Thursday, February 4, 2010

I broke down and did it, darn it.

Kristin's entry:

Alright I finally bought 'em. Dansko clogs. Everyone at work wears them and loves them. Danna swears by them for plantar fasciitis. I am so sick of these little fasciitis flair-ups, I spent the ridiculous $120.00 and now I own the black clogs pictured below. The fit is really weird and kindof loose feeling. I actually wonder if I got them too big. But I think that's how they are made. They mold to your foot over time. The first day I wore them it was not comfy at all- in fact I had pain on top of my foot/ankle for 2 days! I got them for the trip to Iowa and wore them the whole time. Now they have become one with my foot, and I have to admit- I'm liking them! My PF hasn't acted up since, and they are comfy and supportive. Sweet! The thought that my PF issues may be solved is FABULOUS!

Do you like 'em? They're not exactly Jimmy Choos, but they're not super ugly, right? Maybe Dansko should pay me for this blog entry. I swear- between Dansko and Yaktrax, we are doing some good word-of-mouth! As a side note, a company called Stabilicers commented on a blog entry where I mentioned considering buying Yaktrax. They gave a spiel about how their product is better, and I said if they gave me a pair I'd blog about it. They asked for all these statistics on the blog, such as how many hits a day, and how many comments. When I looked up the data they were unimpressed. So dear readers, help us out and peek at the blog frequently. And comment. Ha ha! (Now that I think about it I think that story was actually what happened with Newtons shoes, not Stabilicers. But anyway...) So I won't endorse them. HA!

PS: Ogden half trainees- run 5 miles Sat. SLC trainees- run 8 Happy running! Call if you need some partners. We're fun and slow- the perfect combo!

Love, K


Sunny said...

I am not a runner to date. I have done one 5k and am only just thinking about another. But I have a lot of problems with my feet, and have had some issues with plantar faciitis, so this is definately intriguing. You will have to blog again about them after you have worn them a month or so and let us know if they are still great. That is a lot of money to lay out, but if they work, it is worth it. :)

Katrina and David said...

Glad to hear the feet are happy. It's important for a runner such as yourself! I'm going to buy some too. I don't know what my feet issues are, but it can't hurt! xoxo

Suzy said...

Glad they work Kristin. How do you think Rick would look in a pair of clogs? :)

Heather said...

Yes, that must have been me who commented about Stabilicers vs Yaktrax. I am relieved that you noted it was not me that wanted to know all those stats! EEK! We do offer to send bloggers product samples to test (and keep) & review but I would never insist on getting blog data to determine if one was "sample worthy"!
On another note - your post about the Clogs was great. I resisted for a LONG time, too b/c I just thought they looked ugly (I'm a sport-style- mary jane kinda girl). This fall at a rummage sale I found a BRAND NEW sage green pair of Dansco clogs for .50 in my size - I could not pass them up. They are so comfy and give me some much needed extra height. I had no idea of their actual cost (pricey) but now that I have tried them I might actually pay for the quality, comfort...and added height, of course.
Lastly - if you have any interest in trying the Stabilicers Sports (designed for running) let me know. I would be happy to send you a free pair to try. You can direct e-mail me your shoe size and where you would like them sent.

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