's propped up with duct tape. typical

Houston- we have lift-off! It's officially a holiday with Danna's family.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Working on the blog, working on the bod

Hey, it's Kristin.

Browsing around and reading other people's blogs has become my favorite hobby lately. And not just runners' blogs (though I do enjoy those quite often). I like blogs full of eye candy and ideas, blogs about moms' lives (even though I don't have kids yet), and blogs about my friends and family. Blogs are so cool! You can read about people's lives, and ideas, and creations, and advice- all for free! It's crazy. And I love the novelty of them. I like thinking about things to blog about, and reading people's comments. Ok, I'll stop being blogsessed now.

Today D and I went for a run. It's been a bizarre running week for us. One day the ground was slick with new snow and slush and we couldn't run cuz we were sliding all over the place. Out of kindness, D didn't wear her Yaktrax (so we could be equals) and we forged the trail together. Instead of running we walked up and down a hill we call "glute hill" for it's tendency to work our bums. We must've walked up and down that thing for over an hour. Then yesterday the mad howling wind scared me back to bed (Danna will run in anything though. She was probably disappointed). I could just imagine coming home all face-chafed and frazzled after trying to run in that insane wind. And my bed's comfy-ness didn't help. I probably should've stayed up and done a work-out video, but...I didn't occur to me since I was part zombie still. PS: Runners- do you run in crazy wind? Advice?

Today we finally got in a good run. It was an afternoon/evening run. (Suzy's kind of out of commission for a bit right now and that's why we haven't run with her lately.) I love night runs. Totally different that AM runs. That ethereal fog and moonlight are so cool in the mornings! But at night the city is alive, and the air is warmer. So refreshing. Anyway, we just did 5 miles, but it was fun and a nice way to end our crazy work weeks. Our bodies really needed that run too! After skipping too many days we can really feel the lost conditioning!

Side note: I called the cops on a guy on the trail whom I saw sitting in the bushes. I actually call the local police quite often. I think they must roll their eyes when they look at the caller ID: "It's her again!" I call them when there are suspicious lurkers in the bushes (tonight), or obnoxious drunk people on the train, or people trying to start fights, or teens with illegal substances, or even people without a leash whose dogs are running (and pooping) rampant all over the parkway! Yes, I'm that lady. And proud of it, darn it!

Oh!! This week I'm going on a business trip to Coralville Iowa. We're checking out the nearby hospital and tring to implement some of their technology. I'm definitely going to have to find a cool place to run. Anyone know the area?! Running trails? Cool spots?


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ski free- and stuff you'll wish you didn't know

Hey - It's Danna! Ok, I'll be honest, before there was 'run like a girl' there was 'ski like a girl'. In fact, a little trivia point for you here- we came up with the 'she runs like a girl' name from a playlist I have on my I-pod- ski like a girl. I ski with my mom during the winter about once a week. We have a riot. Of course, all I see of her is the snow she is kicking up in my face, but cest la vie right?

Notice my cool helmet! It has speakers in the ears, so I had to have a ski play-list. Actually the helmet came to be because I have these brothers that are super crazy insane.

Case and Point(s): We snorkled in Florida- they were reprimanded by the captain of our boat for "hasseling the sharks". They have installed a zip-line from the top of my parent's property to the back, and then when new babies are born in the family, they have contests to see who can get the youngest kid down on it. Preferably alive. They build home-made rockets and light them off scaring neighbors and police alike every Easter. They rock climb stuff that pro's wouldn't. These are the examples I can think of on a whim. Back to the helmet... They are the kind of skiers that you only see as they fly off the cliff above you. They break new skis every year, get kicked out of resorts, and break legs as a general practice. Ask me sometime about the calls I get at all hours...
Misc brother: "hey"
Me: "hey. do you know what time it is?"
Misc brother: "he, he yeah, so uh, whats up?"
Me: "what now?"
Misc brother: "so I was just wondering what you think I should do, cause I think I can see the
bone almost through the skin on my leg"
Me:" well, I think I would see a doctor"
Misc brother:" yeah, well, I'm kinda in the middle of the mountian. (insert painful little laugh)
Me:" so get patrol to pull you out on a tobaggan"
Misc brother:"Well, I think I'll try to ski down on one leg, uh, what do you think?"
Me: "Sounds stupid, but whatever."
Misc brother "ok, thanks, talk to ya later"
And then he really does ski down.

