Saturday, October 2, 2010

Running safety tips

Ahhh, running felt good again today!  I actually had a great run just as it should be, dang it.

There have been a couple attacks on the trail where we run lately- in broad daylight no less!  That's why we run together and carry pepper spray.  You can get it at the running store, but all the local ones are sold out since the attack last week.  We run with a carrying strap around our hand, and our finger is on the trigger while we run.

Danna and I have actually made very detailed plans in case anyone actually attacks it.  We even have secret code words.  I can't share them on this blog, because, what if the perpetrator reads them and knows when we're spraying the pepper spray, etc.?  When you have 10+ miles to run, you have time for careful attention to detail, you know.  We actually HOPE some pervert tries to attack us.  He'll be soooo sorry.  And he won't be getting away either.  Or ever...(*ahem)...having any future...relationships.

We have also discussed other techniques, such as making eye contact and looking back over our shoulder at people who pass us, and studying what they're wearing.  We've practiced knowing how to describe our exact location to cops.  We run with a cell phone.  Today Danna even taught me bathroom safety tips (a co-worker was once attacked in the bathroom).  They include checking around the corner of the bathroom for lurkers, and then pushing the stall completely open and checking again for a person.  And locking yourself in their if possible. 

Our other safety issues are dogs.  Sheesh people, leash your dogs please!!  And PS: don't let our dog over into the on-coming lane where runners are approaching.  You surely think we are hoping to get sniffed, and hoping for a chance to pet your cute dog and compliment you.  Shockingly, we are hoping to run and avoid getting tripped, bitten, or slimed.  Or step in poo for that matter. 

Okay, runners.  Especially you ladies.  Be safe out there!  And if someone looks suspicious, I like to have Murray Dispatch in my phone list: 840-4000.  :)