Saturday, January 9, 2010

Training for your spring half marathons

Danna cracking up about a hilarious joke I must've told.

Kristin, relishing the joy of her new baby lap-top from Matt!

Ha ha! Yes, we like to lounge in bed all day on Saturday's. Usually in our own respective beds, but when there's serious blogging to do- we don't mind sharing the space. That's just the kind of bff's we are! :P

Hey all! It's actually Danna AND Kristin! We are sitting side-by-side with our little computers hammering out the details for all our trainees for the upcoming race season.

We are all signed up for both the SLC and the Ogden Half Marathons! This is the great news Kristin eluded to in her last post. We didn't think we could get into the Ogden, but thanks to Danna's skills of persuasion and our running blog- we're in!! If you wanna run it too, you can still sign up for the Salt Lake! We have "She Runs Like a Girl" team and we welcome anyone who wants to to join us for our Saturday runs.

Every week we will give you the week's training schedule for whichever half-marathon you are running! Both races are known to be well run and scenic. Super! We are SO excited! Our 'she runs like a girl' team rocks! Ogden Marathon has even asked our team for feedback to use for promotion for next year's race- you'll be famous!!

Here are the schedules in their entirety for convenience. Each week we will post what you should run, what you need to concentrate on, tips for that specific week, and what equipment/nutrition you need to have. You are going to be a super-star and we are going to help you! Check back often to stay up-to-date. Please feel free to ask questions or comment on how you are feeling.

Here we are with our little Saturday running group! My [Danna's] mom and my Russian sister, Ksenia. We had a great run today.

Plan on running Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays (whether you run with us or not) with a walk on Thursdays. The remaining days are rest days, which means REST.

Salt Lake Half Marathon Training Schedule:
Race Day Saturday April 17th,
Every Monday and Wednesday, Run 30 min
Every Thursday go for an easy walk.

Here are the mileages for the Saturdays:

Jan 9-Run/Walk 5 miles
Jan 16- Run/Walk 2.5 miles
Jan 23-Run/Walk 6.5 miles
Jan 30-Run/Walk 3 miles
Feb 6- Run/Walk 8 miles
Feb 13- Run/Walk 3 miles
Feb 20-Run/Walk 9.5 miles
Feb 27- Run/Walk 4 miles
Mar 6- Run/Walk 11 miles
Mar 13- Run/Walk 4 miles
Mar 20-Run/Walk 12.5 miles
Mar 27-Run/Walk 4 miles
April 3- Run/Walk 14 miles
April 10-Run/Walk 5 miles
April 17- Race Day!

Ogden Half Marathon Training Schedule:

Race Day, Sat, May 15th
Every Monday and Wednesday run 30 minutes
Every Thursday go for an easy walk.

Here are the Saturday long runs:

Jan 23-Run/Walk 3 miles
Jan 30-Run/Walk 4 miles
Feb 6-Run/Walk 5 miles
Feb 13-Run/Walk 2.5 miles
Feb 20-Run/Walk 6.5 miles
Feb 27-Run/Walk 3 miles
Mar 6- Run/Walk 8 miles
Mar 13-Run/Walk 3 miles
Mar 20-Run/Walk 9.5 miles
Mar 27-Run/Walk 4 miles
Apr 3-Run/Walk 11 miles
Apr 10-Run/Walk 4 miles
Apr 17-Run/Walk 12.5 miles
Apr 24-Run/Walk 4 miles
May 1- Run/Walk 14 miles
May 8-Run/Walk 5 miles
May 15- Race Day

Any questions??

These are Jeff Galloway's running schedules. You should check his web-site for more detailed information and running precautions. "If you are already doing more than is on this schedule, you can continue to maintain that schedule, as long as your legs are recovering quickly between runs. You may begin on the week which has a long run as long as you're currently running." You can link to his site here. We assume no responsibility for injuries acquired during training. Consult a doctor before beginning any new work-out. :)

K & D


Ksenia Andreanova said...

Thanks for posting the schedule, ladies! I'm excited to be more organized in my running. I love it! I feel like having a goal to run a half-marathon has changed everything I'm doing. I'm more careful about what I do and eat. Running has turned from a routine killing exercise into a tool that is helping me achieve my goal! Love it love it love it! Thanks for your inspiration!

Monica said...

Hey K&D: Love the organizational skills here-very motivating! This post makes me laugh because I can often be found under the covers working or after a shower following a long run(trying to warm up)! Kristen: I had TWO stress fractures in the same foot last year...SO frustrating! I am on a slow route back into training. I just signed up for the all women's MORE Half in Central Park in April so we shall see how that goes...
Keep up the good work ladies and happy running!

Brandi said...

I came across your blog, and I am looking for inspiration to run again. I moved and lost my running partners in the fall, I just lost a baby and need to get out of my rut. SO I am asking for help, inspire me to run and be my virtual running partner!