Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Running rules (there's a double meaning here)!

It's Kristin here.

So, I have a question for you runners.  How many times do you wear your running clothes between washes?  And if you do more than one wearing, where do you put them in-between runs?  Just curious.  I wear some things 2-3 times, and I hang them all over the banister while they "dry out."  Ew, gross- sorry!  But, it looks so sloppy and I want to know a better system.  And I want to know just how dirty my fellow runners are.  It will make me feel more normal.  :)
Well, I thought it would be fun to name some of the rules we run by.  Over the course of running with Danna and Suzy so regularly, we have realized some unspoken rules (and some spoken ones too) that we follow.  Here they are.  And I want to know your running rules too!

  1. No apologizing.  (This applies to anything, but mostly saying sorry for a story you overshared, or for needing to slow down or walk.)  We say, when you need to walk, you walk!  We all have our rough runs.
  2. No missing runs.  We have never talked about this, but the thing is- none of us ever bail unless we have a DANG good reason (like being truly sick).
  3. Move to the right for bikers, pass other runners on the left.
  4. Plan the run for as late as possible.  Although, it still tends to be waaaay to early in the morning for comfort.  We are so not morning people!
  5. Don't be offended about correction.  We feel free to tell eachother stuff like, "Hey, you are swinging your arms in front of your body a lot today," or, "Stand up straigher."  We like it!
  6. Whoever asks for the walk break, ends it.  If you want to walk for a sec, no one will ask to run again- they're waiting for you to feel ready!  (But anyone can say, "Actually, give me 10 more seconds...")
  7. Someone bring a cell phone.  Danna usually fills this role- sorry girl!  We lazy!
  8. If we spot a cool wild animal- we stop and check it out until it disappears.  The exception on this are the pelicans.  We see them a ton in the spring.
  9. Cheerfully greet every other runner/biker.  It's usually, "Good morning!" but sometimes we get crazy and throw out a, "You go girl!" or a "Good job guys."  We like to make extra comments to the regulars.  Usually the cute old men.  "Haven't seen you for a while!  Nice hat!"
  10. If Larry, Stan, Jeff, or Rod approaches, no walking!  Look alive ladies!  We can have the super runners catch us taking it easy.  In fact, run extra fast and don't reveal any gasping.
  11. Whining is permitted, and sometimes encouraged.
  12. If you see a dog owner with is dog off-leash, or with poop being abandoned, and you have the guts- say something.  (E.g., "Hey sorry to be annoying, but we really appreciate it when people follow the leash law on the trail.  Thanks!")  We gained this "rule" when Danna got attacked by a scary boxer once.  Well, growled and lunged at but never bitten.  Suzy, we're still waiting for your initiation on this one.  Hee hee!  Just kidding Suz.
So, those are a few of our rules.  What about yours?  PS:  I am loving everyone's comments and input on our posts- keep it coming!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

While we're on the subject- advice and gear.

Hey! It's Danna. Race season is fast approaching. We have run through this snowy winter and while we still have a lot of training to do, I feel glad for the early morning, snowy, cold runs logged. I at least have a good base to build on. Our little 'she runs like a girl' training team is well on their way to fame and stardom! (ok- at least a promising future of finishing our planned races!)

While we are on the subject of gear and advice, I wanted to mention a couple of things....

There is something I hear from EVERY new runner. "I don't drink during runs." When I was training for my first marathon, I told this to my trainer. I got side-aches when I would drink. She made me practice. I realized that I have a measurable energy boost when I am well hydrated through out the run- even 3 miles or so. I do not run without water. My body learned how to handle the water as I ran, and really it only took about a week of consistent effort. You will have better endurance and speed if you train yourself to drink. K taught me the best little drinking secret too- sounds simple- works like a charm... Tuck your chin to your chest when you swallow. No choke or gag. Great to have a speech therapist for a partner right!

