Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Running Resolutions

It is I. Kristin. (I originally put "it's me," but with a writer/grammarian for a spouse, that incorrect grammar's not going to fly.)

It's the beginning of a new year and I feel excited! What could this year hold for me? Last year I ran my first marathon- something I never thought I could do. Something I never wanted to do actually. I'm still so proud of myself when I think about it. I met Suzy last year too. And Danna, Suzy and I bonded in a way only girls who train for a marathon together can. What a fun year as far as running goes. I also learned last year that I actually enjoy running.

It just takes about 3 miles for me to start feeling that runner's high, and since I had never gotten that far, running was just a drag for me. I know that is not encouraging for non-runners. "Oh great. I won't feel good until I've run for a half an hour? I'll stick with the stationary bike." But it's so worth it when you get there! You feel that enjoyment and freshness runners are always talking about. You start to relish the feeling and the scenery. Your mind even opens up and you start getting ideas. Then you want to run more and more and it's not a fight with yourself anymore. Welllll, I think if we didn't have running partners waiting for us, we might struggle a bit more. It's just hard to slack when you know the others are totally there, ready to go, and ready to call you a wimp!

My New Year's Resolutions are:
Live the 2 day rule. (See D's last post)
Blog 2X a week +
Be diligent with my IT band stretches and VOM exercises daily
Run faster! Speech training.
Strength train 1X/week- a must for distance runners!
Love the runs! Run with fun fabulous people, enjoy every season and trail, relish that time.
Do a half marathon with Matt.

Getting ready for Saturday's run!

Here we come!


Don't worry-I'm just stretching my achilles. :)

Anyone have tips for rotating pictures?

Me, freezing my ears off right before Danna's family drove my hat to me!

Half marathoners! Are you ready for your weekend long run? Call if you want to run with us (7 or 8 am?) and don't forget a headband for your ears! I also recommend heating your water up just a bit. Enjoy the run! 2010 is the year for me to love running more than ever.



Brenda said...


I love checking your blog everyday for your (and Danna's) newest posts! You guys are awesome and inspirational!!

As for pictures, you should try saving them to your computer, rotating the pictures there, and then uploading them to the blog.

Love and miss you guys!!

Danna said...

K- Love your resolutions. You are amazing.

Ksenia Andreanova said...

Great resolutions! Sorry I couldn't make it for the run with you guys this week. I did about 6 miles today! I feel great. There is nothing better than that feeling of achievement when I finish my run. I agree with you that I really start enjoying it fully only after mile 3!

If I run in the morning, at around 8-9, do I need to eat breakfast? My stomach seems to deal with the run better if I don't. What is the official runner's doctrine on that?

Thanks! You guys are my inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the blog!!! Keep it coming!
Are you running in this bad smog?
I thought that you would be running another marathon! It's in your blood! Are those "stripes" doing ok?
Glad that you had a nice Christmas. I was soooo glad to have some time off. And it snowed off and on and froze, so it was a good excuse to stay home most of the time.
Stay warm!