Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Out with the old, In with the new (shoes that is)

I am extremely frugal. There is one item that even I pull out my wallet for when it comes to running, though. Shoes! All of you who are planning on running or starting to walk, I highly recommend you get a good pair of shoes. Poor shoes or the wrong shoes can lead to injury that can sideline you and cause a lot of discomfort, just ask Kristin and Danna. I recommend going to the Salt Lake Running company and being fit with shoes. The sales associates there know what they are talking about and even watch you run on a tread mill to get the right fit. It will save you money in hospital bills and make running much more enjoyable. You can also check out shoe websites like the Saucony or Brooks sites. They have you enter information about your foot and recommend a shoe for you. This is worth spending your money on! Then, once you know what shoe you need, you can price hunt like me! My latest pair I am getting for $67. I bought the same shoe about 8 months ago for $112.
My new Saucony Progrid Guide 2 shoes that are being shipped to my house! The blue is very cool!

My old pair of Saucony Progrid Guide 2 shoes. I trained and ran a marathon in these babies! See how I even wore out the tread. The people at Salt Lake Running company say that shoes are good for around 500 miles. I also heard that the padding inside the shoes wears out before the tread does. Looks like I wore mine a little too long.


Danna said...

Fun- You bought new shoes suz? Can't wait to see them. It was fun to watch you cook dinner tonight- even for 5 minutes. You are the best. You brighten my day.

Kristin said...

Cute, I like 'em. Love the title of your post, you clever girl. We missed you today. I'm proud you did 7 on the treadmill though!

Maryann said...

Long time no talk - or something like that. I like your new shoes! I've never paid more than $20.00 for my running shoes (usually around $10.00), and never had an injury (maybe that's luck, I don't know). Payless Shoe Source works for me! Have fun trying them out!

Maryann said...

After posting my last comment, I read through it and realized it could have come across as offensive - not the intent at all. I tried to edit it, but blogger wouldn't let me!!! I really do like your shoes and look forward to when I can get myself some nice shoes too.