When I am not training for a specific race, when I need to train with the energy drink they provide, I use G2. It has less calories, and less sugar. Then I feel like I don't waste the calories burned on the actual run, getting through the run.

Newbies- be careful to not increase your mileage by more than 10% per week. Otherwise you risk injury.

Remember- walk breaks for one to two minutes (time yourself so as not to go over) every mile at least. In our last marathon, we walked one minute every 1/2 mile the first 20 miles. We finished strong.

I have had quite a few questions about my GPS "watch." It is a Garmin Forerunner 305. I LOVE IT! It tells me my running time, my pace, my distance, my heart rate, calories burned, elevation, sunrise, sunset time, lap times, oh yeah- and the time of day. It is AWESOME! I have also worn it skiing and biking. It has settings for multiple sports. There is a newer model out- the 405. I bought the 305 because it has better reviews from actual runners. My mom runs with this same model. She thinks it's fun too. My sister runs with the 405 and loves it. I sync it with my computer a few times a month and it has maps of every run, monitors my improvement (or lack thereof) and keeps all the data stored. It looks big- and it is. But it is ergonomically designed, so it never bugs me. Sometimes on a Saturday I end up wearing it all day. Never know it's there. It was accurate to the minute on my last marathon. I love not having to try to figure out distances. It does all the work for me. I also have really enjoyed the pace feature that shows I have shaved MINUTES off of my mile time in the last year. It's an electronic cheerleader!

So- my next fave item I can't run without is my smart wool tank. It adds just enough core warmth on cold days- with NO bulk. It is the perfect breathable tank for warm days. And the super bonus feature- it's merino wool, so I can literally wear it for multiple runs in a row and it NEVER smells. Weird, but true. The same is true for my smart wool socks. The tank is tissue thin and is NOT itchy at all. They are pricey at around $50, but it's one of only a few items I can use year 'round. It long ago paid for itself.
Here is a link if it sounds interesting to you.

Next- My multi-tasking gloves! A Christmas gift from the hub.

A nice warm, lightweight mitten to start the run.

A flashing LED light to make you more visible, plus the reflective stripe

When you warm up, the mitten part flips back to make gloves, and a flip back finger too, so you can tie your shoes, or mess with your watch etc. Love them! They are Saucony, and currently on sale too-***4*******90202-BK00**M&productId=4-100810&catId=cat620160

Another every day item is my Pearl Izumi convertible jacket. I want the most for my hard- earned running dollar. I love this jacket because I wear the vest on days above about 22 degrees. An then zip the sleeves on for colder days. It's lightweight and breathable.

There is a Pearl Izumi outlet in Utah- in Park City. I have found crazy deals there. I bought this on-line though.

Of course my favorite running gear- are the girls! NOTHING is more motivating than running with other women. They keep me going. Every run with them is AWESOME!
Keep up the hard work. It pays off, I promise. And come and run with us sometime!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's time to get serious, baby!

It's Kristin.

Well, now that the mileage is getting a bit higher for the spring training schedules, I have a few suggestions.  this is mostly for my beginner friends who are just getting into running.  Yes, I've only run one marathon, but you learn a lot of do's and don'ts in that process, ya know?

1.  Gatorade.  

It's time to buy some Gatorade.  If you can find out the specific drink they'll be handing out in your race, use that drink.  In the Us, it's usually Gatorade or Powerade.  Using an energy drink is important for a couple of reasons.  Practicing.  You need to be taking in electrolytes of some form, and you need to PRACTICE.  PS:  Some people prefer electrolyte tablets.  Also, it may be hard on your stomach and may take some getting used to.  If you need to water it down, that can really help, but then you'll need to practice that so you can water it down during the race too.  I never liked Gatorade till I started running.  Now I love it.  D and I call it "popsicle."

2.  Bodyglide

There are various things you can use for chafing prevention, such as vasoline, but Bodyglide is a specific brand and is prefered by most runners.  It's sold and running and sports stores (I found it cheapest at Sports Authority).  I like to use it on runs over 8 miles.  I like to out it between my toes, under the elastic parts and seams of my pants and sports bras, under my underarms, and on really long runs....well, call me and we'll talk about where else!  Let's just say, you don't share Bodyglide among friends.  Guys really need to put this on their nipples too!  Just stand at the finish line of a Marathon, and you can easily identify the guys who skipped the Glide.  And just ask Danna about the story of her meeting Sybille in her first marathon!  At mile 9, this girl was chafed red and raw already, and never finished the race.  

3.  The Belt

You may wanna consider a belt, although the problem is-they are pricey!  For me, it was totally worth it, and I'm pretty frugal!  I love love love my belt, and so does Danna.  I have the Amphipod RunLite Hydration Belt.  It was about $40.  I also recommend a bottle cleaning brush.  What would I change about my belt?  Maybe a bigger pouch so I could pack my camera.  Why do you need a belt?  So that you don't have to run where there are drinking fountains, or loops, or you don't have to drop off your fluids before hand and let them sit in the cold or heat.  Plus I can bring my gels, my pepper spray, my chapstick, keys, my phone if I want (we always like to make sure we run with a phone for many reasons), tissues, other treats for super long runs, lists or get the idea.

4.  Decent shoes

Yes, they are painfully expensive if you get the good ones.  But you must!!  Get to the running store and have them evaluate your gait!  Or ask you Sports Medicine doc.  For example, Danna is a supinator and wearing pronator shoes gave her major shin problems.  I'm a pronator, but wearing pronator shoes + overly exaggerated anti-pronation inserts was too much and gave me tendonitis!  Suck it up and get some sweet kicks.

5.  Running socks
Okay, now I'm getting fancy.  But I'm on a roll here!  Running socks will change your life. No more blisters, no more annoying crinkle feeling under the ball of your foot, no more wet socks after a run, no more rubbing your Achilles on the back of your show- they have padding there!  Danna loves Smartwool.  I wanna try them, bit I love my Ascics.  And I also wanna try the ones with separated toes.  And the very drying ones.  Wrightsock? 

6.  Gel

It's time to start popping a gel, or power bar mid-run so you don't end completely gorked.  I have no preference except for taste.  D really likes GU brand.  They make me gag less than some.  I've never felt any difference between gels with caffeine or without, but some people really do.  All I can say is that theyr eally make a difference!  Don't wait until you think you need one- take them about 45 minutes into the run at least!  Or 15 minutes before the run if you want a boost. 

Ok, so what am I missing, fellow runners?  Any other essential accessories or gear?  
Happy running this week! 


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Dog Owners:

(by Kristin)
Some of you are great. Some of you, I am mad at and you are seriously buggin'. To mend our relationship, I have found the perfect product for you:

Yes!  A leash.  Not only a retractable leash, but one with a bag dispenser.  Now, I haven't had to look hard to notice that many of you have neither.  Yes, on my last run, 3 dogs ran right up to me.  (I can see that the owners are thinking, "Who doesn't love having a cute sweet dog like mine run up and sniff them??"  The answer is: many people.  I suggest waiting for the other person to invite the leashed dog over if they really want to pet them or to be sniffed.)  On my run with Suzy a vicious mutt came running and snarling at us from a neighboring home.  Yikes!  I had to pull out my old missionary trick and bend down like I was grabbing a rock.  Works like a charm most of the time. 

Don't get me wrong, people- I am a true dog lover too!  Just ask me about Missy, Cookie, Daisy and Sasha.  I love to pet and play with dogs just like you do, but I'll be darned if I want them tripping me while I'm running, barreling toward me for sniffing/jumping/growling purposes, or pooping in my path.  People!  Pick up the poop!  This means you will have to bring bags.  Yes, it's a little gross to pick up your dogs warm poo, but it's the law, and it's making the trails disgusting.

Well, I think I've made my point.  (In case you missed it- leashes and poop bags.)

