Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter Running 101

This is my husband Rick getting ready for his Saturday morning long run. He makes me feel important by asking my opinion on what he should wear to stay warm now that I have incredible cold weather running experience and know-how. Notice his great hat? It is made of fleece, I think, and has great ear flaps and a brim to keep the snow out of my eyes. Danna and Kristin gave it to me as an early Christmas present. Little did they know that they were giving it to Rick too, since we rarely run together due to little people running around our house. Thanks ladies!

It is currently 18 degrees. I'll find out in about an hour if my excellent advice on how many layers of clothing to wear was good or not. He does run about twice as fast as I do and doesn't have excellent layers of childbearing fat to protect him. Hope he stays warm!


Kristin said...

Yes! I love that hat too (I also have one). At first I thought they were just functional and not cute, but with work-out gear on, they fit and totally look cute!

Mikelle said...

Go top of Utah! :)