Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Dog Owners:

(by Kristin)
Some of you are great. Some of you, I am mad at and you are seriously buggin'. To mend our relationship, I have found the perfect product for you:

Yes!  A leash.  Not only a retractable leash, but one with a bag dispenser.  Now, I haven't had to look hard to notice that many of you have neither.  Yes, on my last run, 3 dogs ran right up to me.  (I can see that the owners are thinking, "Who doesn't love having a cute sweet dog like mine run up and sniff them??"  The answer is: many people.  I suggest waiting for the other person to invite the leashed dog over if they really want to pet them or to be sniffed.)  On my run with Suzy a vicious mutt came running and snarling at us from a neighboring home.  Yikes!  I had to pull out my old missionary trick and bend down like I was grabbing a rock.  Works like a charm most of the time. 

Don't get me wrong, people- I am a true dog lover too!  Just ask me about Missy, Cookie, Daisy and Sasha.  I love to pet and play with dogs just like you do, but I'll be darned if I want them tripping me while I'm running, barreling toward me for sniffing/jumping/growling purposes, or pooping in my path.  People!  Pick up the poop!  This means you will have to bring bags.  Yes, it's a little gross to pick up your dogs warm poo, but it's the law, and it's making the trails disgusting.

Well, I think I've made my point.  (In case you missed it- leashes and poop bags.)

Moving on, aren't the new Blogger editing changes nice, my fellow bloggers?  (If you don't have them yet, you have to change yours under Settings.)  Although I can't figure out how to use spell check or upload a video without going back to the old ways.  I've also added some random new widgets to the blog, but it's a work in progress, so bear with me.  
Yes, I had to confess to Matt this morning that I dreamed I was one of the contestants on the Bachelor.  But!  The guy's name was Matt.  It was me vs. Vienna and Ali, and I was way behind.  I had just joined the show and was plotting my plan, and texting "Matt" flirty things.  What a nerd!  I am so into the show though!  I am rooting for anyone but Vienna- she has a bad vibe, man.  And Jake's blinded by his sexual attraction to her, no mas.  See Erica's post on her HERE.  (My sister's friend.)

Lastly, I want some advice- what is up with my chronically tight calves?  Advice??



Brenda said...

Love the training widget! That's really cool.

I've been meaning to ask Danna ... where did she get her GPS thing to track her miles? And how much does it cost?

Lastly, gross. I hate dog poop. The other night Danny and I went running and the path was kind of dark and I think I narrowly missed stepping in a pile of you-know-what. Yuck!


Natalie said...

Hahaha that is great, and I am a dog owner.

Teamarcia said...

That product is freaking genius! Why didn't I come up with it??

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Brandi said...

Your calves are tight from tensing up as the dogs approach you :) I once got nipped on the calf by a small yappy mad me so mad!! I second your suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I love it when you are funny, and I also love it when you are mad-on-a-soap-box. So when you are both, . . . FANTASTIC. I miss you! Heather T.

misszippy said...

I'm a dog owner, and I totally get where you are coming from! I wish you a week full of dogless/pooless runs!

Karin said...

Yes, I hate when people think you enjoy their smelly dogs jumping all over you. Bleh.

And what are these blogger changes you speak of??? I don't see them???

Glad you liked Erica's post.

MHM said...

When I was selling for APX in Virginia, there was one home where the owners had left their front door open and as I approached, The Beast came rushing out at me. Luckily, I remembered my Parley P. Pratt lore and stood up tall, saying in my deepest voice while pointing at the front door, "GO BACK INSIDE!!" The dog stopped, turned, and quietly re-entered the house. After that, it was easy to convince the owners that their "guard" dog, while intimidating, was not as effective as our security systems. LOL! Easy sale.