Moving on, aren't the new Blogger editing changes nice, my fellow bloggers?  (If you don't have them yet, you have to change yours under Settings.)  Although I can't figure out how to use spell check or upload a video without going back to the old ways.  I've also added some random new widgets to the blog, but it's a work in progress, so bear with me.  
Yes, I had to confess to Matt this morning that I dreamed I was one of the contestants on the Bachelor.  But!  The guy's name was Matt.  It was me vs. Vienna and Ali, and I was way behind.  I had just joined the show and was plotting my plan, and texting "Matt" flirty things.  What a nerd!  I am so into the show though!  I am rooting for anyone but Vienna- she has a bad vibe, man.  And Jake's blinded by his sexual attraction to her, no mas.  See Erica's post on her HERE.  (My sister's friend.)

Lastly, I want some advice- what is up with my chronically tight calves?  Advice??


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kristin did a bad, bad thing

I get NOTHING done on Monday nights thanks to Kristin. It's completly her fault, and none of my own. At all. I am obsessed with THE BACHELOR.... how embarrassing.

I have never had a reason to be excited for Mondays before, but now I literally count down the days until the next episode. I don't watch much tv, but I'm sad to report I plan my life around it. K talked me into watching a few episodes, and now I am caught in their web. I heard the girls on the "Good Things Utah" morning show commenting that married women seem obsessed with it. It's true! Why is that? Please tell me! I have the most fabulous husband on the planet, and all I say to him on Mondays betgween 7 and 9 is, "Can it wait until a commercial?" There is no hope for me is there?!

On to better topics... Don't you just love the Olympics! I like to watch to athletes compete, see the excited fans etc. But, the thing I turn up the volume for, are the stories of people's lives. I like to hear the story of the figure skaters that were partners, and fell in love and are now married. I like to watch Apollo Anton Ohno interact with his father- who is also his coach. I like to hear about the obstacles overcome, and watch the impossible become history. When I watch the stories and the athletes I want to get out and RUN like crazy. I find that challenging myself- in my sport of running, seems to fulfill the same need I see in those faces on tv. (Not the bachelor, the Olympics. ha ha) I believe we all have an innate need to continually challenge ourselves. Look at how you feel after you complete a run when you didn't feel like even getting up. It's good for our self esteem. Keep running, keep getting up, keep challenging yourself, keep dreaming. We may not end up in the olympics, or on the bachelor, but then again, didn't we just say how great it is when the impossible happens?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't worry - I still speak English

It's Kristin.

Guess who I went running with today... Suzy! Yes, and who had to slow down for whom? Suzy had to slow way down for me, bless her heart. I had had a BIG lunch and had major side aches. Luckily, side aches are rarely an issue now (in jr, high and high school though, I got them ALL the time while running). It was so nice to run with Suzy again! She kept commenting on how refreshing it was to be out there. The weather was cloudy and rainy, and it felt good! I got to wear my new undershirt (thank you Delta Airlines for losing my luggage for a day so I could shop at Target for some new running clothes- check out their super cheap stuff if you need a winter undershirt!).

Ok, I tried to take a picture, and accidentally took a video. And then the camera went dead. Haha!

And now a few notes to some of our blog readers:
Shane from the plane ride to Iowa- I lost that paper where I wrote the website you use for a running log! Can you comment and give it to me again??
Heather from Stabilicers- sorry for almost mistaking you for the Newton's guy!! I'm so glad you like you Dansko's. I can't figure out how to directly email you, but I'm a size 9. Can I try the Stabilicers? You're the best! Click on my profile under "about us" to email me. You're nice!
Dad- We get a kick out of your comments on our blog. I also want to share with everyone the hillarious story you sent in an email to Danny today (Danny's my brother, for those who don't know. He's in El Salvador.). Here it is:

Madre y yo just got back from Crossroads Fitness for our workout this morning. I must tell you how mean your mother can be. As I was standing on the scale and adjusting the weight, she snuck up behind me and put her foot on the scale, thus producing a false and alarming weight result. She later asked me what my weight was and then finally confessed her completely inappropriate and hurtful action. I freely forgave her and then asked, "what would be your reaction had I done that to you?" Without hesitation she said, "I would be really ticked off at you." Can you say "double standard"?

