Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gearing up for the blizzard?

Kristin again...

Check out my previous post for our giveaway!

Yesterday there was a big fire in SLC.  It filled the windy air with ash and by the afternoon the entire valley was shrouded in an ash powder (it was really beautiful and really chalky-tasting...ew).  We were crazy to get up and run this morning.  But we're bad, we're bad, you know it!  So we got up in the rainy/snowy morning and ran (Hayley, D and I).  I tried to keep my mouth covered in my scarf as much as I could.  And my hair from turning into a fro.  Curly-haired running girls- wassup!  

It's been snowing all day and we're planning to run tomorrow.  I'm excited- it may be the last snowy run of the year and, shockingly, I have missed it!  I am also excited to finally try out my Stabilicers which Heather from the 32 North company generously let me try out!  Here I am putting them on for the first time:

The concentration...

Sweet success!!

I also have a new system for my running garb.  No, I will not be throwing it over the banister every morning (Matt's going to be thrilled).  I'm keeping what I plan to wear (clean stuff) in this basket- in the bathroom, right next to the beloved towel spa D gave me for finishing my first marathon!

And the reusable or wet stuff goes on these hooks.  Isn't this a cute shelf I found for super cheap at Tai Pan Trading?  Thanks to Matty Fatty for the installation.  (And Dad too for the borrowed tools.)

Well, now that my bathroom is ready, my Stabilicers are ready, and my alarm clock is set, I better get to sleep.  Otherwise I might have to kill someone when the alarm sounds at Vicky:thirty.  Full report on Stabilicers coming soon!

Love, K

Friday, March 26, 2010

Swag giveaway!!

It's Kristin!

Danna and I have been talking about something fun we could do for a giveaway for a while now.  Saturday, I went to Salt Lake Running Co. with my mom and sister Karin, and found some fun new stuff!

First of all, I eat gels on long runs and typically have to literally gag them down.  I don't know why I never noticed them before, but GU makes their product in "gummy/chewy" form called GU Chomps.  Genius!  I am a gummy maniac- I love fruit snacks and I love gummy candy.  I also dislike gagging while trying to run.  Shocker.  I have a hard time finsihing my GU quickly and figuring out how to dispose of it or keep it from getting my belt pouch sticky.  Problem solved!

I've wanted to try this Sport Wash for a while now.  According to their site it:
  • Removes trapped odors from fabrics
  • Restores factory applied waterproofing (DWR)
  • Keeps high-tech fabrics looking & working like new
  • Restores wicking properties and eliminates odor to Dri-Fit, Under Armour, Coolmax and engineered polyester fibers
  • Restores the loft & effectiveness to down & synthetic insulation
  • Prevents color fading
  • Removes stains like blood and grass
  • Biodegradable!

I need these LaceTraps.  Danna can attest to the fact that I have to re-tie my shoes about once a run...maybe twice.  I just hate tying in a double knot!

We love this stuff for very long runs!  Your foot and toes stay completely dry and rub-free.  It's amazing!  I think it's made of teflon or something (right D?).  Suzy put some BlisterShield in her sock for her marathon and afterward we all sat with our feet in a stream and every time her foot came out of the water it was still dry!!

Giveaway Rules:
In order to win, you...

1.  Become a follower of our blog and say you did so in a comment (or if you are already a follower, say so in a comment to enter).
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4.  And one more if you put us on your blogroll and leave a comment about it.

Remember to do a separate comment about each of those things.  We'll select a random entry via and that person will be the winner.  (MissZippy, I found it through you!)  The contest ends 4/10/10.

Good luck!!  Even you non-runners can use this stuff so don't be afraid to enter.  Well, maybe you can give the Chomps away as a gift?


Monday, March 22, 2010

What BFF's are for

~It's Kristin~ 

I'm working on a little art project tonight.  My sister gave me this great idea.  She has super cute pieces of paper or thank you notes or something framed all in a row above her bed and it looks fabulous.  I asked her to do some for me and she did the 2 pictured above as part of my Christmas present last year.  So now I'm making 7 new big ones for my entry hallway.

Here's my favorite print (above).
I was having a hard time picking the paper I liked best.... 

I called for reinforcements...
What are BFF's for anyway?  I mean, last night I went and looked at the shoes she was deciding on at Nordy's.  It's so nice to know you have a third opinion (after the husband's opinion, of course) available when you need it.  Incidentally, Matt also has excellent taste and helped me arrange and sort through most of the project!
I'll post a shot of the finalized display soon.  I'm excited!

