Wednesday, December 23, 2009

13 degrees F and 28 degrees F

This is Suzy. I've never stopped to think of the difference of a mere 15 degrees in cold weather temperature. Today, I did a lot of thinking about it. I asked my husband to check the low for today so that I could put on the right amount of layers for our run. It was supposed to be 13 degrees F. The actual temperature on our run was 28 degrees F. I never thought I would say this but I was too warm, no, hot, for a run out in the snow. Danna and I hadn't even run a mile before we had to stop and strip off an entire layer of clothing. That was certainly a sight that we were glad no one but ourselves witnessed. I even left my clothes to the side of the trail because it was too hot to tie them around my waist.

Today, it was snowing as we ran. The excellent hat Danna and Kristin gave me kept the snow off my face. Yeah! My excellent yaktrax kept me from sliding in the snow and ice. Poor Danna. I think she wanted to punch me for all the times I told her how much I liked not slipping on the ground. She will, though, have much finer calves than me because she had to work so much harder to keep her balance than I did. Maybe she will get some spikes so she doesn't slide as much either.

It is a beautiful experience to run in freshly fallen snow, undisturbed, glistening, white. It was also a beautiful experience to cross paths with Larry while we were running very hard. We think he must be very impressed with us and our dedication to the sport.


Kristin said...

Yes! I love your description of the freshly fallen snow during a run. So true. Unfortunately I got sick that morning after fully intending to go with you guys. How ironic after my last post. Ugh.

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