Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's cold out there

Well life here certainly came to a screeching halt after the marathon didn't it! I kinda miss the little blog friend and all of you, so I will do better now- I almost promise. Winter running is a whole new ball of wax people. For one thing... wait for the profoundness.... It's cold out there! We did our first run in the teens this week. I know I keep saying this- but it was cold! It takes every ounce of will power in my body to get up at ridiculous:thirty and put on layer after layer of clothing- and then GO OUTSIDE IN THE DARK AND RUN! I have spent obscene amounts of money on winter gear. I needed a nice warm "jersey" to layer over other thinner running shirts. I bought a "last year model" brooks top with silver in it- it is supposed to regulate your body temp better. It was on sale half off from $98. Seriously. It's just a shirt. But I'll tell you running in it is a dream. it is too fabulous. I next invested in a barrier jacket- for wind and water protection. $100. Needed a warm hat to cover my ears and keep the snow off of my face- $25. Am I beginning to sound like a master-card add? I keep thinking the totaling bills will begin to stop, but as it gets colder and colder, I need more and more layers. Suzy, K and I still do one longer run per week usually on Thursdays to keep our conditioning up. K is having major foot problems since the marathon. She really hasn't been able to do too much running. So Thurs we set off, ran 2 miles, turned around dropped off K and then continued. We did about 9.5 miles. By the time I arrive at work after all that, I feel like it should be about 5 o'clock- time to wind down for the day. I did not wear the right, seemingly impossible to figure out each day, amount of layers on Thursday. I was cold the WHOLE run. By the time we got home after about 2 hours of running, I was TOO cold. There is a story there, but believe me, you don't want to hear it, and I don't want to tell it. Hence another stop at Wasatch Running. One of the only girls who works there- Heather- is a sweet angel. I was mortified to tell her the story- but I needed some advice. She was the angel they pay her to be, and told me how to add another layer without bulking up. Suzy, is the opposite of me. I head to the running store for more, she just digs deeper in her I'm-a-farm-girl-and-I'm-sure-I-have-something-in-this-winter-clothes-box-that-will-work kind of girl. I try to be like her but it's hard. Suzy has this huge blue wind breaker that she wears with the hood up as her barrier layer. You have to talk really loud in the beginning of the run so she can hear you over the loud crackling sounds it makes. I'm sure the neighbors LOVE us. We miss K and we keep praying that her foot will heal. Therapy, I mean running is not the same with out her.

My mom is training for a marathon. She won't admit that- and even denies it, but you should see her. We run together on Saturdays and Mondays. A few weeks ago I suggested she try running a couple of minutes, then walk one. Last Saturday we ran- she was running at least 3 minutes and then walking a strictly held one minute. I told we we could eventually work up to running 4, then 5 etc. Eventually we would try to run half a mile, then walk one minute- for at least five miles a day. So today- I went out to run with her- we ran almost 7 miles and she already was walking only every half mile. IN ONE WEEK! She is AMAZING. My mom looks at obstacles, and then climbs right over them.

After our run we went to Cafe Rio- hey we just ran almost 7 miles ok? Right after us in line were 4 soldiers in fatigues, there for lunch. We smiled at them, but we looked seriously scary in sweaty clothes and hair. A man in from of us discreetly leaned over to the first soldier and slipped him $40. I heard him tell him, "Can you do me a favor? Buy all of your lunches with this- and thank you for your service." The soldier showed the others the money- and each insisted and shaking the mans hand. We watched each one thank the man and smile. I felt so proud of my fellow Americans and I felt so proud of the regal soldiers. I felt that special Christmas spirit touch my heart. My mom and I both were teary. It was a sweet moment to witness, and I feel grateful to be a part of a community that notices others. My cousin Sarabeth just had a baby this week- while her husband is in Afghanistan. He is in such a remote area it took awhile to even get word to him that he was a dad to a new baby girl. They haven't still been able to even talk. She is a brave example of sacrifice for others. She is also the wife of an American hero. I have spent a Christmas missing my husband. I have spent days hoping that somewhere in Iraq, someone would make sure he got a good meal. I have felt the fear of watching bombs fall on TV and hoping he wasn't near. To all those who have ever thanked a soldier-- thank you. That is what America truly stands for- each other. I think I'll shut up about the cold and enjoy the warmth that I have.


Jena said...

I waited months for you all to finish that marathon so I could sleep through the early morning hours and not feel guilt. And now you're telling me you continue to get up in the dark, in the cold, in the early morning, and still run? Do you not have any respect for my need to sleep guilt free while warm in my bed?

Haha! Congrats again on the marathon.

Margaret said...

You're crazy. Buy an treadmill and run indoors. (I would...if I wanted to the winter...)

Warm thankful thoughts are nice to run with too.

Julie said...

Such a sweet post Danna. That is awesome your mom is running with you. She is amazing. Hey, I'm in on the Ogden 1/2 so hopfully you are still doing it...Love ya.

Suzy said...

I loved your story about the soldiers. That was touching.

I was really cold on Thursday too. Every day that I have walked outside since I have been secretly dreading our next run. What if my nose gets frostbite?! Good thing I feel so good after and get such good free therapy.

Kristin said...

Great post Danna! I loved it. I totally cried about the soldier thing. So sweet! I miss running more with you guys too. Boo!! I think I'm getting close though.