Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Running rules (there's a double meaning here)!

It's Kristin here.

So, I have a question for you runners.  How many times do you wear your running clothes between washes?  And if you do more than one wearing, where do you put them in-between runs?  Just curious.  I wear some things 2-3 times, and I hang them all over the banister while they "dry out."  Ew, gross- sorry!  But, it looks so sloppy and I want to know a better system.  And I want to know just how dirty my fellow runners are.  It will make me feel more normal.  :)
Well, I thought it would be fun to name some of the rules we run by.  Over the course of running with Danna and Suzy so regularly, we have realized some unspoken rules (and some spoken ones too) that we follow.  Here they are.  And I want to know your running rules too!

  1. No apologizing.  (This applies to anything, but mostly saying sorry for a story you overshared, or for needing to slow down or walk.)  We say, when you need to walk, you walk!  We all have our rough runs.
  2. No missing runs.  We have never talked about this, but the thing is- none of us ever bail unless we have a DANG good reason (like being truly sick).
  3. Move to the right for bikers, pass other runners on the left.
  4. Plan the run for as late as possible.  Although, it still tends to be waaaay to early in the morning for comfort.  We are so not morning people!
  5. Don't be offended about correction.  We feel free to tell eachother stuff like, "Hey, you are swinging your arms in front of your body a lot today," or, "Stand up straigher."  We like it!
  6. Whoever asks for the walk break, ends it.  If you want to walk for a sec, no one will ask to run again- they're waiting for you to feel ready!  (But anyone can say, "Actually, give me 10 more seconds...")
  7. Someone bring a cell phone.  Danna usually fills this role- sorry girl!  We lazy!
  8. If we spot a cool wild animal- we stop and check it out until it disappears.  The exception on this are the pelicans.  We see them a ton in the spring.
  9. Cheerfully greet every other runner/biker.  It's usually, "Good morning!" but sometimes we get crazy and throw out a, "You go girl!" or a "Good job guys."  We like to make extra comments to the regulars.  Usually the cute old men.  "Haven't seen you for a while!  Nice hat!"
  10. If Larry, Stan, Jeff, or Rod approaches, no walking!  Look alive ladies!  We can have the super runners catch us taking it easy.  In fact, run extra fast and don't reveal any gasping.
  11. Whining is permitted, and sometimes encouraged.
  12. If you see a dog owner with is dog off-leash, or with poop being abandoned, and you have the guts- say something.  (E.g., "Hey sorry to be annoying, but we really appreciate it when people follow the leash law on the trail.  Thanks!")  We gained this "rule" when Danna got attacked by a scary boxer once.  Well, growled and lunged at but never bitten.  Suzy, we're still waiting for your initiation on this one.  Hee hee!  Just kidding Suz.
So, those are a few of our rules.  What about yours?  PS:  I am loving everyone's comments and input on our posts- keep it coming!



Karin said...

Loved "Cheerfully greet every other runner" and "larry, stan, jeff, and Rod" rules. Ha ha!

Jeannette said...

Love the rules. Posted them on my fb, check it out. Love, Jeannette

Rach said...

I wear them 2 times and the location of them between runs has always been a challenge. I now Have a special hook for them Inside of one of my closets. I have in the past put them on a chair and on the floor of my closet...both seemed gross but I couldn't figure out where else!

Lindsey said...

Hey Kristen.. and Rachel too~ I also wear mine 2 ish times... I hand mine on the hook on the back of the bathroom door cuz then they're out of sight. I also would like to recommend REI's running socks with Thorlo Pads. They are absolutely the best socks EVER!!! Happy running!!!

Mindy said...

I wash after everyone. I dry them in the dryer. And fold them. And put them away in a drawer. :)

Uhm, my friends and I play a game when we greet people. We rate how friendly they are one a scale of one to 10. 10s are those people who are smiling, say hi to you before you even get a chance to say hi to them. Ones are the people you say hi to and make eye contact at you and look away. We've gotten to the point where we just say, "Eight" or whatever their ranking was after we pass. I like this game. Mucho. The end. :)

Davis Family said...

Mindy, you disgust me. Thanks for rubbing my laziness in my face. If something makes it in the laundry I usually fish for it later and say, "this isn't dirty. What's this doing in the laundry?"
Love the rules. You really pay attention, you can't be that much of an non-morning person if you're that perceptive. My rule is start out slowly. And only go faster when you're good 'n' ready, if that ever happens.
Kristin, are you running the SLC one in July?

misszippy said...

Good rule on the cell phone...I think my friends and I are negligent here. At least, if anyone is carrying a phone, I don't know it. As to number 9--I agree. And one of my pet peeves are those runners who completely ignore you when you greet them. What's up with that?

Pam said...

Love the rules!
The dog one--I agree--good to take the dog out for walks, but not to be off leash and not to just poop anyplace. Some just take them out so that they don't poop in their own backyards---Wrong!
The Spanish version--absolutely beautiful--but couldn't understand--but it really looked good and was interesting to see! Where did you learn the Spanish?
I never dreamed that there was so many things out there for running. And the wool---not scratchy? That's certainly an improvement!
Keep writing--I'm enjoying everything!!!!! Oops--I guess the term is blogging!!!

Irene said...

Where I run I get so dusty and gritty that I can't re-wear anything. I can also get pretty smelly, and I can't even stand to smell me after I've put in a good long run outside. :)

I can add to the rules. Bring a cell phone for emergencies, but save your non-emergency calls for later. My husband is a huge offender of this rule, so he no longer bring a cell phone. He figures he has the time so he can (sort of) run and make business calls at the same time. *grrrrrr*

Love the rules!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Love the rules! I run alone, so I don't have a lot of rules.

I wear my clothes twice unless they are literally dripping with sweat. I only have three sports bras though, so that is a factor in whether I rewear things. I don't have anywhere special I put them. I sometimes hang them on a doorknob or drape them along the side of the bathtub if they really need to dry out.

Mikelle said...

Ha ha love the rules kristin! Reminds me of a few fond memories I have of running with you guys!