Sunday, January 10, 2010

Small changes, made consistently

Hey- It's Danna. The Spring Racing Season is almost upon us. It's time to be training! There are so many great races. Many of us have made resolutions like, eat healthier, lose weight, feel better, have some 'me' time . Running/walking can do ALL of that for you. This past year I lost over 30 pounds. I eat healthier. I have GREAT girl friends, all because of running. You can amaze yourself. Just start walking or jogging. Just start. Don't over-plan. Don't put off exercise until you have the perfect plan of how to execute it. Or have the right clothes, or ANY EXCUSE!

Just get out there- and try to live the 2 day rule. Remember that rule? It's that you should take a rest day. Take two if you need it. But never, ever let yourself not exercise that third day. Just get out and do something. Slowly, slowly start cutting things back in your diet that will increase your health. Like weaning down your soda intake. Especially diet soda. Or eat a better breakfast. Once you feel like the ONE change you have made is a habit, choose a new goal, like a lower fat lunch. Or cut back on fast food. People will notice your changes- and will want support for their same goals too. That is how I met Suzy. Suzy tells us often, "I am a better wife, a better mom, and a happier person when I have been running." Small changes, made consistently WILL make a difference. Just think of where you could be next year at this time! 15 pounds lighter? A half marathon under your belt? New friends that feel like old friends?

You are amazing. You can do it. Tune in for pep talks occasionally. Pick a race, any race. 3k is a great place to start. 10 or 15k is a do-able goal. Train. Run or walk it slowly. Have a good time. Get free therapy from your training friends. Come and do a training run with us on a Saturday. Get out there. Don't let anything stop you. Not even you. YOU CAN DO IT!

For a link to Utah races this year, click here.


Preston and Rachel said...
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Liz, Elizabeth, or Buffy said...

Yea.. that' MY sister! She is amazing!

Adam said...

That was a nice and inspirational message. You have a good blog.
Love, Adam

Brenda said...


You look great! Congrats on losing 30 pounds!!

Question: When did your hair get so long?? It's gorgeous!

Love and hugs,

Nathan & Erin Hansen said...

What's wrong with diet soda?

Danna said...

Hey Erin- That is fun you are still reading the blog! There actually have now been several legitimate medical studies linking diet soda to adult obesity. It's thought that the way it's sweetened and the particular preservatives may be literally "preserving" your fat cells. The current recommendation is to wean off of diet soda. Then if you want an occasional soda- it may be best to have to indulge on the regular soda. What do you think?

Nathan & Erin Hansen said...

I don't drink carbonation at all, so not really an issue for me. Some family members really like soda, though, and they think they're making the better choice with diet sodas, and I thought so, too. I was really surprised by your comment on diet sodas, so I thought I'd ask. Thanks so much for responding!

Anonymous said...
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