Ha ha!

I also went on a walk today with the hubs. At one point on our walk he gave me a loving swat on the bum. I jokingly said, "Who is the fairest woman in this land?" and he replied, "That which I have spanked." I laughed about it for hours.
Well, happy running everyone!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

42.19 suena mejor que 26.2

Amigos mios! Para los que no hablan ingles, quise escribir en mi blog algo que pudieran entender. Lo siento, pues no he practicado mi espanol tanto para escribir super bien, pero aqui voy!

El ano pasado corri un maraton! Un maraton es 42.19 kilometros (o como decimos aca- 26.2 millas). Tuve que entrenar por como 6 meses para prepararme bien. Fue una experiencia inolvidable! Tanto el entrenamiento como el maraton mismo! Entrene con 2 amigas, Danna y Suzy. La conoci a Danna en mi barrio (servimos juntas en las MMJJ) y cuando ella se cambio de casa, conocio a Suzy en su nuevo barrio. Cuando entrenas para un maraton con algiuen, te acercas muchisimo a ella- pues pasan muchas horas juntas corriendo y hablando todo el tiempo. Se levantan a las 4, 5, o 6 de la manana a menudo, y pasan por muchas dificuldades alla en el corre.

Bueno, el entrenamiento fue una experiencia increible de verdad. Decidimos hacer un blog juntas para poder compartir nuestras experiencias con nuestros amigos. (Si nunca han visto un blog- es como un diario de vida. Y Uds. pueden hacer "commentarios" bajo cada poste- y nos encantan los commentarios! Hay que seleccionar la palabra "comments" y escribir tu commentario, entonces escoje "name/URL" y po tu nombre y escoje "publish your comment").

El maraton mismo era una experiencia TAN BACAN!!! Me encanto, en serio. Habiamos entrenado tan bien, que no nos cansamos demasiado, no teniamos dolor, y pudimos disfrutar de las montanas bonitas, la otra gente al lado nuestro, y de la emocion y el sentido de "logro" por haberlo hecho. No puedo expresar cuan especial fue!

Ya que lo hemos hecho, seguimos escribiendo en el blog nuestras experiencias continuas, corriendo, etc. (PD: Cuando escribi mi experiencia en el maraton, hice una lista de personas importantes e influyentes de mi vida. Dedique una milla a cada persona- click aca para ver la lista - hay que desplacer hacia abajo un poco.)

Bueno- espero que te haya gustado! Gracias por leer!

Con Carino,


Friday, February 12, 2010

On the road again (rather, the track)

This week my physician gave me the go-ahead to start jogging again! Yeah! I missed it those three weeks. I am starting up slow to avoid problems. Today I ran a whopping 2 miles with 4 walk breaks in about 30 minutes. It will be a while before I will be awesome enough to run with Danna and Kristin again. My running mantra is "Some is better than none," though. It is amazing what even a short run can do for my attitude!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Running off the stress

Kristin here. I know I keep mentioning this is a stressful time for me, but it's true! I love what running does for me. D and I have remarked that during the times in our lives when we were marathon training or heavily involved in running, it truly made the difficulties of life live-able! Running keeps me sane. It feels so good when I'm pent up about something to just run it off and letting it all melt off onto the road. Ya know?