S0- the norm in our family is slightly off-kelter. When I skiied with them 2 years ago- I was stupid enough to try to keep up with them, long story short- went off an unmarked drop-off, LANDED IT(!) then quickly tried to not meet some trees close up, and the end result was two very injured thumbs. Adam then insisted on the helmet. Hence the ski play list!!!! Long story to explain a play-list right? These two really are the ones responsible for all the craziness. It's their fault. We all agree on that.

We do, as a side note, pick up strays too. Ksenia- you've seen her on the site, she is training for the SLC Half with us. We got her from Russia- and we kept her. She is my sister now.
We also have "the hobo" he just moved in downstairs one day, and we kept him too. He is now one of the crazy brothers referred to in the above stories.

So, I am skiing with my mom and dad for cross-training. Something else you should know about us- we don't pay for anything you don't have to. So here is the ultimate FREE cross training tip of the year- Ski Alta. You can ski every day there after 3pm for free. Yep- free. The lifts are limited, but hey- it's free. Most Utah ski resorts have some variant of this program, but Alta is the only one who does it every day, the same way. We love it- free skiing. That is our kind of sport.

So while we are on the subject of family- we received this question from my sister Buffy: she has her own brand of craziness, but it translates into 7 minute miles, so... why didn't that speed demon kind of crazy happen to me is the real question here. But here it is:

"Ok, She Runs Like a Girl Runners, I need some help and advice... I have BAD feet! I have always had bad feet, but now that I am long distance running, my feet really hurt and I need to baby them NOW and prevent major damage, so I can keep running. Does the tennis ball theory work? Should I soak them in cold epsom salt after runs? Should I take Ibuprofen??? Any other ideas? Thanks for your help!"

So, this is my answer. Yes- ice. Kinda yes- Ibuprofen. Yes- Epsom salts. Sure- try the tennis ball. NOTHING will make the difference that wearing Dansko clogs will. Nothing. I'd like to bear my testimony of clogs. (ha ha, but not really) All the girls in the fam have bad feet. I tried all those things, plus cutom fit VERY expensive orthotics, Designer drug prescription anti-inflammatories, and anything else I could think of. Nothing actaully FIXED the problem until I started wearing clogs most days. I still wear stillettos and wedges and boots with a great heel etc, but for my day to day shoes, it's the clogs. I actually think they look really cute and I can be on my feet all day, and my feet don't even twinge any more- ever. Clogs will FIX your feet. We can shop for them when you come out to visit!

Does anybody else have some ideas for foot pain? Let's hear what you all think!

Don't forget to get a run in today!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Night Musings

Kristin again.

Ahh, the rest day. Yes I love to run, but I love my rest days!

Poor Matt. Now that I'm training for some half marathons, he's back to the duty of going up and down the stairs to get things for me when I'm trying to "lay off the feet." I also ask for a "mini massage" every night as part of the whole tucking me in process. YES, I make my husband tuck me in. I highly recommend it. He's always hovering over his laptop while I do my get ready for bed process. This involved many things, from heating my pj's up in the towel spa D gave me as a gift for finishing the Marathon, to reading my scriptures, and goofing around until he starts nagging me to get to bed. Even though he stays up, I like that he makes me go to bed. Otherwise I dilly dally for hours, and play around on the blog, FB, and nieniedialogues. I start "over grooming," like touching up toenail polish, and looking at every one of my pores in the mirror.

I have decided not to run the Wasatch Back, but I feel a bit of anti-buyer's remorse. Krissy, have you run it? I'm scared of the intense hills! All the people on their website said it was the hardest (and most fun!) race of their lives. Harder than a marathon! If only you didn't have to stay up all night and then some!

This week, I have decided that it's time for me to start icing my foot again after runs. It's not so bad if you are wondering. I get cold really easily, but for some reason, icing always becomes very tolerable and almost comfy very fast! Must be the numbing effect.

