Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gearing up for the blizzard?

Kristin again...

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Yesterday there was a big fire in SLC.  It filled the windy air with ash and by the afternoon the entire valley was shrouded in an ash powder (it was really beautiful and really chalky-tasting...ew).  We were crazy to get up and run this morning.  But we're bad, we're bad, you know it!  So we got up in the rainy/snowy morning and ran (Hayley, D and I).  I tried to keep my mouth covered in my scarf as much as I could.  And my hair from turning into a fro.  Curly-haired running girls- wassup!  

It's been snowing all day and we're planning to run tomorrow.  I'm excited- it may be the last snowy run of the year and, shockingly, I have missed it!  I am also excited to finally try out my Stabilicers which Heather from the 32 North company generously let me try out!  Here I am putting them on for the first time:

The concentration...

Sweet success!!

I also have a new system for my running garb.  No, I will not be throwing it over the banister every morning (Matt's going to be thrilled).  I'm keeping what I plan to wear (clean stuff) in this basket- in the bathroom, right next to the beloved towel spa D gave me for finishing my first marathon!

And the reusable or wet stuff goes on these hooks.  Isn't this a cute shelf I found for super cheap at Tai Pan Trading?  Thanks to Matty Fatty for the installation.  (And Dad too for the borrowed tools.)

Well, now that my bathroom is ready, my Stabilicers are ready, and my alarm clock is set, I better get to sleep.  Otherwise I might have to kill someone when the alarm sounds at Vicky:thirty.  Full report on Stabilicers coming soon!

Love, K


misszippy said...

I cannot say I envy you still running in snow, but you sound excited for it, so enjoy it! I like the clothing system, btw.

Momma Twitch said...

Utah really needs to make up its mind with the weather. Either it's spring or it's winter. lol! Actually I don't mind as long as it's nice and sunny w/ no snow on Saturday for my race. :)

Barefoot AngieB said...

I love that you like the snowy weather! Those stabilizers look great.

Heyhay said...

Kristen, I loved your clothing hook idea that I went to Target yesterday and got a 3 pronged hook that fits over my bathroom door (my bathroom is small). I love it! It looks so good now that I'm not hanging my wet clothes over the shower door.

Mikelle said...

I love this post! I love you new wall thingy! Did I mention you look totaly cute in these pictures?!