In one of my next posts, I'm going to be posting in Spanish. My friends from my time in Chile often comment that they peek at my blog for pictures only, but can't read anything so I thought it would be fun to tell them about my blog and my life in Spanish some time. You'll have to let me know if you're still able to understand my post for the most part...ha ha ha. Here's a quick vocab lesson:

  • to run = correr
  • race = correra
  • marathon = maratón
  • Danna = Danna
  • Vicky:thirty = Vicky y media
Anyway, after a very stressful couple of days I am REALLY looking forward to running with Danna tomorrow and just decompressing. It's amazing the difference the runner's high makes. Plus, when I run, I also feel okay about comforting my stressed self with chocolate.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

One glorious run

A random pic from chillin' at Suzy's a couple weeks ago.

It's Kristin. I had one of those runs yesterday where you remember why you love doing this. It was one of those runs where you feel all infused with bliss and gratitude! I did 8 miles and didn't really feel the need to walk, didn't need GUs or Gatorade (though I did take a GU near the end to avoid issues). I slept in and had a sunny run. I got sunburned even though I wore sunscreen! Spring was in the air. The cool breeze was refreshing once I warmed up and I left my gloves, jacket, underarmour shirt, long-sleeved tee, extra pants, scarf and hat ALL in the car! And I added sunglasses. I loved it! It felt so good to get some sun; I could practically feel the Vitamin D getting absorbed. All the other runners looked psyched too. It was good to get that much mileage in. OH! (Danna I know you hate to miss this.) I also saw a fox across the river! He was in full view and gorgeous, and kept lunging into the water. Fishing? So so cool. The sound of the birds and the river are still fresh in my mind.

Running alone can be so nice sometimes just to clear your head. I run off negativity and stress, and I get so many ideas. My ideas mostly involve blogging ideas, relationship ideas, or spiritual insights. Jeff Galloway says your mind is at peak creativity and insightful-ness during a run, and that many studies have shown that runners have more positive attitude traits than non-runners.

Well, not all runs are easy or glorious, that's for sure. When things aren't going well, my advice is to try some of the following ideas:
  • ipods! I like my aerobics mixes
  • partners (come join us for example!). Nothing gets you on the trail at 5 like knowing someone is waiting for you.
  • mantras. Try finding your own positive mantra for those really tough runs. My sister Mikelle does this a lot and has had great success.
  • walk break! :)
  • buy a new running item. It makes getting out on the trail fun.
  • distractions! Like a piece of candy, a gummy bear, gum, a mint, a pretzel; or thinking about your environment, your life, what running is doing for your body, what road markers you've passed and which are coming up, etc.
What else works for you guys?

PS: Look at the cool GUs Danna got me for Christmas! I don't know if you can see them, but they say "Keep Going 2010" and they are vanilla gingerbread-flavored.
They're really good- I love em! Thanks D.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Run Dumb

K and I ran this morning with Friend Lindsey. She is from Palm Springs. She is an Occupational Therapist. She is in love with a boy named Sam. Sam works for Murray city... he works on the up-keep of the parkway. We now have an in! (ok, other than you Mayor Dan, but you're the big guns, we save our favors until they're huge to come to you. no offense.) Kristin has this intricate plan that Murray city police officers as they patrol the parkway should randomly check for leashes and to ensure owners have a baggie on them. It's actually quite a hilarious plan.

Speaking of hilarious, I once read a question posed to the illustrious Jeff Galloway. The runner asked why after a longer run they felt like they couldn't think as quickly, got confused more easily. Jeff replied that becasue the brain's fuel is glucose, and that can be the first thing burned, at the end of a long run, you might not have adequate stores until eating. TRUER WORDS WERE NEVER SPOKEN! I'm here to tell you- During a long run, EVERYTHING is super, hilarious, funniest thing you ever heard. Also, do not make tomorrow's running plans then, because it results in embarrasing texts later in the day "...Uh, what time tomorrow again?" You also are physically incapable of ordering food at a restaurant. " What were my choices again? Hash browns or fries huh? Uh, uh, hmmm. let me think here." . It's not good, and your running partners will tease you about it FOREVER! We call it "run-dumb".

Good luck with your long runs tomorrow! And good luck choosing pancakes or french toast afterwards--- impossible.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I broke down and did it, darn it.