I also really want to work on my running form this week. Short strides, pushing off with the toes, keeping my feet parallel (an issue of mine), and keeping my chest up and out so I'm never leaning forward. It's time to start getting ready to rock the Spring races!! I'm excited to run with so many friends in the races this year.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

To race or not to race.

Happy Birthday to Danna! Here we are with a few friends at Dear Lizzie!

It's Kristin here.

This last week's medium run we did 7 miles. (Suz wasn't with us- refusing to subject her lungs to the nasty inverted air quality of last week. I don't blame her.) It was a fantastic run for me! I felt great the whole run- just relishing that runner's high, and the feeling of catharsis that comes with a good long run. This was the first run in months that wasn't a struggle. To be honest, I've been in a bit of a funk. Lately running has been so...grueling for me. I've tried to keep up with D and S, but my body's clearly not in as good of shape as theirs lately. This whole foot injury resting thing has taken me backward big time. Sometimes I hate to admit this, knowing people may hear it and think, "You struggled for months until you got back into the groove? No thanks- running's not for me." But it's worth it! The company was worth it, and the feeling after the run, the caloric burning, the sense of discipline and accomplishment, the fellowship with other runners. Anyway, Iw as so happy to finally be feeling great again! Hang in there new runners, it's so worth it.

On our long run we ran a different trail- one we haven't run in a while. We talked about work, family, cute husbands, running itself (as always), blogging, future races. Danna's really interested in running the Wasatch Back this year- a killer 2-day relay race through the mountain passes that is a blast. Anyone done it? I'm so tempted, bu THE HILLS! I'm so not a hill person. We are also considering the San Francisco Nike women's marathon in the fall (also very hilly of course- San Francisco) where you get a Tiffany Necklace at the end as your medal, served on a silver platter by the local firemen dressed in tuxes. How can a girl resist. Oh hills, why must you torment me? But for the little robin's egg blue box, I think I just might. Suzy, wanna come?

I say run while you can! What if next year you're pregnant? Or have a (non-running-induced) injury? Or what if the air quality makes running impossible? Or... You just never know.

I was totally inspired by this video I found this morning. This guy video taped his Disneyworld Marathon. The nostalgia actually brought tears to my eyes- especially watching the starting line (warning: hand-held camera=shaky running footage), seeing the other runners, the crowd, the whole marathon atmosphere. Can't wait to do it again.

Ksenia left a question on our last post:
Great resolutions! Sorry I couldn't make it for the run with you guys this week. I did about 6 miles today! I feel great. There is nothing better than that feeling of achievement when I finish my run. I agree with you that I really start enjoying it fully only after mile 3!

If I run in the morning, at around 8-9, do I need to eat breakfast? My stomach seems to deal with the run better if I don't. What is the official runner's doctrine on that?

Thanks! You guys are my inspiration!

My thoughts are as follows: We 3 think eating before the race is a good idea, as it settles your stomach. Gels and Gatorade are hard on the stomach. However if you are going to do this you need to practice on the long training runs. We liked a half or full piece of (dry) toast, (D likes a hard-boiled egg), and 1/2 a banana. We also practiced with bananas and pretzels mid-run since that's what the aid stations hand out. Avoid fatty foods, dairy, too much protein, too much fiber/roughage. Also, drink liquids (6-8 oz) as soon as you get up, then 6-8 oz/hour (Galloway's Book on Running p. 90) before you run. I have never been able to eat before a run until I started practicing. I had to put the toast in the toaster the second I got up so I wasn't eating too close to the run.



i love running

Hey friends, it's Danna. ANY TIME the three of us are together and not sweaty- we take 900 pictures to prove to you all that we are not always in buns and mutiple sweat-wicking layers.

How is your training going? So, for the Salt Lake half and the Ogden half, this week you need to run Mon and Wed for 30 minutes. Thursday go for a walk. Your weekend mileage is, SL- run 6.5 miles. For Ogdeners- Run 3. These are such do-able mileages- Just get out there and knock the miles out! Every day you run or work-out you are getting stronger and leaner.

