Monday, December 14, 2009

NOT cute feet

If cute feet are important to you- DO NOT run a marathon. That is about the only negative I can think of. But an important consideration regardless. I am obviously missing a big toenail, and the other one is cut so short it bleeds- in an effort to not lose both.

I am trying to keep my mileage higher... Sat I ran just over 13, today 8. So my feet get uglier and uglier. It sucks. I got a pedicure today and the guy I have been going to for years (tom) said to me, "Your toes look terrible- worst I've ever seen them. Cut back on your mileage for awhile. and stop ripping off your nails because they are bugging you." Vicky was in the pedicure chair next to me and laughed and laughed. Oh sure- she walks out with the cutest feet ever- and I'm stuck with my reject toes. Adam is very grossed out by the bleeding toenails and freakishly short nail lengths. He won't even participate when I begin a conversation with- " Oh sick! Look at my toe nail today!" Adam: NO! and suddenly becomes very, very busy. (this happens daily.)

I lost 4 toe nails during TRAINING of my last marathon- I didn't know to keep them so short. Well, I got married about a week before the marathon and had open-toe shoes. So- they painted my skin to make it look like my feet were not deformed. The End.


Adam said...

It's true. Danna is obssesed with tearing off her toenails. She is always asking me to look at them when she pulls off a particularly big piece of toe nail. I wish Kristin or someone else could fufill that need for her. She is still very cute though.

Preston and Rachel said...

Danna, we could bond over missing toenails. I got married with toenails missing also, but I had one of the girls at the salon that I worked at put an acrylic fingernail on the big toe with the most toenail missing.

Kristin said...

Hee hee! This post made me giggle. I love it. Good luck Adam! You're on your own. (Actually, I am always up for checking out D's toes.)

Mindy said...

Dear Danna:

I don't know you. But when that happens to my toenails, I still paint them! :) Less noticeable that way, at least I think. :)