And she went with me yesterday to pick out new running shoes!!  Yes, a trip to SLRC where we are regulars.  There was a new sales guy there- Dave.  At first we were not enjoying Dave.  He was the first to offer us help and we didn't know how to say, "Uh, no thanks, we don'' know you yet."  Dave seemed arrogant and made a statements about my PF being with me for life.  No, Dave!!  But then Dave grew on us and we may just work with him again.  We've been shopping for a new shoe guru since Seth, our running idol, quit.  (PS:  He came in 3rd in the St. George Marathon we ran in the fall!)
Here's my new garb!  Can you spy, with your little eye: a GU, Adidas, Smartwool, Matt's first pair of running socks, an extra jumbo sized body glide!, blister shield, Saucony's (40% off baby!), and (this is a hard one- bonus if you can spot it!) an injured foot.

I LOVE having new running stuff.  Can't wait to bust out the new shoes tomorrow.  I never anticipated buying a pair of Adidas, but Dave recommended them and they were so comfy and felt just perfect as far as arch support for my PF and all.  I jogged around the store and fell in love!  And I've always wanted Smartwool socks.  D's always raving about them.  I knew it was time for new shoes because I was having weird aches and pains in random novel places.  And I was past mileage for my other shoes.

Any of you runner girls recommend any sports bras?  Nothing fancy needed- I'm cheap!

D and I have a cool giveaway coming up so be sure to stay tuned!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some legitimate things to whine about

It's Kristin!

I am currently sitting in bed with ice on my feet.  I ran 5 pretty fast miles today with D.  We were super impressed with ourselves and how good we felt.  I think my PF is flared up now though.  I can't take my Danskos off for a second these days- going barefoot seems to be a bad idea.  I feel the pain if I step on the ground barefoot.

It's so discouraging for runners to have injuries!  You're rarely in true pain, but it just messes with your running and future race plans in a way that is super discouraging!  Danna really wants to sign up now for fall marathons.  I really want to run one, but with my foot issues, I'm not sure I should sign up yet.  Any advice, PF-cursed people?  
Here are some races we are considering:
  • Goblin Valley's Ultra Marathon
    • Pros: it's an ultra- how cool!  People love it!  Only 200 get in
    • Cons: includes lots of dirt and sand trails.  It's an ultra- scary!
  • San Francisco's Nike Women's Marathon
    • Pros: Tiffany necklace for finishers, amazing place to race, girl power!
    • Cons: hilly, pricey with travel, and: hilly
  • TOU (Top of Utah)
    • Pros: No travel needed
    • Cons: not exotic 
  • Other?  Any recommendations, readers?  
 There's a fun 5K Danna told me about in July.  You run through lavender fields, and get fun swag, and even get to pick as much lavender as you want after the race and there are lavender wreath-making classes!  How fun is that?

Well, goodnight my dears!  Pray for my feet to heal, will you? 


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Slushy Saturday

It's Kristin.
In case you're not up for working out lately, here's a little motivation:

This is from Irene's blog.

As you can see from our sidebar, our run today was rough!  We ran in this heavy sleet and were soaked and chilled to the bone by the end.  We couldn't even conjure that, "Look how bad A we are for running in the rain and snow," feeling.  Well, some runs go that way.  For the rest of the day I felt great though!  Weird.

It wasn't slick enough though, for me to try out my new Stabilicers.  I'm afraid I may not get an opportunity, but I will say that I have read tons of reviews about them lately and people love them!  I'm excited to give them a whirl- and what a nice company.  Thanks Heather!  

Tonight I threw Matt a 30th Birthday party.  It was so fun and Matt loved it.  Look at the fun cake I made:
It had crushed Oreos that look like dirt, but you can't tell very well in the picture.

And there were cute little hangy-down things all over that said "30." Adam and Danna put them up!

What a seriously cute Birthday Boy, right?


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catching up a bit

It's Kristin again!

Well, I'm headed to bed, but I couldn't resist posting tonight.  Sometimes I just get the blogging bug.  I've been thinking lately about starting a personal blog (as opposed to a group running blog) because I just find blogging so fun and interesting.

