Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't worry - I still speak English

It's Kristin.

Guess who I went running with today... Suzy! Yes, and who had to slow down for whom? Suzy had to slow way down for me, bless her heart. I had had a BIG lunch and had major side aches. Luckily, side aches are rarely an issue now (in jr, high and high school though, I got them ALL the time while running). It was so nice to run with Suzy again! She kept commenting on how refreshing it was to be out there. The weather was cloudy and rainy, and it felt good! I got to wear my new undershirt (thank you Delta Airlines for losing my luggage for a day so I could shop at Target for some new running clothes- check out their super cheap stuff if you need a winter undershirt!).

Ok, I tried to take a picture, and accidentally took a video. And then the camera went dead. Haha!

And now a few notes to some of our blog readers:
Shane from the plane ride to Iowa- I lost that paper where I wrote the website you use for a running log! Can you comment and give it to me again??
Heather from Stabilicers- sorry for almost mistaking you for the Newton's guy!! I'm so glad you like you Dansko's. I can't figure out how to directly email you, but I'm a size 9. Can I try the Stabilicers? You're the best! Click on my profile under "about us" to email me. You're nice!
Dad- We get a kick out of your comments on our blog. I also want to share with everyone the hillarious story you sent in an email to Danny today (Danny's my brother, for those who don't know. He's in El Salvador.). Here it is:

Madre y yo just got back from Crossroads Fitness for our workout this morning. I must tell you how mean your mother can be. As I was standing on the scale and adjusting the weight, she snuck up behind me and put her foot on the scale, thus producing a false and alarming weight result. She later asked me what my weight was and then finally confessed her completely inappropriate and hurtful action. I freely forgave her and then asked, "what would be your reaction had I done that to you?" Without hesitation she said, "I would be really ticked off at you." Can you say "double standard"?

Ha ha!

I also went on a walk today with the hubs. At one point on our walk he gave me a loving swat on the bum. I jokingly said, "Who is the fairest woman in this land?" and he replied, "That which I have spanked." I laughed about it for hours.
Well, happy running everyone!



Sunny said...

That started my day off with a smile. :) Thanks!

Liz said...

Hey, I've been reading your blog every time you send me an email, and this is my first comment! This is so exciting. Anyway, I just want to say that I love to hear your voice in my head when I read what you write, it sounds just like you (good thing, it's your voice, right?). And that story from your dad, I could even hear him reading it. That reminds me of the deep thought, Whenever you read a good book it's like the author is standing right there reading it to you, which is why I don't like to read good books. Anyway. Also, I think it's awesome that you wrote in Spanish! I realized that if I wasn't married to Alvaro and speak Spanish all day, I probably wouldn't be very good, but your Spanish is still awesome! Do you and Matt speak sometimes? You still need to come over, I still need to pick a time and invite you. This Sunday is busy, unless you want to come to my in-laws for my birthday party (frijoles, platanos, yuca frita and tamales de elote). You're totally invited, or else any Sunday after that, we're much more free now. Ok, I'm done, I think this was more than a comment, just like my "text" was way too long to be a text. But it was my first one and I was trying to fit a lot of stuff in. By the way, did I ever thank you for dedicating a mile of your marathon to me? I think I did, but if not, thanks! Ok, bye! LYLAS!!!!!

Heather said...

Hey Kristin,
Would love to send you a pair of our sports for you to try. I have your shoe size - where would you like them sent? Let me know and I could probably get them out in today's mail.

Here is our info page on our website about the Sports style:;


Sarah said...

I enjoyed looking at your blog. You're so lucky to have friends to run with and it's great you're actually sticking with it (I'm assuming I haven't check out the blog for awhile) . Plus you're a good writer. Which probably means you read a lot. I love to read, but get sucked in quickly and then my house gets ignored as well as my children, so I have to do it in spurts.

I just sent you an invite to my blog since I don't have it open.

Tell Matt hi and hope to be able to keep in touch a little better...

Annie said...

I totally stay in touch with people through blogs! That's why I was so glad that you guys didn't stop writing on your blog. It's so fun to see what everyone is up to. I always think it's cool because if I ran into someone who's blog I read, I'd be all caught up with their life and we'd just be able to start our conversation like we hung out every day. Blogs rock - except for that weird guy who's following my blog. Seriously, what the heck?

Karin said...

Ha ha! Matt and Dad are hilarious.

' said...

Hi Kristin,

Thanks for stopping by. I wish I had copies for everyone because it's such an amazing book! Good luck, I hope you win :)

The Newton's are muy $$$$$ but my Saucony's have been nice to me so I'm not tempted to cheat on them...yet! I have my eyes on a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. wooooooooooooo!

Take care and great blog. I'll be reading for sure.