Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catching up a bit

It's Kristin again!

Well, I'm headed to bed, but I couldn't resist posting tonight.  Sometimes I just get the blogging bug.  I've been thinking lately about starting a personal blog (as opposed to a group running blog) because I just find blogging so fun and interesting.

Running-wise it's been a good week.  I've taken a fair amount of rest days- partially out of sheer laziness and partially because my foot has been aching again.  Curse you PF!  I tried choclate milk after my last couple runs as many of you suggested.  It was yummy and...well I don't know if I felt any significant difference, but I did seem to get my bounce back after the drink.  In other words I got over that post-run sluggish feeling.  It's pretty humorous for Matt to see me walk in the door after really long runs- all stiff and lethargic.  "Untie my shoelaces, K?  I need something"  

As for as other aspects of my life...  I just finished 3 books: Holes, Eat Pray Love, and Funny in Farsi.  Liked it, Loved 2/3rds of it, Fun, respectively.  D and I went on a super fun road trip this weekend to Lava Hot Springs.  Don't worry- our husbands were busy with other commitments and very happy for us (aka not feeling resentful or left out).  I've never stayed in a B&B before and it was AWESOME!  I have so much to say, but at this late hour, I'll simply say that Lava is a fascinatingly odd and quirkily charming town.  Now I get why people go there all the time.  It's not just the water park, eh?  Danna- we should have found a cool running trail up there (but our 12 miler was already done that morning)!  A few fun things that happened in Lava:
  • The Bed and Breakfast owners hovered around us all the time in a charming and funny little way.  We became very tight by the end.
  • We soaked in the city's hot pools and saw some INTERESTING folks.  Such as the man with star tatoos on his nipples.  Weird. 
  • We got to have a late check-out which equated with reading Runners World and Real Simple Magazines (thanks Megan!) and lounging around, having a 2nd breakfast, and even catching the owner driving by to check on/spy on us after a while.  Busted!
Look even a couch for the purses!



Sunny said...

I grew up just over the hill from Lava in Grace. Never stayed at a B&B there for that reason, but that one looks awesome! I might have to go back and visit soon. :)

jeannette said...

Fun bed and breakfast. Right in Lava? What are their rates?

misszippy said...

PF is the worst! I had a nightmare with it almost two years ago. I hope yours loosens up for you. Jealous of the time away!

Karin said...

Next time you go to Lava, take me!!! You didn't mention in your post how you also got to go see your beautiful saster in Poky :) That room freakin' rocks. What the?--never seen a B&B room that fancy.

Four Winns said...

Am I crazy or did we go to Lava together one timer? It looks like you guys stayed at the Anniversary Inn . . . nice.

Suzanne said...

I have always wanted to stay at lava Hot Springs, now I’m really convinced—what cool looking place!

dAd said...

I can appreciate your joy over your little Thelma & Louise Lava weekend, but are you SERIOUSLY not going to comment any further on "The Bachelor"?? I mean, I know it is over now, but when something has been the center of one's life (at it clearly is for me) you can't just set it aside like an old shoe!!!!! ;)

Mindy said...

DO start a regular blog too. Please. :)