Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My favorite work-out videos for cross training!

Kristin here.
(My parents have informed me they never know
who's writing until they get to the end of a post.)

As you may know, I have been cross training a lot. (Cross-training for marathoners/runners is a non-running, usually low impact work out.) The purpose of X training is usually to let your body heal from the weekly runs, or an injury, or just to lay of the joints a bit, or change things up here and there.

We 3 do not much care for it. However, we have been forced to do it for our various injuries (or in Suzy's case, just to support the rest of us since her bod was made to run).

Anyway, I have become a bit of a work-out video expert over the years and I have some definite faves. Good work-out videos are hard to find. Usually they are too easy, too repetitive, and too boring OR too overly peppy. Allow me to share some major finds.

If you don't like yoga, this video may change your mind! I love it. And I didn't used to be a yogi. Shiva Rea is amazing! I want to be her apprentice. :) This video has a "yoga matrix" where you can choose from every one of the 30 small segments, which ones you would like to do to compile your practice for that day. The music is perfect too! I want the soundtrack. So great for morning yoga.

Former roommates, does this look familiar?! Ha! All my roommates over the years are well familiar with this little gem. I have tried just about every Pilates video and this is by far my favorite. I have it memorized word for word even. Jennifer Kries- can I come to your NYC studio??

Ooo! Look what I just found while searching for it on Google images! She has a new one. Mom, Dad, are you looking for a Christmas present for me??

STEP:Just found this one at the library this week! I am VERY picky with step aerobics. I like a lot of choreography. I'm a step instructor myself so I watch a lot of step videos and I really liked this one- kept my heart rate up and had fun combos.

Another great find at the library. This is so so fun. Do you love foxy Latin men teaching you the salsa and merengue?? Then this is the video for you! I have loved this video for years. I discovered it before it became so popular, but now it's the new things. Aerobics instructors are specializing in "Zumba." Of this video set I only like the intermediate video.

How many times my mom, sisters and I have grooved in the living room to this sweet old thang, I cannot tell. It will always have a special place in our heart. But seriously, I still like it and I still do it some times. Next Young Women's Activity??? Whaddyasay, girlies?

OK, readers. I wanna hear about any of your favorite videos. I am always looking for a new classic to add to my repertoire.

Stay tuned: some day I will do Cross Training Part 2.
PS: Keep in mind that if you are injured, some of these are high-impact/medium-impact. You may wanna stick with the pool, elliptical, or bike for cardio while healing. Safety before fun! That's what I always say.


Mindy said...

The only videos I have done are pilates and Tae Bo [very intense!]. I prefer to swim on cross training days. :) But never mind that, I am still laughing about FOXY LATIN MEN! ;)

Four Winns said...

I have a Shiva Rea prenatal yoga DVD. I liked it but found the tone of her voice to be a little . . . distracting. She seems a little too hippy for me.

Kristin said...

Hahaha! That's funny cuz I love her soothing (& yes, cheesy) voice. "Deep peace of the quiet earth to you."

Katrina and David said...

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I like it because it's only a 30 minute workout but I still get a really great core workout. There are 3 levels of workouts to choose from.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) take a look that emo boy one over this blog: