Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Winter Running Blahs

By: Kristin

It's snowing like mad outside and I am not happy about it. Part of that is due to the fact that my Snow Shoveler has a sore post-dislocation shoulder. I'm also not looking forward to running in it tomorrow.

I know Danna and Suzy have braved much worse, but I am a wimp. I find it so so hard to motivate my lazy bum out of bed at Vicky:thirty in the cold. Even more-so in the snow. I long for lovely summer morning runs where I don't even need a jacket.

I just got peppy text messages from both Danna and Suzy stating that we'll run at 6. I replied, "see u then" and they replied "OK!" Really? The exclamation point?

So how do I get out of bed?
1. Sheer peer pressure. (Say that little tongue twister10x fast!)
2. Fear of weight gain/desire for weight loss. Yes, even greater desire for weight loss/non-gain than for comfort, warmth, and sleep.
3. Fabulous conversation with ma girls.
4. Addiction to the "runner's high."
5. Seriously, once you do it a couple times you realize it really is not that bad. It's quite comfortable even (after the warm-up phase) and truly refreshing.
6. To avoid losing the stamina we've gained. Who wants to start huffing and puffing at 3 miles all over again?

Ok, so I'm going to do this. I think after a while you stop questioning and just go through the motions. Anyone have any motivation helps??

Guess I'll go shovel snow now.


Katrina and David said...

Girl...you ARE the inspiration!!! I know no one that runs in the snow on purpose & now I do. Keep it up! I'm now realizing my comment is full of the pesky exclamation points, so I'm gonna take it down a notch & tell you that you are amazing, which of course you should already know. Oh, and don't you have any neighbor kids that you can talk into shoveling??? xoxo

Pitts said...

Having 3 boys 5 through 1 is good for weight loss too! If my knees weren't shot maybe... just maybe I'd consider running again. On the other hand... aerobics in the privacy of my basment works too. Good luck tomorrow and be safe out there! Drivers are sheer idiots on the roads especially in snow storms!

Mindy said...

I must be weird. I love running in snowstorms, insanely cold weather, but only in the am WHEN I have others to run with. :)

Suzy said...
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Anonymous said...

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