Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blizzard Run

Did I say I was going to shut-up about the cold? Oh- well, that was before we did a run in the blizzard. Whats that Danna? You and Suzy ran on Tues DURING the blizzard? Why yes- we did, and I'll admit it- we felt cool. (or maybe just cold. ha ha) This is what it looked like when I opened the front door to let in Suzy this morning....

And maybe even scarier- this is what Suzy looked like!

At 6 whatever in the morning, all I do is grunt, but Suzy shows up chipper- and with a comedy routine. I laughed so hard at her.

Suzy taught me a new farm-girl trick. We wrapped our feet in these plastic grocery bags and tied them around our ankles, and then put our shoes on. That Suzy- shes a smart one. Note for when we publish a running book; when running in snow well above your ankles, try to keep your feet dry. We're going to be millionaires with that book I'm telling you.
It was a cold, WET run. The trail was NOT clear at Vicky:thirty, so we just ran through it. It was such a HARD workout! My muscles were screaming! It took us an extra 12 minutes to do our regular 5 miles, just because it was such hard work. I said I felt like Rocky in that one movie where he fights the Russian. Suzy stood tall and yelled DRACO!!!! (which I guess is the Russians name). Very funny- to us anyway. K was sleepy sleeping away with that foot. I think the foot does not think we are funny or enjoyable to run with. We miss her.

This is what we looked like when we got home. The neighbors are truly convinced I am insane and have turned my friends insane too.

Adam took a picture for us. and just shook his head. We had fun, it was like kids excited to go out and play in the snow again. I secretly loved it.

Here is Adam patching up (fingers crossed here) the last drywall hole in our remodel/gutting of the house tonight! The kitchen color is the top right green. Whaddayathink?

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Maryann said...

I know how much you like comments, so I'm commenting. Keep up the insane runs, and one of these days I'll join you!