Kristin's entry:

Alright I finally bought 'em. Dansko clogs. Everyone at work wears them and loves them. Danna swears by them for plantar fasciitis. I am so sick of these little fasciitis flair-ups, I spent the ridiculous $120.00 and now I own the black clogs pictured below. The fit is really weird and kindof loose feeling. I actually wonder if I got them too big. But I think that's how they are made. They mold to your foot over time. The first day I wore them it was not comfy at all- in fact I had pain on top of my foot/ankle for 2 days! I got them for the trip to Iowa and wore them the whole time. Now they have become one with my foot, and I have to admit- I'm liking them! My PF hasn't acted up since, and they are comfy and supportive. Sweet! The thought that my PF issues may be solved is FABULOUS!

Do you like 'em? They're not exactly Jimmy Choos, but they're not super ugly, right? Maybe Dansko should pay me for this blog entry. I swear- between Dansko and Yaktrax, we are doing some good word-of-mouth! As a side note, a company called Stabilicers commented on a blog entry where I mentioned considering buying Yaktrax. They gave a spiel about how their product is better, and I said if they gave me a pair I'd blog about it. They asked for all these statistics on the blog, such as how many hits a day, and how many comments. When I looked up the data they were unimpressed. So dear readers, help us out and peek at the blog frequently. And comment. Ha ha! (Now that I think about it I think that story was actually what happened with Newtons shoes, not Stabilicers. But anyway...) So I won't endorse them. HA!

PS: Ogden half trainees- run 5 miles Sat. SLC trainees- run 8 Happy running! Call if you need some partners. We're fun and slow- the perfect combo!

Love, K

Monday, February 1, 2010

Iowa business trip

Hello! Kristin's writing. Here I am in Iowa in my little hotel room. What a crazy trip so far! First of all, there were two flights on the way here. On the first, it was a plane FULL of screaming children; some screaming in glee, some in sadness. The loudest happened to be kids of my old college friends from USU. All I know is the guy next to me and I were rudely awoken every couple minutes. Maddening! I felt a little like this lady:

Next flight- I sat by another guy who just happened to be....yep you guessed it! A hardcore runner. Awesome! So of course I talked his ear off. Shane- remember, I'm expecting you to comment! :) I got some great advice from him. BTW, he's currently training for an iron man triathlon! For those who don't know, that's a race that involves a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike and a marathon (26.2 miles) run, raced in that order and without a break. I'm amazed people can even consider that! Shane and I commented to each other how inspiring it is to talk to fellow runners. It's so motivating. He told me I should use a roller to work on some of my tight muscles- he swears by that thing! And he told me about how much it helps him to hire a running coach (which Danna is doing right now!). We also talked about his love for his Garmin watch (jealous) and how he runs without gels/Gatorade/energy bars. It made me psyched to keep improving.

Then my luggage got lost. Ugh. I had to buy new stuff that night at Target, including running clothes! However I was cheered by our lovely hotel- I love hotels! It's been a blast having my own room and chillin. It is SOOOO cold here. I worked out in the hotel exercise room instead, which was great! I wish I had a gym membership. I also did cardio, some core strengthening and strength training for my deltoids and biceps. Tomorrow will be my 3rd and last workout here. Sad. Goodbye Mariott! Thanks for having a copy of the BoM since mine was lost for a bit. I didn't wanna miss my scripture study (I haven't missed in 15 years!!).
This is a shot of my room off the website. Sweet! I also got to bond with some rad co-workers of mine. We had a blast and ate some good food. We almost nearly died when my crazy boss Chris did a few wild tricks in our rental car. He's crazy!

I'm excited to get home though. I get homesick for Matt, and running-sick to run with D. :) I don't miss working or facing the difficult aspects of my new calling (but I do love the girls!). I'm excited to see the episode of my favorite show (The Bachelor! Yes, I'm a nerd.), and to stop having all-day meetings. Goodbye Iowa!