Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friends and family are forever

Hey all- It's Danna. What a week. I was literally packed, prepared, and at the plane this week to go to Haiti with my mom for relief efforts. We had weight issues on the plane due to being notified at the last minute we needed to take all of our water for the entire team of 150 for the entire 21 days. My mom and I both really felt the right thing to do was to volunteer to not go. For every person who insisted they NEEDED to go, medical supplies were taken off the plane. We both thought, this is NOT right. We didn't want to go for our ego's, we were there to help. We waited until the last literal minute at the airport just in case the weight and balances of the plane logistics changed, but in the end, I think we chose well, to help by staying home.
It was disappointing, because we really wanted to help, but I think we did, by the choice we made. We may have to option of going in three weeks, but I think I'll decompress and evaluate if the decision comes to fruition.

Anyway- I was going to name this post "total nerds" because my mom and I obviously are, as you can tell from the above picture! We now have almost identical gear- right down to our garmins. I think when people see us running together they laugh. But we should be used to that by now!
This week we received a comment from a reader Brandi who recently lost a baby. She is a sweetheart. Her story is amazing and heart-breaking. She wants to begin running again to help heal her heart.
Over the past years- I have had disappointments, sadness, and fear. I'm sure everyone reading this has. Sometimes it can be hard to know how to feel better, or how to deal with hard feelings. I am amazed at how running clears my head. I can literally feel sorted-out after a run. I find this to be especially true with running outdoors. It seems that nature is God's domain. Just being outside when I run or walk helps. I also love running with my friends. Kristin, Suzy, Ksenia, my mom. There is a power of healing when women band together. I believe that marriages are happier when women have close friends. It's really not realistic or even fair to depend on one person to meet your needs. I think the best gift you can give a husband is to have your own, close friends. If you don't feel like you have friends like that now, here is the formula. Ready to know the secret? Here it is... Pray about it. Ask for it. Then just start running. God will work out the rest. Running has been a good friend to me. Trust God to take care of you and He will.
Of course, we would always love to run with you too!

We are all trying to be better, fitter, happier people at the end of this year. Make running with friends a central part. You will amaze yourself by who you are in December, even July. We know you can do it- just ask us!


misszippy said...

Wow--kudos to you for trying. Sorry it didn't work out.

Chief said...

That was great of you to volunteer & too bad it didn't work out. I wonder if there will be other opportunities. It looks like there will be help needed for a long time.

Nichole said...

Sometimes it really is the thought that counts

Suzy said...

Hey girl,
I think you did the right thing letting those medical supplies go to help out although I know that you could have given awesome help to the people in Haiti with all your training and competence. I miss running with you guys. I've been walking this week and that much has even helped clear my head and help keep depression at bay. This week was by far better than last. You are the best!

Brandi said...

We (I have enlisted my Husband) are on track with mileage and hoping to soon make team 'Cry Like a Baby', for the SLC Half. We decided we cry all the time even when we run, so that became are team name. We want to help if you need anything to go to Haiti. We think it was awesome of you to pass up on the oppurtunity, but if you go can you bring me back a handful of kids?:)

Adam said...

You and your mom look like twins with your matching winter outfits. Very cute. Also, I am sure the kids you work with everyday are happy you are. I do wish it could have worked out with your flight.
Love your tons,

Renee said...

I think it's amazing that you were even willing to make such a sacrifice. Your willingness to stay home so that more supplies could go really shows that your intentions are pure.