Sunday, December 27, 2009

Testing the (frozen) waters...

(By: Kristin)

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. I know I did. I got a few new running items from Matt's family, so that'll be fun to put to use on the trail. Nothing helps get you on the winter trial like new gear to test out.

Speaking of getting out there, I am wondering how many of you would be interested in a winter run with us on some Saturday? If you are, leave a comment and say what Saturday works for you, what time you would prefer, and how many miles you are capable of running. Don't be shy! We'll take it all into consideration, but I was thinking some time in January or February would be fun! Maybe some time around 7 am? I have a lot of friends who have been telling me they want to get out there and run in the cold, but they have no one to go with, and haven't figured out what to wear. Wouldn't it be a blast to get a bunch of chicks out there on the Jordan River Parkway and gab while we knock out a few miles? We'll help advise you novices about what to bring/wear before the big day.

On another note, I am so bummed! The Ogden Half Marathon (which all 3 of us have procrastinated signing up for) is now full! What a bummer. Maybe we'll think about the SLC half in April? I never thought I'd be capable of running a spring half or marathon because I didn't think I could bear winter training. Ladies, I'm here to say, it's possible! And honestly not as painful as I had once believed. If I can do winter running, anyone can. Seriously- I'm ALWAYS freezing cold. But our runs have been downright comfy and cozy, I tell you!

Anyway, don't forget to mention your interest in our SheRunsLikeAGirl group run if you're thinking about it!

Check out the amazing winner of the NY Marathon! (Warning: must endure a bit of David Letterman.)



Fedaykin said...

There is no such thing as a full marathon. Make your own number signs (If you really feel you need one) and then hop on in. What are they gonna do? Really. "Hey! Stop those girls, they're running on a public street!"

Anonymous said...

Bad weather, scary ghost town, prayers and dislocated shoulders! See, I read your blogs!!!
Well, I hope this Christmas weekend was better!!!
We saw Avatar with our friends on Saturday, you're was awesome!!! I would love to see it again, too bad they have to cost so much!!!
Are you guys doing ok? Those little financial surprises with cars breaking down, towing fees etc. are always untimely.