Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why we haven't run or blogged

It's Kristin.

I haven't run since Monday, and haven't blogged in a week. My life has been crazy! I got called as YW president (in my church) which has suddenly taken over my life in a major way. Hopefully it will settle back down soon, but it's been very very busy. Danna got asked to go on a volunteer mission to Haiti with one days notice, further rocking my world. Then she was told nevermind. Then again, yes we need you. Then again- no nevermind we miscalculated our numbers. So you can imagine she's been busy in a crazy way too! See her on the news HERE. She's in several shots- can you spot her? It's like Where's Waldo! How about "Donde's Danna?" I like it.

My work stuff is really busy right now too. I have a relatively new student which can be a lot of help or a lot of extra time depending on the situation. Also, Matt's 30th Bday is coming up and I've been doing "30 Days of Birthday Surprises" for him each night. Like "30 Cupcakes," or "$30 to spend on ebay" or "Look- I organized the fridge" since the fridge being packed and messy drives him nuts. I think that may have been one of his favorites. It's been so fun to see Matt get so excited. Should I throw him a party too? A funny over-the-hill party? Or a traditional one? I'm so indecisive.

And now, running. Ah running- I need you right now! I need to run off some stress, and I need to be with Danna. You know that feeling where you're about to part with someone super close to you for a month or a summer? And it's right when you really need them and you feel all desperate and selfish ("Haiti?! What about ME?!")? And you realize your reaction to their news is not right, but you feel like your tongue has a mind of its own ("Ok, so I know you're leaving for Haiti tomorrow and it's 1 am and you are going to be camping on the ground, debriding wounds, comforting orphans, and eating 2 granola bars and an MRE as you hike 12 miles to the city each day?" **Note: these details are all true!** "Well, what are some other things that I need to put on my presidency meeting agenda? I need help, sister! I'm stressed!")? Well, I've been there this week. Missing Danna already, and now she and her 25 lb. backpack aren't even going to have to leave me afterall! I'm so sad for Haiti, cuz homegirl is a FABULOUS nurse and a dedicated hard worker like you've never seen!! And so's her mama, who almost went too!

K, don't be offended of my seemingly light treatment of the Haiti theme. I really feel so sorry about the pain and suffering going on there and would gladly give up Danna and lots of other stuff to help them out. I donated here if you wanna join me. 100% of the money goes to the people themselves for their needs and care. I just did a tiny bit of inward whining about being without her for so long in such a crazy time. Suzy's not able to run for a while either due to some health issues, so I'd be out there on the trail. Just me and the guy in the bushes (and the cops). :)

Anyway, this weekend is my trip to Iowa- it's a business trip, but I get to stay in my own hotel room for the first time in my life! I'm totally psyched, and you will most definitely be receiving a blog entry summing up the sweet experience. And get this- the concierge has located a fun river pathway I can run on! Cool, eh? My boss said he would run with me. Not sure that's gonna work. 1)I'm super slow compared to most athletic men. 2)Awkward? 3)What if I want a walk break? "Um boss? Can we walk for a minute? You can run on ahead if you don't wanna walk with me..." I dunno.

Well, blog readers. Thanks for being faithful and asking for new posts. We feel loved and needed. And remember- this is the year to run!

This weekend's training (from Galloway's "Novice" schedule):

SLC, UT 1/2 Marathoners
Saturday: 3 Miles

Ogden, UT 1/2 Marathoners
Saturday: 4 Miles

Buffy- I wanna learn the foot taping method you mentioned in your comment! I wanna buy clogs too. I think I also wanna buy one of those ties or boots that stretches your calf and plantar fascia all night.



Brenda said...


Thanks for taking the time to post amidst all this craziness!

As for the "over-the-hill" party, I vote that you should have everybody where black, as if they're in mourning; serve cupcakes with black frosting; decorate the room in black crepe paper; maybe assign someone to dress up as the grim reaper; etc.


Suzy said...

You can come walk with me at the gym anytime you want if you want to walk super slow. I'm getting slowly but surely better. It may be a while till I am able to run again though. I'll keep you posted.

Krissy said...

You are awesome and hysterical. I'm so glad you are doing the 30 days for Matt! Yay! What awesome friend gave you that idea! :P Hope it's going great! And I LOVE your donate link! I'm so glad we all donate to a place where we never have to worry if 100% of our contribution goes to those that need it. Wait - the prophet doesn't get a million dollar bonus! - Yep, and my bishop drives and old station-wagon! :0) Ha, ha!