Friday, December 11, 2009

Cold weather calves

Here is my tip of the day. If you want fine calves, and I'm not talking about cows, run 10.35 miles on top of crunchy cold snow. This is what Danna and I ran Thursday. Kristin, unfortunately, will not have calves as fine as ours because she only ran 6 miles. Sorry Kristin. I think every little tendon, ligament, and muscle in my foot was burning (the only part of me that was due to the 7 degree weather) as I struggled to keep my balance in the snow. Danna kept saying positive things like, "This is the best workout," and "We couldn't strengthen these muscles any other way," and "This will help us not to sprain our ankles." My thoughts will not be mentioned because they weren't nearly so cheery. It is nice to run with a team because there is no way I would be getting such fine calves or exercise on my own. Ouch!

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