Sunday, December 13, 2009

Plantar Fasciitis

(This is Kristin)

Well, I have been asked a lot lately if I am running at all and if my foot is any better. I think I have plantar fasciitis.
My symptoms:
  • heel pain
  • tight feeling along arch
  • greater pain when it's early or when I'm just standing/walking after long sitting
What has worked?
  • As much as I am against this from a fashion standpoint- wearing my running shoes all day (gulp) even with my work clothes has made an amazing difference! I alternated days with my arch support (Superfeet) inserts in or out.
  • Everyone swears by Dansko clogs and I have never wanted to get any (They're not my style and are pricey. If I'm payin' $100+ for shoes they better be hot!). Danna and some work buddies who have had plantar fasciitis say they were the only thing that would get rid of it. After my running shoes worked so well, I think I need to do it! Our friend sells them at a store named Chandler's. If you're interested- tell them Janene sent you and help our sistah out! They're really pretty cute and versatile (and also go well with purple cabbage as shown).
  • Icing after work-outs! I'm a firm believer. I even sneakily ice while treating patients.
  • Rest! I have cross-trained and rested a ton. (My next post on Tues. will have some fun work-out video suggestions.)
  • And finally- long gentle stretches. See suggestions here.

Couldn't find a good picture of this next one, but it's my favorite!
So, yes, things are getting better for me and I'm running 1-2X per week right now. I'd love to hear any of your thoughts or experiences with plantar fasciitis in comments!


Sunny said...

When I had it, they told me to roll a golf ball under my foot. Worked pretty good.

Mindy said...

I hate PF. I have gotten it twice. Once before high school nationals and once in college. In college I did pool workouts [meaning I RAN in the deep end of the pool ... not swimming] with *no* running at all for about two weeks and it healed sooo quickly and sooo nicely! Also, make sure you are taking IBprofen as it decreases the inflamation.

Four Winns said...

That guy has gross legs and feet. I think you should have photographed your own self doing those things and posted that. I've always thought you should be a foot model you know.

Kristina said...

Oh, finally! I have been looking for some good shoes to go with my purple cabbage! Thank you! They're perfect :)