Monday, August 9, 2010

What Would I do Without Girlfriends??

Kristin here.

(Question: Does anyone else have the annoying problem of pressing "enter" and having Blogger's cursor go to the beginning of the line instead?  What the??  And can any of you expert bloggers help me figure out which photo of mine is causing the Photobucket icon to stay floating on the blog??)

So I want to tell you of a GREAT race in Utah.  The Young Living Lavender 5K.  What a fun day with the girlfriends!  Amber, Danna, Hayley and I went together.  We had such a blast!  The 5K wound through these lovely, and fragrant fields of lavendar.  It was a really fun group too.  And then there was a lavender store where we bought lovely things like lavender oil, chapstick, and even lavender cookbooks!  Come join us for lavender hot chocolate some time!  We also picked lavender and made wreaths and little bundle/bouquet thingies.  They were awesome and fun to make.  Definitely doing this race next year.

Last weekend I went to Vegas with Krissy and Cathy and we worked at the DefCon convention selling t-shirts (or alternating the babysitting duties.)  We often stayed up waaaay late talking and I loved it!  It was so good to get to spend time with Krissy!  Including getting to know her kid and hear all about her pregnancy.  PS:  Look at the crazy amazing pools at Ceasar's Palace!

 (Mohawks were very popular here.  This guy got in the Guinness Book of World Records)

Also my friend Ceri is in town from England.  She, Denise and I got together for a little sleepover (and later a reunion with all our fabulous nanny friends (we used to be nannies in NY and CT.  I miss it!!)  We did some major catching up and I loved every second of it. It included such events as a trip to the urgent care clinic, neon orange "syrup," and the traditional arm tickle train.

Last night my old college buddies Sarah and Sarah :) and their husbands came over and we had a blast catching up and talking for hours.  We talked mostly about mommyhood, which is a topic I am ALWAYS fascinated by.  I'm so glad we finally got together.  YAY!  (I didn't take a picture guys!  Send me one?)

...So I'm having some major nostalgia.  It's amazing how much my girlfriends have come to mean more to me the older I get.  They make me a better person and they inspire me and make me laugh.  Matt is lucky I have them because they definitely make me a better wife too.

Anyway, I'm avoiding the topic of running right now because I have nothing nice to say.  I had a crappy run this morning and my foot issues....  Ugh.  I won't go into detail right now, but it's sooo frustrating to have rested and cross-trained for SO long and still have these issues.  WHY?

Well, more details and stuff when I have the strength to talk about it without tears.   :P