Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Night Musings

Kristin again.

Ahh, the rest day. Yes I love to run, but I love my rest days!

Poor Matt. Now that I'm training for some half marathons, he's back to the duty of going up and down the stairs to get things for me when I'm trying to "lay off the feet." I also ask for a "mini massage" every night as part of the whole tucking me in process. YES, I make my husband tuck me in. I highly recommend it. He's always hovering over his laptop while I do my get ready for bed process. This involved many things, from heating my pj's up in the towel spa D gave me as a gift for finishing the Marathon, to reading my scriptures, and goofing around until he starts nagging me to get to bed. Even though he stays up, I like that he makes me go to bed. Otherwise I dilly dally for hours, and play around on the blog, FB, and nieniedialogues. I start "over grooming," like touching up toenail polish, and looking at every one of my pores in the mirror.

I have decided not to run the Wasatch Back, but I feel a bit of anti-buyer's remorse. Krissy, have you run it? I'm scared of the intense hills! All the people on their website said it was the hardest (and most fun!) race of their lives. Harder than a marathon! If only you didn't have to stay up all night and then some!

This week, I have decided that it's time for me to start icing my foot again after runs. It's not so bad if you are wondering. I get cold really easily, but for some reason, icing always becomes very tolerable and almost comfy very fast! Must be the numbing effect.

I also really want to work on my running form this week. Short strides, pushing off with the toes, keeping my feet parallel (an issue of mine), and keeping my chest up and out so I'm never leaning forward. It's time to start getting ready to rock the Spring races!! I'm excited to run with so many friends in the races this year.



Taylor said...

Nice to hear from you ladies, Kristen! Your blog is awesome as well - I'm nodding my head and smiling as Kate and I are gearing up to get ready to rock the spring races, and then the world :o). Be in touch - we all run like girls, which means we all run awesomely :o) - Taylor

Mindy said...

I was disappointed to see you didn't waste time dilly dallying on *my* blog. Whatev. ;) You should run the Wasatch Back. You can request the easier stretches. The website should tell you which legs are the easier and harder ones. Unless that entire sleep thing is semi-important to you, then I would forget about it all together. :)

Fedaykin said...

My hobbies don't require swelling interventions.

Kristina said...

I thought an electric blanket was nice, but using a towel spa to warm up your pjs? Genius!

Kristin's Dad said...


dems here. Just read all your collective blogs for the first time in '10 (okay, parts I sped-read).

Good job and kudos to all! You guys are amazing. I was intrigued with the Danna's crazy brothers story. Funny! I share her love for skiing ans finding ways to do it somewhat cheaply.

BTW, when I stay up late, like tonight, I tend more toward "under-grooming".



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