Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ski free- and stuff you'll wish you didn't know

Hey - It's Danna! Ok, I'll be honest, before there was 'run like a girl' there was 'ski like a girl'. In fact, a little trivia point for you here- we came up with the 'she runs like a girl' name from a playlist I have on my I-pod- ski like a girl. I ski with my mom during the winter about once a week. We have a riot. Of course, all I see of her is the snow she is kicking up in my face, but cest la vie right?

Notice my cool helmet! It has speakers in the ears, so I had to have a ski play-list. Actually the helmet came to be because I have these brothers that are super crazy insane.

Case and Point(s): We snorkled in Florida- they were reprimanded by the captain of our boat for "hasseling the sharks". They have installed a zip-line from the top of my parent's property to the back, and then when new babies are born in the family, they have contests to see who can get the youngest kid down on it. Preferably alive. They build home-made rockets and light them off scaring neighbors and police alike every Easter. They rock climb stuff that pro's wouldn't. These are the examples I can think of on a whim. Back to the helmet... They are the kind of skiers that you only see as they fly off the cliff above you. They break new skis every year, get kicked out of resorts, and break legs as a general practice. Ask me sometime about the calls I get at all hours...
Misc brother: "hey"
Me: "hey. do you know what time it is?"
Misc brother: "he, he yeah, so uh, whats up?"
Me: "what now?"
Misc brother: "so I was just wondering what you think I should do, cause I think I can see the
bone almost through the skin on my leg"
Me:" well, I think I would see a doctor"
Misc brother:" yeah, well, I'm kinda in the middle of the mountian. (insert painful little laugh)
Me:" so get patrol to pull you out on a tobaggan"
Misc brother:"Well, I think I'll try to ski down on one leg, uh, what do you think?"
Me: "Sounds stupid, but whatever."
Misc brother "ok, thanks, talk to ya later"
And then he really does ski down.

S0- the norm in our family is slightly off-kelter. When I skiied with them 2 years ago- I was stupid enough to try to keep up with them, long story short- went off an unmarked drop-off, LANDED IT(!) then quickly tried to not meet some trees close up, and the end result was two very injured thumbs. Adam then insisted on the helmet. Hence the ski play list!!!! Long story to explain a play-list right? These two really are the ones responsible for all the craziness. It's their fault. We all agree on that.

We do, as a side note, pick up strays too. Ksenia- you've seen her on the site, she is training for the SLC Half with us. We got her from Russia- and we kept her. She is my sister now.
We also have "the hobo" he just moved in downstairs one day, and we kept him too. He is now one of the crazy brothers referred to in the above stories.

So, I am skiing with my mom and dad for cross-training. Something else you should know about us- we don't pay for anything you don't have to. So here is the ultimate FREE cross training tip of the year- Ski Alta. You can ski every day there after 3pm for free. Yep- free. The lifts are limited, but hey- it's free. Most Utah ski resorts have some variant of this program, but Alta is the only one who does it every day, the same way. We love it- free skiing. That is our kind of sport.

So while we are on the subject of family- we received this question from my sister Buffy: she has her own brand of craziness, but it translates into 7 minute miles, so... why didn't that speed demon kind of crazy happen to me is the real question here. But here it is:

"Ok, She Runs Like a Girl Runners, I need some help and advice... I have BAD feet! I have always had bad feet, but now that I am long distance running, my feet really hurt and I need to baby them NOW and prevent major damage, so I can keep running. Does the tennis ball theory work? Should I soak them in cold epsom salt after runs? Should I take Ibuprofen??? Any other ideas? Thanks for your help!"

So, this is my answer. Yes- ice. Kinda yes- Ibuprofen. Yes- Epsom salts. Sure- try the tennis ball. NOTHING will make the difference that wearing Dansko clogs will. Nothing. I'd like to bear my testimony of clogs. (ha ha, but not really) All the girls in the fam have bad feet. I tried all those things, plus cutom fit VERY expensive orthotics, Designer drug prescription anti-inflammatories, and anything else I could think of. Nothing actaully FIXED the problem until I started wearing clogs most days. I still wear stillettos and wedges and boots with a great heel etc, but for my day to day shoes, it's the clogs. I actually think they look really cute and I can be on my feet all day, and my feet don't even twinge any more- ever. Clogs will FIX your feet. We can shop for them when you come out to visit!

Does anybody else have some ideas for foot pain? Let's hear what you all think!

Don't forget to get a run in today!


Kristin said...

My idea for foot pain is cortizone. :) A nice little injection. Your mom skis sans helmet?!! I must speak with her about some of my patients.

Kristin said...

PS: When will u clog shop with me?
PPS: Ksenia you look gorgeous in that pic! But I spose I've only seen you in running garb in the AM.

Ksenia Andreanova said...

Danna, you're so funny! Your description of your brothers is so accurate! I love them! Hmm, I went cross-country skiing last weekend.... Does that count or is that for wimps only? Love you, Danna!

Kristin, thanks for the compliment! Yeah I'm pretty scary in the morning. It's 6:40 right now and I'm afraid to look at myself in the mirror.

Adam said...

Hi sweetie,
It is always so fun to read you entries. I think it is nice of you to be so encoraging. Lots of Love,

Liz, Elizabeth, or Buffy said...

I am still laughing and laughing! That would be my crazy brothers, my russian sister, and Hobo brother! And YES I will go clog shopping while in Utah, anyone want to come with?? DL you don't have a choice, you have to take me there! BUT on a good note, my feet are doing better and I had an EXCELLENT sport Chiropractor show me how to tape my feet before a long run an it does make a difference!

Manchester Orthotics Clinic said...

I would recommend a gait analysis for your sister. She may need orthotics fitting to her running shoes. Orthotics are used to reduce pain, redistribute pressure and to prevent problems with our feet. Orthotics are also used to restore natural foot function and to cure conditions such as flat feet.
Running places demands on the feet, ankles and knees for all athletes. She will also need to make sure that her footwear is suitable for the amount of running that she does. A Podiatrist will be able to give you all the answers you need and prescribe orthotics if necessary.