I am reading a book called "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall. I'm not really that far into it, but I am loving it! It's hard to reccommend a book I'm not sure what is to come, but the book is like having a cool, new running partner that has all new stories and insights, and awesome things to talk about. This week I called K at work just to read her a paragraph from it.

He talks about the primal way running is built into us. Here he is talking about a book, "The world accoding to Garp" Which I have not read, but he says,

"I keep thinking back to the way Garp would burst out his door in the middle of a workday for a five mile run. There's something so universal about that sensation, the way running unites our two most primal impulses, fear and pleasure. We run when we're scared, we run when we're ecstatic, we run away from our problems, and we run around for a good time. And when things look worst, we run the most. Three times, America has seen distance-running skyrocket, and it's always in the midst of a national crisis. The first boom came during the Great Depression, when more that two hundered runners set the trend by racing fourty miles a day across the country in the Great American Footrace. Running then went dormant, only to catch fire again in the early '70s, when we were struggling to recover from Vietnam, the Cold War, race riots, a criminal president, and the murders of three beloved leaders. And the third distance boom? One year after the September 11 attacks, trail-running suddenly became the fastest growing outdoor sport in the country. Maybe it was a coincidence. Or maybe there's a trigger in the human psyche, a coded response that activates our first and greatest survival skill when we sense the raptors approaching. In terms of stress relief and sensual pleasure, running is what you have in your life before you have sex. The equipment and desire come factory installed; all you have to do is let 'er rip and hang on for the ride."

This describes how I feel when I run. I love to run when I feel the world is out-running me. When I feel like life is out of control, I run. He is right, there is something primal in getting out and pounding your feet into the pavement until you don't feel the need to pound anymore. I love how running helps me to experience every season of the year. I love the newness and the green feeling of Spring running. I love the hot lolling days of summer running. Autumn is my favorite. The crispness of the season and the way the sun shines orange. Winter running is about quiet, and stillness, and intropection. Running is what makes life livable and even beautiful. It's presence in my everyday is evidence of God's merciful, guiding hands.

Roger Bannister was the first man to break the 4 minute mile. He once was quoted, "Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or a gazelle- when the sun comes up, you'd better be running."
Have a great run today everybody!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Out with the old, In with the new (shoes that is)

I am extremely frugal. There is one item that even I pull out my wallet for when it comes to running, though. Shoes! All of you who are planning on running or starting to walk, I highly recommend you get a good pair of shoes. Poor shoes or the wrong shoes can lead to injury that can sideline you and cause a lot of discomfort, just ask Kristin and Danna. I recommend going to the Salt Lake Running company and being fit with shoes. The sales associates there know what they are talking about and even watch you run on a tread mill to get the right fit. It will save you money in hospital bills and make running much more enjoyable. You can also check out shoe websites like the Saucony or Brooks sites. They have you enter information about your foot and recommend a shoe for you. This is worth spending your money on! Then, once you know what shoe you need, you can price hunt like me! My latest pair I am getting for $67. I bought the same shoe about 8 months ago for $112.
My new Saucony Progrid Guide 2 shoes that are being shipped to my house! The blue is very cool!

My old pair of Saucony Progrid Guide 2 shoes. I trained and ran a marathon in these babies! See how I even wore out the tread. The people at Salt Lake Running company say that shoes are good for around 500 miles. I also heard that the padding inside the shoes wears out before the tread does. Looks like I wore mine a little too long.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Running Resolutions

It is I. Kristin. (I originally put "it's me," but with a writer/grammarian for a spouse, that incorrect grammar's not going to fly.)

It's the beginning of a new year and I feel excited! What could this year hold for me? Last year I ran my first marathon- something I never thought I could do. Something I never wanted to do actually. I'm still so proud of myself when I think about it. I met Suzy last year too. And Danna, Suzy and I bonded in a way only girls who train for a marathon together can. What a fun year as far as running goes. I also learned last year that I actually enjoy running.

