Tuesday, February 23, 2010

While we're on the subject- advice and gear.

Hey! It's Danna. Race season is fast approaching. We have run through this snowy winter and while we still have a lot of training to do, I feel glad for the early morning, snowy, cold runs logged. I at least have a good base to build on. Our little 'she runs like a girl' training team is well on their way to fame and stardom! (ok- at least a promising future of finishing our planned races!)

While we are on the subject of gear and advice, I wanted to mention a couple of things....

There is something I hear from EVERY new runner. "I don't drink during runs." When I was training for my first marathon, I told this to my trainer. I got side-aches when I would drink. She made me practice. I realized that I have a measurable energy boost when I am well hydrated through out the run- even 3 miles or so. I do not run without water. My body learned how to handle the water as I ran, and really it only took about a week of consistent effort. You will have better endurance and speed if you train yourself to drink. K taught me the best little drinking secret too- sounds simple- works like a charm... Tuck your chin to your chest when you swallow. No choke or gag. Great to have a speech therapist for a partner right!

When I am not training for a specific race, when I need to train with the energy drink they provide, I use G2. It has less calories, and less sugar. Then I feel like I don't waste the calories burned on the actual run, getting through the run.

Newbies- be careful to not increase your mileage by more than 10% per week. Otherwise you risk injury.

Remember- walk breaks for one to two minutes (time yourself so as not to go over) every mile at least. In our last marathon, we walked one minute every 1/2 mile the first 20 miles. We finished strong.

I have had quite a few questions about my GPS "watch." It is a Garmin Forerunner 305. I LOVE IT! It tells me my running time, my pace, my distance, my heart rate, calories burned, elevation, sunrise, sunset time, lap times, oh yeah- and the time of day. It is AWESOME! I have also worn it skiing and biking. It has settings for multiple sports. There is a newer model out- the 405. I bought the 305 because it has better reviews from actual runners. My mom runs with this same model. She thinks it's fun too. My sister runs with the 405 and loves it. I sync it with my computer a few times a month and it has maps of every run, monitors my improvement (or lack thereof) and keeps all the data stored. It looks big- and it is. But it is ergonomically designed, so it never bugs me. Sometimes on a Saturday I end up wearing it all day. Never know it's there. It was accurate to the minute on my last marathon. I love not having to try to figure out distances. It does all the work for me. I also have really enjoyed the pace feature that shows I have shaved MINUTES off of my mile time in the last year. It's an electronic cheerleader!

So- my next fave item I can't run without is my smart wool tank. It adds just enough core warmth on cold days- with NO bulk. It is the perfect breathable tank for warm days. And the super bonus feature- it's merino wool, so I can literally wear it for multiple runs in a row and it NEVER smells. Weird, but true. The same is true for my smart wool socks. The tank is tissue thin and is NOT itchy at all. They are pricey at around $50, but it's one of only a few items I can use year 'round. It long ago paid for itself.
Here is a link if it sounds interesting to you.

Next- My multi-tasking gloves! A Christmas gift from the hub.

A nice warm, lightweight mitten to start the run.

A flashing LED light to make you more visible, plus the reflective stripe

When you warm up, the mitten part flips back to make gloves, and a flip back finger too, so you can tie your shoes, or mess with your watch etc. Love them! They are Saucony, and currently on sale too- http://www.saucony.com/store/SiteController/saucony/productdetails?stockNumber=90202-BK&showDefaultOption=true&skuId=***4*******90202-BK00**M&productId=4-100810&catId=cat620160

Another every day item is my Pearl Izumi convertible jacket. I want the most for my hard- earned running dollar. I love this jacket because I wear the vest on days above about 22 degrees. An then zip the sleeves on for colder days. It's lightweight and breathable.

There is a Pearl Izumi outlet in Utah- in Park City. I have found crazy deals there. I bought this on-line though. http://www.pearlizumi.com/product.php?mode=view&product_id=1448991

Of course my favorite running gear- are the girls! NOTHING is more motivating than running with other women. They keep me going. Every run with them is AWESOME!
Keep up the hard work. It pays off, I promise. And come and run with us sometime!


Brenda said...


You make all this gear sound SO amazing! I want to buy EVERYTHING you talked about ... and I don't even run!!


Steel Springs said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

These are great reviews. Thanks for the info. I'm always on the lookout for versatile gear. If it's on sale, even better.

EricaH said...

great reviews, I must admit i have a little garmin envy I have been wanting one forever maybe this year will be the year. :) Thanks for stopping by.

Clair said...

Thanks for visiting to me at ownyourbackbone. I like your stuff!! The gloves look awesome. I want to be in your running group. I runlikeagirl too! Have fun training. Look forward to updates. Love my Garmin 205 - couldn't afford the 305 but I love it nonetheless.

Monica said...

Dana! I am experiencing some serious gear-envy! Love the gloves, the Pearl Izumi jacket/vest (I really like that brand and wish there was an outlet near me), and that Garmin- very cool, but must say...good long distance friends (LDF's)...priceless:)
Keep up the good work-Monica

Tara said...

Hi Danna! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I look forward to following you!

Kristin said...

So, I was a totally sucker and bought the Saucony gloves. We can be so matchy-matchy as usual.

Sarah said...

That gps watch looks so fun and your jacket is very cute too.