Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's time to get serious, baby!

It's Kristin.

Well, now that the mileage is getting a bit higher for the spring training schedules, I have a few suggestions.  this is mostly for my beginner friends who are just getting into running.  Yes, I've only run one marathon, but you learn a lot of do's and don'ts in that process, ya know?

1.  Gatorade.  

It's time to buy some Gatorade.  If you can find out the specific drink they'll be handing out in your race, use that drink.  In the Us, it's usually Gatorade or Powerade.  Using an energy drink is important for a couple of reasons.  Practicing.  You need to be taking in electrolytes of some form, and you need to PRACTICE.  PS:  Some people prefer electrolyte tablets.  Also, it may be hard on your stomach and may take some getting used to.  If you need to water it down, that can really help, but then you'll need to practice that so you can water it down during the race too.  I never liked Gatorade till I started running.  Now I love it.  D and I call it "popsicle."

2.  Bodyglide

There are various things you can use for chafing prevention, such as vasoline, but Bodyglide is a specific brand and is prefered by most runners.  It's sold and running and sports stores (I found it cheapest at Sports Authority).  I like to use it on runs over 8 miles.  I like to out it between my toes, under the elastic parts and seams of my pants and sports bras, under my underarms, and on really long runs....well, call me and we'll talk about where else!  Let's just say, you don't share Bodyglide among friends.  Guys really need to put this on their nipples too!  Just stand at the finish line of a Marathon, and you can easily identify the guys who skipped the Glide.  And just ask Danna about the story of her meeting Sybille in her first marathon!  At mile 9, this girl was chafed red and raw already, and never finished the race.  

3.  The Belt

You may wanna consider a belt, although the problem is-they are pricey!  For me, it was totally worth it, and I'm pretty frugal!  I love love love my belt, and so does Danna.  I have the Amphipod RunLite Hydration Belt.  It was about $40.  I also recommend a bottle cleaning brush.  What would I change about my belt?  Maybe a bigger pouch so I could pack my camera.  Why do you need a belt?  So that you don't have to run where there are drinking fountains, or loops, or you don't have to drop off your fluids before hand and let them sit in the cold or heat.  Plus I can bring my gels, my pepper spray, my chapstick, keys, my phone if I want (we always like to make sure we run with a phone for many reasons), tissues, other treats for super long runs, lists or get the idea.

4.  Decent shoes

Yes, they are painfully expensive if you get the good ones.  But you must!!  Get to the running store and have them evaluate your gait!  Or ask you Sports Medicine doc.  For example, Danna is a supinator and wearing pronator shoes gave her major shin problems.  I'm a pronator, but wearing pronator shoes + overly exaggerated anti-pronation inserts was too much and gave me tendonitis!  Suck it up and get some sweet kicks.

5.  Running socks
Okay, now I'm getting fancy.  But I'm on a roll here!  Running socks will change your life. No more blisters, no more annoying crinkle feeling under the ball of your foot, no more wet socks after a run, no more rubbing your Achilles on the back of your show- they have padding there!  Danna loves Smartwool.  I wanna try them, bit I love my Ascics.  And I also wanna try the ones with separated toes.  And the very drying ones.  Wrightsock? 

6.  Gel

It's time to start popping a gel, or power bar mid-run so you don't end completely gorked.  I have no preference except for taste.  D really likes GU brand.  They make me gag less than some.  I've never felt any difference between gels with caffeine or without, but some people really do.  All I can say is that theyr eally make a difference!  Don't wait until you think you need one- take them about 45 minutes into the run at least!  Or 15 minutes before the run if you want a boost. 

Ok, so what am I missing, fellow runners?  Any other essential accessories or gear?  
Happy running this week! 



Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! Pretty sure this post was written for me!!! What with my crazy post run voice mail to kristin and prolly a cause of my nuts face text to dana!! Sorry to worry you guys. But thanks dana for calling me and talking to me about all the craziness that ensued because of my over zealous long run. Kristin...oh how i love thee!!! Loved your amazing voice message!!! I love your guts. :) Thanks for all the advice and for the special post on my behaf (is that how you spell it? seems wrong...if so sorry) I guess my body is different now that im sooo much older :) ha ha jokes. Or maybe im just listening to it better now since i used to run before my mish. It seems i didnt have so many problems before or maybe i did i just didnt realize it. And im running differently than before too. Like i ran two miles for a long time before i ever ran 3, 4, 6, 10 miles. Im glad im getting to know how my body handles things. Thanks for your unfailing support and love and, super important to me, encouragement!!! I'll letcha know when im feeling up to running with you guys. :) love ya tons and tons
Amber (am...bleh) :) that was for you rast. ;)

Mindy said...

Hmm ... I would suggest Gu for long runs too ... After 13+ miles. It gives you the biggest engery kick (well, most people get it). And, I would carry some Advil (it's fast releasing and can help with minor aches and pains). You can put it in a little baggy and put it in a pocket (I wear spandex, so I can just use the entire short as a pocket!). :) Funny thing is, I ran for USU and got up to 75 miles per week ... And I never used any of this stuff. However, if training for a marathon or while running one I'd do Gatorade and Gu. My socks have never given me problems. And the only time my skin has chaffed is when I run in a cotton sports bra opposed to a lycra or spandex one. :)

Karin said...

WHOA!!! Overwhelming, all the things I need... I'm afraid!!!

Brandi said...

I run on a empty stomach and never drink unless it is over 13 miles....Maybe I should try this for shorter distances. My advice to add would be always know where a bathroom is, and have some sort of a pickup plan or meeting place for the end of the race. I always have ID and a little money in a pocket. Also my husband bought me the best adidas sports bra -- and I have had it for 3 years now and never, ever had chaffing. And this was back in the day when I ran far and hard. My arms never ever chaffed with it, so invest in good clothing too. I love the ideas..I will try some of them and report back to you!

misszippy said...

So true on the socks--I'll never forget the huge blood blister I got at my first marathon b/c my socks were too thick! I think you have it pretty well covered...maybe also just think about what you want to wear on race day and try it out in advance.

MHM said...

Bleckkchhh! Gatorade is to flavored beverages what powdered milk is to dairy! Powerade FTW!!

P.S. Love you, babe!