It just takes about 3 miles for me to start feeling that runner's high, and since I had never gotten that far, running was just a drag for me. I know that is not encouraging for non-runners. "Oh great. I won't feel good until I've run for a half an hour? I'll stick with the stationary bike." But it's so worth it when you get there! You feel that enjoyment and freshness runners are always talking about. You start to relish the feeling and the scenery. Your mind even opens up and you start getting ideas. Then you want to run more and more and it's not a fight with yourself anymore. Welllll, I think if we didn't have running partners waiting for us, we might struggle a bit more. It's just hard to slack when you know the others are totally there, ready to go, and ready to call you a wimp!

My New Year's Resolutions are:
Live the 2 day rule. (See D's last post)
Blog 2X a week +
Be diligent with my IT band stretches and VOM exercises daily
Run faster! Speech training.
Strength train 1X/week- a must for distance runners!
Love the runs! Run with fun fabulous people, enjoy every season and trail, relish that time.
Do a half marathon with Matt.

Getting ready for Saturday's run!

Here we come!


Don't worry-I'm just stretching my achilles. :)

Anyone have tips for rotating pictures?

Me, freezing my ears off right before Danna's family drove my hat to me!

Half marathoners! Are you ready for your weekend long run? Call if you want to run with us (7 or 8 am?) and don't forget a headband for your ears! I also recommend heating your water up just a bit. Enjoy the run! 2010 is the year for me to love running more than ever.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Small changes, made consistently

Hey- It's Danna. The Spring Racing Season is almost upon us. It's time to be training! There are so many great races. Many of us have made resolutions like, eat healthier, lose weight, feel better, have some 'me' time . Running/walking can do ALL of that for you. This past year I lost over 30 pounds. I eat healthier. I have GREAT girl friends, all because of running. You can amaze yourself. Just start walking or jogging. Just start. Don't over-plan. Don't put off exercise until you have the perfect plan of how to execute it. Or have the right clothes, or ANY EXCUSE!

Just get out there- and try to live the 2 day rule. Remember that rule? It's that you should take a rest day. Take two if you need it. But never, ever let yourself not exercise that third day. Just get out and do something. Slowly, slowly start cutting things back in your diet that will increase your health. Like weaning down your soda intake. Especially diet soda. Or eat a better breakfast. Once you feel like the ONE change you have made is a habit, choose a new goal, like a lower fat lunch. Or cut back on fast food. People will notice your changes- and will want support for their same goals too. That is how I met Suzy. Suzy tells us often, "I am a better wife, a better mom, and a happier person when I have been running." Small changes, made consistently WILL make a difference. Just think of where you could be next year at this time! 15 pounds lighter? A half marathon under your belt? New friends that feel like old friends?

You are amazing. You can do it. Tune in for pep talks occasionally. Pick a race, any race. 3k is a great place to start. 10 or 15k is a do-able goal. Train. Run or walk it slowly. Have a good time. Get free therapy from your training friends. Come and do a training run with us on a Saturday. Get out there. Don't let anything stop you. Not even you. YOU CAN DO IT!

For a link to Utah races this year, click here.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Training for your spring half marathons

Danna cracking up about a hilarious joke I must've told.

Kristin, relishing the joy of her new baby lap-top from Matt!

Ha ha! Yes, we like to lounge in bed all day on Saturday's. Usually in our own respective beds, but when there's serious blogging to do- we don't mind sharing the space. That's just the kind of bff's we are! :P

Hey all! It's actually Danna AND Kristin! We are sitting side-by-side with our little computers hammering out the details for all our trainees for the upcoming race season.

We are all signed up for both the SLC and the Ogden Half Marathons! This is the great news Kristin eluded to in her last post. We didn't think we could get into the Ogden, but thanks to Danna's skills of persuasion and our running blog- we're in!! If you wanna run it too, you can still sign up for the Salt Lake! We have "She Runs Like a Girl" team and we welcome anyone who wants to to join us for our Saturday runs.

Every week we will give you the week's training schedule for whichever half-marathon you are running! Both races are known to be well run and scenic. Super! We are SO excited! Our 'she runs like a girl' team rocks! Ogden Marathon has even asked our team for feedback to use for promotion for next year's race- you'll be famous!!