Running-wise it's been a good week.  I've taken a fair amount of rest days- partially out of sheer laziness and partially because my foot has been aching again.  Curse you PF!  I tried choclate milk after my last couple runs as many of you suggested.  It was yummy and...well I don't know if I felt any significant difference, but I did seem to get my bounce back after the drink.  In other words I got over that post-run sluggish feeling.  It's pretty humorous for Matt to see me walk in the door after really long runs- all stiff and lethargic.  "Untie my shoelaces, K?  I need something"  

As for as other aspects of my life...  I just finished 3 books: Holes, Eat Pray Love, and Funny in Farsi.  Liked it, Loved 2/3rds of it, Fun, respectively.  D and I went on a super fun road trip this weekend to Lava Hot Springs.  Don't worry- our husbands were busy with other commitments and very happy for us (aka not feeling resentful or left out).  I've never stayed in a B&B before and it was AWESOME!  I have so much to say, but at this late hour, I'll simply say that Lava is a fascinatingly odd and quirkily charming town.  Now I get why people go there all the time.  It's not just the water park, eh?  Danna- we should have found a cool running trail up there (but our 12 miler was already done that morning)!  A few fun things that happened in Lava:
  • The Bed and Breakfast owners hovered around us all the time in a charming and funny little way.  We became very tight by the end.
  • We soaked in the city's hot pools and saw some INTERESTING folks.  Such as the man with star tatoos on his nipples.  Weird. 
  • We got to have a late check-out which equated with reading Runners World and Real Simple Magazines (thanks Megan!) and lounging around, having a 2nd breakfast, and even catching the owner driving by to check on/spy on us after a while.  Busted!
Look even a couch for the purses!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's all about relationships

by: Kristin

Now that the Bachelor is over, I'm bored of it.  But many of you emailed and asked about the results.  If you don't know yet- he picked VIENNA!  What can we learn from this, single people?  Infatuation is blind- you must use your head and listen to the unbiased people around you.  Interesting points in the episode?  Jake's family initially saw what a scary girl Vienna is and didn't like her.  Then they strangely "saw the light" and apologized for judging her and told Jake they approved.  Nooo!  You fools!  Did the producers pay you to do that or what??  Ali is the next Bachelorette!  (She's the one who had to leave the show cuz her job demanded she return.  She works for Facebook.)  Jake is going to be on Dancing with the Stars (as is Kate Gosselin- weird).  We all had fun yelling and rolling our eyes at the screen.  Danna said, "If Tenley says, 'I value marriage," ONE MORE TIME..."   I think Tenley did talk their relationship to death.  But she's sweet and I hope she meets a nice guy.  As for you, Vienna, grow up!

So, yesterday I ran'll never guess who (unless you already read the sidebar)...Ma Husband!  Yes, and even more unbelievable is that HE was the one who requested the afternoon run.  I first suspected that he was an imposter in my husband's body, but no.  We had a great little run on the parkway.  So nice to run in the sun!  He looked super cute in his running garb- too bad I didn't snap a picture for you!  

Check out this amazing site D found with a list of every US marathon!

It's that painful time again when I have to fork out some serious dough for a new pair of running shoes.  What shoes do you pronators love?  I haven't loved my Ascics 2140s for some reason, but I love my Mizuno Wave Inspires.  I'm debating inserts vs no hard!  And our favorite employee at the Salt Lake Running Company is quitting!  A running shoe relationship is crucial.  We start from scratch again.  Oh the agony.


Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm nervous

Kristin here.

So, the Bachelor finale is tonight.  I'm super nervous that Jake will prove himself a fool and choose Vienna.  We're going to have a Bachelor party tonight, Danna and I- complete with Bachelorish treats and all.  If you are reading this- consider yourself whole-heartedly invited!  You know you watch it- you closet Bachelor fans.  I was at a church activity the other night sitting next to a cute little old lady who was asking me about myself.  I asked her if she watches The Bachelor, thinking she would be embarrassed and say, "Oh no dear.  I'm more of a Lawrence Welk-type myself."  Well, whaddya know, she said, "Yes!  Can you believe..."  Ha ha ha!  I loved it.  I have a million things to say about TB, but I'll spare most of you the pain.  I even re-watch some of the episodes on and read the forums.  Hee hee!  I'm a nerd.  Anyway, bottom line?  Vienna is scary.  Other bottom line?  Our party will rock!  Matt and Adam may even join us. :)
Do you recognize this face?
Ok, I guess I better say something about running since this is a running blog.  Well, I am going to try 2 new things.  1. Chocolate milk after a long run (since all of you running bloggers have been talking about it and I read it in Runner's World)  and 2. A Strassburg Sock for plantar fasciitis.  You sleep with it on and it lets your PF heal in a longer position since we usually sleep with our toes pointed.  Hope it helps.

Clog update:  YES, I really have become a fan and a believer in the Dansko Clogs for PF!  It's going really well.  Still healing, but definitely improved.  I also stole my brother's "slant board" which stretches your calf.  Love it!  But it's rough.  I stand on is for 15 minutes every morning.  More info on my final assessment later.