Monday, February 1, 2010

Iowa business trip

Hello! Kristin's writing. Here I am in Iowa in my little hotel room. What a crazy trip so far! First of all, there were two flights on the way here. On the first, it was a plane FULL of screaming children; some screaming in glee, some in sadness. The loudest happened to be kids of my old college friends from USU. All I know is the guy next to me and I were rudely awoken every couple minutes. Maddening! I felt a little like this lady:

Next flight- I sat by another guy who just happened to be....yep you guessed it! A hardcore runner. Awesome! So of course I talked his ear off. Shane- remember, I'm expecting you to comment! :) I got some great advice from him. BTW, he's currently training for an iron man triathlon! For those who don't know, that's a race that involves a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike and a marathon (26.2 miles) run, raced in that order and without a break. I'm amazed people can even consider that! Shane and I commented to each other how inspiring it is to talk to fellow runners. It's so motivating. He told me I should use a roller to work on some of my tight muscles- he swears by that thing! And he told me about how much it helps him to hire a running coach (which Danna is doing right now!). We also talked about his love for his Garmin watch (jealous) and how he runs without gels/Gatorade/energy bars. It made me psyched to keep improving.

Then my luggage got lost. Ugh. I had to buy new stuff that night at Target, including running clothes! However I was cheered by our lovely hotel- I love hotels! It's been a blast having my own room and chillin. It is SOOOO cold here. I worked out in the hotel exercise room instead, which was great! I wish I had a gym membership. I also did cardio, some core strengthening and strength training for my deltoids and biceps. Tomorrow will be my 3rd and last workout here. Sad. Goodbye Mariott! Thanks for having a copy of the BoM since mine was lost for a bit. I didn't wanna miss my scripture study (I haven't missed in 15 years!!).
This is a shot of my room off the website. Sweet! I also got to bond with some rad co-workers of mine. We had a blast and ate some good food. We almost nearly died when my crazy boss Chris did a few wild tricks in our rental car. He's crazy!

I'm excited to get home though. I get homesick for Matt, and running-sick to run with D. :) I don't miss working or facing the difficult aspects of my new calling (but I do love the girls!). I'm excited to see the episode of my favorite show (The Bachelor! Yes, I'm a nerd.), and to stop having all-day meetings. Goodbye Iowa!



Mindy said...

Dude. What is your job?

Jeannette said...

Fun to hear about your trip. Sorry about the screaming kids, yikes.

Renee said...

Sounds like a great adventure.. It's fun and also helps you to appreciate home. Glad you're back!

Brenda said...

If you like hotels, you should try a cruise! (

Think: free room service, all food included, getting "rocked" to sleep by the rocking of the ship, visiting awesome places, etc.)

Karin said...

Still so jealous you went to Iowa without me :( I don't care how cold it is there, I love it!!!

Have you HONESTLY never missed reading your scriptures one day in 15 years???? Truly??? Man, I feel like a loser.

You watch the Bachelor? A lot of my friends are into that, but I never watch it. I'd totally watch it with you if you lived nearby.

Oh, and hilarious video. I always feel bad for the parents, though. Evan was always so good on planes, but it was ALWAYS so nerve-racking, fearing he would be bad.

Krissy said...

Too many things to comment on!!! You should just call me sometime soon! ~ Did I ever tell you about our spontaneous road trip to Iowa? Ha, ha! Fun memories!

Lindsey W said...

Hey Kristen,
I'm coming to SLC this week and am running on Friday or Saturday and was wondering if you're running either of those days and if I can join you. I have a half marathon on the 14th and am getting really excited!! Hope you're having fun running still!

Tanya said...

Cool! Didn't know you were giong out of town! (I love to be alone in a hotel room too...doesn't happen often)!

Padre said...

Good post, daughter! Did they ever find your luggage?


Brandi said...

We found you blog googling for running tips. Yes we are running, Slow but running. My little boys loved the airplane video....they think the lady in the video is you.

Shane said...

Hello its shane. The supposed hardcore runner you sat next to on the plane to Iowa. I have to say thank you for the nice compliment. :) Also your first flight sounds exactly like mine before we met. Rotten kids anyway. JK
It was a pleasure to have met you and it sure made the ride more enjoyable to be able to talk about running the whole trip. My friend was listening to our conversation and was very jealous because he had to sit next to a lady popping valium because she is so scared to fly. Ha Ha Charlie.
Im glad to hear you got some training in here in Iowa as well. Good job. Keep on that roller to and let me know how it treats you. Yes I do swear by mine. Well ill keep in touch. And girls keep on running and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.
PS. Love the clogs!

Lauren said...

hey!! we aren't that bad! :,(

Kristin said...

Haha! The truth is it has nothing to do with the girls (most of the time, though with teens there's always some drama here and there), but it's all the behind then scenes stuff, training new leaders, trying to help everyone like their calling, wanting the girls to like YW but not have it be pure meaningless fun, MEETINGS MEETINGS MEETINGS, agendas, calendars, rosters, choosing new leaders, getting everyone up to speed, etc... But YOU are fabulous!