Friday, January 1, 2010

Running under the blue moon

Posted by: Kristin

Bundled up before the run. After a few minutes that scarf and my coat were gone!

My first experience wearing a grocery store bag on my feet for a snowy trail. Highly recommended! Didn't cause hot feet or discomfort at all! I think adding that foot powder we like would've been even better.

Note to self- trim toenails more often. My pinky nail jabbed me all through the run!

I just found out that last night (December 31st) was a blue moon! A blue moon is the rare situation in which there is a full moon twice in one month. This only occurs one every 2-3 years. Hence the famous phrase "once in a blue moon." No, it's not a person mooning you when they're cold.

Well, most people have to wait until it gets dark to enjoy the blue moon, but we 3 got to see it nice and early Wednesday morning. We didn't realize it was a blue moon at the time, but we did get look at it and comment on how full and beautiful it looked. Seriously, winter morning runs are so gorgeous!

What a beautiful run! But a seriously tough one for me. I think I'm majorly out of shape compared to D and S. I was huffing and puffing and begging for walks. They were gliding along like nimble gazelles, and I was a clumsy rhino in the few inches of soft/sandy snow. They were Olympic speed skaters and I was just putting on my first skates; they were Thumper on the ice and I was Bambi. You get the idea- I was working hard! D and S had their Yaktrax. I'm considering getting something like that, cuz my bod was so so sore from stabilizing the whole run! Sheesh!
Here's D's sidewalk to give you an idea of the snow depth- our path was NOT plowed, thankyouverymuch.

Me, coyly showing my frosty hat.
I really wanted to get a shot of D's hair- white with frost, but I kid you not, 5-10 seconds after we entered her house the frost was melted!

This pic doesn't do justice to the bright red stripes on my ribs and belly. Even after the hot shower these spots stayed super red from being cold! This always happens where I have excess body fat (yes I have a bit over my ribs there). Weird! A fun reminder of where you need to lose a little! Not.

Wish you could see this pic up close! Suzy's hairs were each individually wrapped in frost- just like pine needles get in the morning. It looked so cool. It was cooler that usual since we ran through some seriously wet foggy spots. It felt like running through a humidifier's stream!

Hey!! No one has said anything about my last post where we invited y'all to run with us! No takers? What if it's at 11:00 am? C'mon, don't be afraid, ladies!

Happy New Year! XOXO


Danna said...

K- you are so funny- blue moon- I love it. That was a great run and you are awesome. No huffing or puffing was going on. I love it when you post, you are so funny. By the way-- I'll run with you on that sat! Why 11 sounds great! I'm sure we'd all love to run RIGHT!??!

Natalie said...

You are so funny! I love reading your posts!
Happy New Year!!!

Liz, Elizabeth, or Buffy said...

Ok, She Runs lIke a Girl Runners, I need some help and advise... I have BAD feet! I have always had bad feet, but now that I am long distance running, me feet really hurt and I need to baby then NOW and prevent major damage, so I can keep running. Does the tennis ball theory work? Should I soak them in cold epsom salt after runs? Should I take Ibuprofen??? Any other ideas?
Thanks for your help!

Suzy said...

You made me laugh out loud - gazelles/rhinos! HA!

Danna said...

Buffy- I totally get your feet thing. I have the unfortunate feet genes too. I had constant problems until I started wearing Dansko Clogs. I now wear them ALL the time. I love them. I had orthotics, cotisone, ibuprofen etc, but after I started wearing my clogs regularly, My feet NEVER hurt. They are amazing! Carrie Lyn wears them too. We should get you some while you are out here on vacation next month!

Sarah said...

You guys are crazy - that is too cold for me