Here are the schedules in their entirety for convenience. Each week we will post what you should run, what you need to concentrate on, tips for that specific week, and what equipment/nutrition you need to have. You are going to be a super-star and we are going to help you! Check back often to stay up-to-date. Please feel free to ask questions or comment on how you are feeling.

Here we are with our little Saturday running group! My [Danna's] mom and my Russian sister, Ksenia. We had a great run today.

Plan on running Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays (whether you run with us or not) with a walk on Thursdays. The remaining days are rest days, which means REST.

Salt Lake Half Marathon Training Schedule:
Race Day Saturday April 17th,
Every Monday and Wednesday, Run 30 min
Every Thursday go for an easy walk.

Here are the mileages for the Saturdays:

Jan 9-Run/Walk 5 miles
Jan 16- Run/Walk 2.5 miles
Jan 23-Run/Walk 6.5 miles
Jan 30-Run/Walk 3 miles
Feb 6- Run/Walk 8 miles
Feb 13- Run/Walk 3 miles
Feb 20-Run/Walk 9.5 miles
Feb 27- Run/Walk 4 miles
Mar 6- Run/Walk 11 miles
Mar 13- Run/Walk 4 miles
Mar 20-Run/Walk 12.5 miles
Mar 27-Run/Walk 4 miles
April 3- Run/Walk 14 miles
April 10-Run/Walk 5 miles
April 17- Race Day!

Ogden Half Marathon Training Schedule:

Race Day, Sat, May 15th
Every Monday and Wednesday run 30 minutes
Every Thursday go for an easy walk.

Here are the Saturday long runs:

Jan 23-Run/Walk 3 miles
Jan 30-Run/Walk 4 miles
Feb 6-Run/Walk 5 miles
Feb 13-Run/Walk 2.5 miles
Feb 20-Run/Walk 6.5 miles
Feb 27-Run/Walk 3 miles
Mar 6- Run/Walk 8 miles
Mar 13-Run/Walk 3 miles
Mar 20-Run/Walk 9.5 miles
Mar 27-Run/Walk 4 miles
Apr 3-Run/Walk 11 miles
Apr 10-Run/Walk 4 miles
Apr 17-Run/Walk 12.5 miles
Apr 24-Run/Walk 4 miles
May 1- Run/Walk 14 miles
May 8-Run/Walk 5 miles
May 15- Race Day

Any questions??

These are Jeff Galloway's running schedules. You should check his web-site for more detailed information and running precautions. "If you are already doing more than is on this schedule, you can continue to maintain that schedule, as long as your legs are recovering quickly between runs. You may begin on the week which has a long run as long as you're currently running." You can link to his site here. We assume no responsibility for injuries acquired during training. Consult a doctor before beginning any new work-out. :)

K & D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Danna is the Snow Champion

This is Suzy. I wish I had remembered my camera early in the morning to take a picture of awesome Danna. But, at least I made it to the run. Does anyone know of any marathons or any races that require you to run in the cold and snow? Danna should enter every single one of them and win them too. That girl is made for winter running! She is like the energizer bunny - she does not stop, she does not slow, she pushes the pace. Wow! You go Danna! I don't know how you do it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekend of fabulousness. -or- Back in the running game!

This is Kristin.

Okay, okay, so I have missed a couple of my regularly scheduled blog entries. Whoopsie! (PS: Kristina Barss, what happened to your regular comment-making ways??)

Well, we have some super exciting news. To get the second bit of news, you'll have to check some of our up-coming blog entries, cuz I can't bear to say all the fun things in one shot!

See this sexy man I'm with? Well he and I have signed up for the SLC half marathon! Anyone else running it? It's going to be so much fun, and I'm psyched to run it with Matt. It's fun (and motivating) to have a big race to look forward to. Guess who else is running it. Danna! And her mom, and like a bunch of her other friends and family. My sister Karin and her hubby might run it too. What a blast!! Wanna join us? It's not too late to sign up.

