Sunday, February 7, 2010

One glorious run

A random pic from chillin' at Suzy's a couple weeks ago.

It's Kristin. I had one of those runs yesterday where you remember why you love doing this. It was one of those runs where you feel all infused with bliss and gratitude! I did 8 miles and didn't really feel the need to walk, didn't need GUs or Gatorade (though I did take a GU near the end to avoid issues). I slept in and had a sunny run. I got sunburned even though I wore sunscreen! Spring was in the air. The cool breeze was refreshing once I warmed up and I left my gloves, jacket, underarmour shirt, long-sleeved tee, extra pants, scarf and hat ALL in the car! And I added sunglasses. I loved it! It felt so good to get some sun; I could practically feel the Vitamin D getting absorbed. All the other runners looked psyched too. It was good to get that much mileage in. OH! (Danna I know you hate to miss this.) I also saw a fox across the river! He was in full view and gorgeous, and kept lunging into the water. Fishing? So so cool. The sound of the birds and the river are still fresh in my mind.

Running alone can be so nice sometimes just to clear your head. I run off negativity and stress, and I get so many ideas. My ideas mostly involve blogging ideas, relationship ideas, or spiritual insights. Jeff Galloway says your mind is at peak creativity and insightful-ness during a run, and that many studies have shown that runners have more positive attitude traits than non-runners.

Well, not all runs are easy or glorious, that's for sure. When things aren't going well, my advice is to try some of the following ideas:
  • ipods! I like my aerobics mixes
  • partners (come join us for example!). Nothing gets you on the trail at 5 like knowing someone is waiting for you.
  • mantras. Try finding your own positive mantra for those really tough runs. My sister Mikelle does this a lot and has had great success.
  • walk break! :)
  • buy a new running item. It makes getting out on the trail fun.
  • distractions! Like a piece of candy, a gummy bear, gum, a mint, a pretzel; or thinking about your environment, your life, what running is doing for your body, what road markers you've passed and which are coming up, etc.
What else works for you guys?

PS: Look at the cool GUs Danna got me for Christmas! I don't know if you can see them, but they say "Keep Going 2010" and they are vanilla gingerbread-flavored.
They're really good- I love em! Thanks D.



Jeannette Memmott said...

Sounds wonderful. Wish I could do it. Damn the knees!

Mom said...

Good entry. Forwarding it to G'ma Seager. She likes to read your blog so be sure to add her to your address list.


Tanya said...

I miss those kinds of runs! I thought about doing the same thing on Saturday, but the kid's mess up my schedule with 3 basketball games and pictures, one scout activity, needing to D.I. shop for Damon and Bailey who grew out of their new jeans I got them at Christmas, running Bailey to baby sit somewhere and going to a hair appointment for a trim and having my hair massecred! (Despite the needy husband who wants me to be with him doing fun things when he's we played games that afternoon, but I kept thinking how good it would feel to take a run all day)!
I just have to keep to my early morning elyptical and toning work out while everyone else sleeps in so I can have me out of the way and work on everyone els's junk. Even though it's really hard sometimes, I think I'm addicted-in a way. I think I need the adrenalin boost and it makes me feel really good about myself and the world. (Especially after I crammed down brownies, cookies,and chocolate pie yesterday!!!!!...Oooohhhh, why am I so weak when it comes to sugar)!!!

Mikelle said...

Mom swore again. She knows I don't like that.

Karin said...

Damn my knees, too. I really wanna do it, though...