Sunday, January 24, 2010

you asked for it...

Hi- It's Danna! Well, I have been asked a lot about my crazy family since my last post. So, I thought you might like a couple pics. These are from last Easter:

Matt and K found the coveted chocolate bunny. Notice Ksenia in the background.
The easter egg hunt is CUT THROAT! Small children are pushed aside, and "adults" throw hissy fits over things like, "that was my chocolate bunny! give it back....." Lowering of standards would be entered about at this point.

The official lighting platform for each person's rocket. The police were not here yet at this point.
Notice all the sane people standing BACK at a safe distace.

It takes A LOT of concentration ok? Devan is a ring leader.

The big one. Notice it's propped up with duct tape. typical

Houston- we have lift-off! It's officially a holiday with Danna's family.


Nichole said...

My boys LOVE rockets. One day this will be our backyard

Adam said...

It's always fun to read your blog entries. It is fun to collect the easter eggs, and set the rockets off. Your running is an inspiration. You get up so early, and I know how you feel about getting up in the morning (before noon.)