Sunday, March 14, 2010

Slushy Saturday

It's Kristin.
In case you're not up for working out lately, here's a little motivation:

This is from Irene's blog.

As you can see from our sidebar, our run today was rough!  We ran in this heavy sleet and were soaked and chilled to the bone by the end.  We couldn't even conjure that, "Look how bad A we are for running in the rain and snow," feeling.  Well, some runs go that way.  For the rest of the day I felt great though!  Weird.

It wasn't slick enough though, for me to try out my new Stabilicers.  I'm afraid I may not get an opportunity, but I will say that I have read tons of reviews about them lately and people love them!  I'm excited to give them a whirl- and what a nice company.  Thanks Heather!  

Tonight I threw Matt a 30th Birthday party.  It was so fun and Matt loved it.  Look at the fun cake I made:
It had crushed Oreos that look like dirt, but you can't tell very well in the picture.

And there were cute little hangy-down things all over that said "30." Adam and Danna put them up!

What a seriously cute Birthday Boy, right?



misszippy said...

Ok--so I won't complain about my wet rainy run yesterday. Sleet has that beat! Good for you for running through it.

Karin said...

I feel so inspired now after the clip. It was pretty funny, actually, ha ha! Loved the Peter Pan clapping and then Bastian riding the luck dragon.

Awww, cute decor and cake!!! I wish I could have been there :( Happy (late) birthday, Matty! I love dirt cake...I really want to eat some right now.

Linds said...

So good! It was really rewarding! I did 10:28 minute miles which I was really pleased with. May be doing the SLC half- let you know if I am! Your blog is so fun!! Keep it going! It makes me smile!!!

Adam said...

Happy Birthday Matt!!!!!!!!!

PS What would the theme be for someone who is older than someone who is older than dirt?

Irene said...

It's taking me a while to play catch up! Thanks for the props. I got that clip from my nephew.

I LOVED that cake!!!