Another bit of exciting news? My foot..........IS HEALED!!! Yes, it really is. I have been symptom free for several runs, and last week I ran 3 days, over 18 miles total- PAIN FREE! You have no idea how great this is, and what a relief it is too. (PS: My theory on what caused my plantar fasciitis? Not the marathon, but rather the soft flat shows I wore daily for weeks while trying to nurse my other injury.)

I had the BEST and most fabulous week last week. Having New Year's off, I lounged around in bed both Friday and Saturday until the afternoon really. Went running with D both days, and had a blast hanging out with that sexy guy in the photo up there. He spent all his Christmas gifts cards on fun things for us to do together. What a sweetheart.

That same week, some of my favorite people in the world came over.
It was so good to catch up with old college roommates and friends! I love em. I want them to move in with us. Will you guys?

They just happened to marry some of our college guy-friends. Why is Matt replaced in this picture with my friend Ryan? Ryan showed up, and Matt got the flu and went upstairs. I think he was sick of parading around the party in an N-95 mask. :) PS. I may even do a triathlon with some of these guys. Not sure I can swim though.

Another major highlight of the weekend?

What do you notice about the sky in this picture? That's right! It's not dark or sunrise-y. Yes, Danna and I ran in the afternoon! We both like to sleep in and laze in bed. I think we called each other around 2 pm asking, "Are you up?" And those runs were the funnest! (Even though I was a total wimp and needed pep talks all along the run. So out of shape. Curse you plantar fasciitis! **fist shake**) We had that really great kind of girl talk where you go home feeling awesome home refreshed. You know the ones. The runs where you laugh, yell, cry, reassure, thank, listen. I also finished The Book Thief, which D finished a few days earlier. That was one of the things that provoked tears on the run. Sad! Holocaust book! D loved it. I have mixed emotions.

Here's what I'm reading (and loving!) now:


Friday, January 1, 2010

Running under the blue moon

Posted by: Kristin

Bundled up before the run. After a few minutes that scarf and my coat were gone!

My first experience wearing a grocery store bag on my feet for a snowy trail. Highly recommended! Didn't cause hot feet or discomfort at all! I think adding that foot powder we like would've been even better.

Note to self- trim toenails more often. My pinky nail jabbed me all through the run!

I just found out that last night (December 31st) was a blue moon! A blue moon is the rare situation in which there is a full moon twice in one month. This only occurs one every 2-3 years. Hence the famous phrase "once in a blue moon." No, it's not a person mooning you when they're cold.

Well, most people have to wait until it gets dark to enjoy the blue moon, but we 3 got to see it nice and early Wednesday morning. We didn't realize it was a blue moon at the time, but we did get look at it and comment on how full and beautiful it looked. Seriously, winter morning runs are so gorgeous!

What a beautiful run! But a seriously tough one for me. I think I'm majorly out of shape compared to D and S. I was huffing and puffing and begging for walks. They were gliding along like nimble gazelles, and I was a clumsy rhino in the few inches of soft/sandy snow. They were Olympic speed skaters and I was just putting on my first skates; they were Thumper on the ice and I was Bambi. You get the idea- I was working hard! D and S had their Yaktrax. I'm considering getting something like that, cuz my bod was so so sore from stabilizing the whole run! Sheesh!
Here's D's sidewalk to give you an idea of the snow depth- our path was NOT plowed, thankyouverymuch.

Me, coyly showing my frosty hat.
I really wanted to get a shot of D's hair- white with frost, but I kid you not, 5-10 seconds after we entered her house the frost was melted!

This pic doesn't do justice to the bright red stripes on my ribs and belly. Even after the hot shower these spots stayed super red from being cold! This always happens where I have excess body fat (yes I have a bit over my ribs there). Weird! A fun reminder of where you need to lose a little! Not.

Wish you could see this pic up close! Suzy's hairs were each individually wrapped in frost- just like pine needles get in the morning. It looked so cool. It was cooler that usual since we ran through some seriously wet foggy spots. It felt like running through a humidifier's stream!

Hey!! No one has said anything about my last post where we invited y'all to run with us! No takers? What if it's at 11:00 am? C'mon, don't be afraid, ladies!

Happy New Year! XOXO