Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm nervous

Kristin here.

So, the Bachelor finale is tonight.  I'm super nervous that Jake will prove himself a fool and choose Vienna.  We're going to have a Bachelor party tonight, Danna and I- complete with Bachelorish treats and all.  If you are reading this- consider yourself whole-heartedly invited!  You know you watch it- you closet Bachelor fans.  I was at a church activity the other night sitting next to a cute little old lady who was asking me about myself.  I asked her if she watches The Bachelor, thinking she would be embarrassed and say, "Oh no dear.  I'm more of a Lawrence Welk-type myself."  Well, whaddya know, she said, "Yes!  Can you believe..."  Ha ha ha!  I loved it.  I have a million things to say about TB, but I'll spare most of you the pain.  I even re-watch some of the episodes on and read the forums.  Hee hee!  I'm a nerd.  Anyway, bottom line?  Vienna is scary.  Other bottom line?  Our party will rock!  Matt and Adam may even join us. :)
Do you recognize this face?
Ok, I guess I better say something about running since this is a running blog.  Well, I am going to try 2 new things.  1. Chocolate milk after a long run (since all of you running bloggers have been talking about it and I read it in Runner's World)  and 2. A Strassburg Sock for plantar fasciitis.  You sleep with it on and it lets your PF heal in a longer position since we usually sleep with our toes pointed.  Hope it helps.

Clog update:  YES, I really have become a fan and a believer in the Dansko Clogs for PF!  It's going really well.  Still healing, but definitely improved.  I also stole my brother's "slant board" which stretches your calf.  Love it!  But it's rough.  I stand on is for 15 minutes every morning.  More info on my final assessment later. 



Davis Family said...

No, I don't recognize the face. Should I?
So funny that you're nervous for the final episode. Is she your proxy? I only saw part of one episode so I'm not into it, sorry. But I'd love to read about your reaction later tonight or tomorrow.
Hope your part rocks!

Katrina and David said...

I can't wait to watch TB tonight!!! If I didn't live in TX, I'd be on my way to your party right now. I'll be there in spirit! If he picks Vienna he's an idiot & then they deserve each other.:)

Jeannette said...

So the show is over now. DIdn't see it, but want to know who Jake picked? Also, don't recognize the woman in the pic. Who is she? I'm going to guess she's the bachelorette (not Vienna), but don't know.

Heather said...

Make sure if you stand on that board that you've warmed up first. Muscles are cold in the morning!

Karin said...

Who did he choose???

What does choc milk do???

Natalie said...

OH TB!!!! Can you believe it??? My love for Jakey plummeted. I told Topher their is an extreme here. He can go one way and I will think him CLASSY and WONDERFUL, and the other way....can I just say WHITE TRASH. Although I do have to say I feel bad for Vienna, she got slammed by every other person in the universe, why do I have to add to it? But don't you just love Tenley???
I wish I could have made your party, it would have been fun to yell at the TV with other people, my husband was just looking at me like I was crazy.
I love when you add to your blog, it is so fantastic!

Natalie said...

ps, I don't like to watch TB when my kids are awake, so I also watch it online, may I suggest watching it on so much better than

misszippy said...

I've had my dealings with the evil PF and I agree, Danskos are the best! They even make sandals which are worth checking into for summer, b/c flip-flops don't cut it for PF. Good luck

lisapow said...

I am going to have to try that chocolate milk after a run!