Monday, September 27, 2010

The results...and some announcements

Ok, so on my last post I put all the pix of things I have used for my PF, right? Well, it really is getting better. I DID rest it for MONTHS. Just ask Danna, she's my witness ("No, sorry, I still can't run. The foot, you know...") Resting it seemed to get rid of it, and I rested a lot longer than the symptoms lasted jsut to be sure. But now I have to be very careful. I'm afraid it may flare up during this marathon training, but we'll see.

A couple things I didn't include in the "arsenal:"

This is physical therapy at the U...

As for the announcements:

This is a little delayed, but D and I have officially started marathon training again. See us on Saturday mornings huffing it out! You can also catch us on weekdays- whining a bit lately as we get ramped up.

I hope she won't mind my announcing this, but did you know- Suzy had her baby a while back! A cuuute baby boy! Just wanted to share. Congrats to Suz and Rick! Can't wait to have her out on the trail again too.

Lastly, Matt took me on a surprise trip for my 30th this week. DISNEYLAND!!!! It was awesome!!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My arsenal

It's Kristin. Can you tell what each of these are? They are part of my anti PF war.

I hate you PF.


Friday, September 10, 2010

The Pocatello Idaho Half Marathon

It's Kristin.

This weekend I ran the Poki half with my sis, Karin.  It was our first race together (well, we did a family 5K once, but didn't run side-by-side). 

This race has some great swag- you actually get a bag of Idaho potatoes- how hillarious is that?  They even threw in 2 cartons of dehydrated hashbrowns.  We got nice black backpacks as our drop bags instead of the usual disposable plastic.  We also got a technical t-shirt (women's fit!) and a tube of rub-on sunscreen in addition to the usual race-related coupons and sample packets of stuff.  Oh! And the aide stations were sometimes run by local businesses, so like the Ogden half, they had lots of good stuff, like candy, multiple gels for each person (at each aid station! We totally stocked up.), etc.  It was, unfortunately, a brand I don't like.  Too potent-tasting.  Kar and I gagged 'em down.  At the end of the race they served stuffed baked potatoes (ha ha again!) which totally hit the spot.  Let's face it- all food seems to hit the spot after a race. 

The race weather was perfect!  A nice little breeze.  Another lovely aspect of the race is that it started at 8am.  You who read my blog know how I loathe race mornings usually, but this wasn't bad at all!  Kar and I decided to get all gussied up- wearing big dangly earings (very light-weight and didn't bother us at all) and flowers, colorful headbands, and braids.  We were hot.  Most people cheering cheered for the flower girls, or the dairy girls (braids?) or the earring ladies.  We started off pretty wild and crazy- shouting lot's of "Woo!"s and "Yeah!"s.  Karin thought it would be fun to run all serpentine for a bit.  I wonder if that would make it a full marathon?

Here are some of the things from the race that stick out in my mind. 
  • The hills!  It was hilly.  Waaa.
  • My cute nephew at the end so excited to see us and reaching out for me.  Love him!  We took him to the "bounce house" they had at the finish line adn he went nuts.
  • I thought racing with braids in your hair would wap against you but they didn't
  • A few of Karin's friends from church were biking and spotted us.  They rode with and encouraged and chatted with us providing excellent entertainment and distractions.
  • I never donned my sunglasses since the sun was always behind us- lovely!
  • We witnessed a car accident!  One of the high school teens running the aid station pulled out and was cheering for a runner as he was slammed into by on-coming traffic.  Whoops!!  We think everyone was okay, but of course it scared the crap out of us (SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!!!! ....BOOM!).  We didn't know what to do.  do we run back?  Let the others just help?  Keep going?
  • We picked up 3 gels off the ground.  Unopened and good as new, thank you! :)
  • We whinnied at horses and did that blowy cheek thing they do, and they talked back to us.  They seemed very excited about the race (seriously- they were dancing and prancing and watching everyone).
  • We held hands over the finish line- sweeeet.
Thanks for reading!
Happy running!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Random catch-up

It's Kristin again.

First of all, if you're thinking of getting the Eat, Pray, Love soundtrack, don't.  Before I saw the movie, I saw the soundtrack at Nordstrom and from the list of songs on the back (this samba, that tango, this Italian number, a Pearl Jam hit) it looked awesome.  It was boring and not good.

This has been a crazy couple of weeks.  We went to Lake Powell as a family, and my sister in law Dori stayed with us for a couple weeks.  It was so fun.  Here are a couple of my favorite shots:  

We did early morning P90X yoga atop the boat. Check out Matt's amazing crow pose in the next shot!

My brother, Danny.   And the sun creeping in in the next shot.
This was our work-out rock.  We used it to climb, swim around, and jump off of.

Our boat, as viewed from the top of Workout Rock.  And a few of us swimming below.

You may recognize these moves from the following youtube video:  (click here)

Oh and my brother got home from his mission!  Here we are at the airport!

Lastly, if you are an SLP, check out my new blog (HERE). It may be a little boring if you're not.

I'll be posting about the Pocatello half soon!