Saturday, January 23, 2010

Working on the blog, working on the bod

Hey, it's Kristin.

Browsing around and reading other people's blogs has become my favorite hobby lately. And not just runners' blogs (though I do enjoy those quite often). I like blogs full of eye candy and ideas, blogs about moms' lives (even though I don't have kids yet), and blogs about my friends and family. Blogs are so cool! You can read about people's lives, and ideas, and creations, and advice- all for free! It's crazy. And I love the novelty of them. I like thinking about things to blog about, and reading people's comments. Ok, I'll stop being blogsessed now.

Today D and I went for a run. It's been a bizarre running week for us. One day the ground was slick with new snow and slush and we couldn't run cuz we were sliding all over the place. Out of kindness, D didn't wear her Yaktrax (so we could be equals) and we forged the trail together. Instead of running we walked up and down a hill we call "glute hill" for it's tendency to work our bums. We must've walked up and down that thing for over an hour. Then yesterday the mad howling wind scared me back to bed (Danna will run in anything though. She was probably disappointed). I could just imagine coming home all face-chafed and frazzled after trying to run in that insane wind. And my bed's comfy-ness didn't help. I probably should've stayed up and done a work-out video, but...I didn't occur to me since I was part zombie still. PS: Runners- do you run in crazy wind? Advice?

Today we finally got in a good run. It was an afternoon/evening run. (Suzy's kind of out of commission for a bit right now and that's why we haven't run with her lately.) I love night runs. Totally different that AM runs. That ethereal fog and moonlight are so cool in the mornings! But at night the city is alive, and the air is warmer. So refreshing. Anyway, we just did 5 miles, but it was fun and a nice way to end our crazy work weeks. Our bodies really needed that run too! After skipping too many days we can really feel the lost conditioning!

Side note: I called the cops on a guy on the trail whom I saw sitting in the bushes. I actually call the local police quite often. I think they must roll their eyes when they look at the caller ID: "It's her again!" I call them when there are suspicious lurkers in the bushes (tonight), or obnoxious drunk people on the train, or people trying to start fights, or teens with illegal substances, or even people without a leash whose dogs are running (and pooping) rampant all over the parkway! Yes, I'm that lady. And proud of it, darn it!

Oh!! This week I'm going on a business trip to Coralville Iowa. We're checking out the nearby hospital and tring to implement some of their technology. I'm definitely going to have to find a cool place to run. Anyone know the area?! Running trails? Cool spots?



Candice @ I Have Run said...

It is so fun to "run into" other Utah runners/bloggers! I am so glad you (and Danna) found my blog. I have enjoyed getting to know you all a little through your blog.

When Ogden gets closer, we'll have to plan a blogger meet-up at the race!

padre said...


Didn't know about the business trip. You are becoming quite the corporate woman--and being rewarded with a choice mid-January trip to Iowa, which your used-to-live-in-Iowas sister claims is the coldest state ever. :)

BTW, I'm glad you call the cops first and ask questions later--lot a creepy guys out there, I'm afraid.

You and Danna and Suzy keep up the running ramp-up! You go girls!


Steffanie Walker said...

I love your blog!! I read it every time that you send me an email so please keep doing so!! I am so glad that you are loving running! I am doing the SLC 1/2 marathon again this year too! Hopefully I will be able to see your there!

MHM said...

...guess I should have told you that I was going to the parkway to try and get some candid pics of you for the blog, eh? I was the guy in the bushes that got the cops called on him! :) jk

Meh, I have yet to catch the runner's spirit that you and Danna have. I am definitely not looking forward to the half marathon in March that I have committed to run with you. I'm more of a sit at home and think really hard about running and hope it has some sort of calorie burning effect on my sedentary body kind of guy. But what can you do?

misszippy said...

Hate running in the wind! We did one earlier this winter where it seemed like we were standing still. Anyhow, I always keep my mantra in mind when dealing w/ windy conditions: That which does not kill me, makes me stronger (Nietzsche)

Brenda said...


Love the blog! I am into blogging right now too.

Speaking of which ... where's the newest post?? I'm feeling deprived!


Karin said...

Creepy dude in the bushes--ew. "What a weeeeeeirdo!" I wish I could have told you of some good trails in Coralville. Too bad you didn't go to West Des Moines. There are AMAZING running trails all over. I miss WDM so much, and that's a big reason.

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