Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's all about relationships

by: Kristin

Now that the Bachelor is over, I'm bored of it.  But many of you emailed and asked about the results.  If you don't know yet- he picked VIENNA!  What can we learn from this, single people?  Infatuation is blind- you must use your head and listen to the unbiased people around you.  Interesting points in the episode?  Jake's family initially saw what a scary girl Vienna is and didn't like her.  Then they strangely "saw the light" and apologized for judging her and told Jake they approved.  Nooo!  You fools!  Did the producers pay you to do that or what??  Ali is the next Bachelorette!  (She's the one who had to leave the show cuz her job demanded she return.  She works for Facebook.)  Jake is going to be on Dancing with the Stars (as is Kate Gosselin- weird).  We all had fun yelling and rolling our eyes at the screen.  Danna said, "If Tenley says, 'I value marriage," ONE MORE TIME..."   I think Tenley did talk their relationship to death.  But she's sweet and I hope she meets a nice guy.  As for you, Vienna, grow up!

So, yesterday I ran'll never guess who (unless you already read the sidebar)...Ma Husband!  Yes, and even more unbelievable is that HE was the one who requested the afternoon run.  I first suspected that he was an imposter in my husband's body, but no.  We had a great little run on the parkway.  So nice to run in the sun!  He looked super cute in his running garb- too bad I didn't snap a picture for you!  

Check out this amazing site D found with a list of every US marathon!

It's that painful time again when I have to fork out some serious dough for a new pair of running shoes.  What shoes do you pronators love?  I haven't loved my Ascics 2140s for some reason, but I love my Mizuno Wave Inspires.  I'm debating inserts vs no hard!  And our favorite employee at the Salt Lake Running Company is quitting!  A running shoe relationship is crucial.  We start from scratch again.  Oh the agony.



Karin said...

I love my asics and I use inserts I got from my podiatrist. Of course, I've never run in them before--just exercise and walking

Irene said...

I caught the show in bits and pieces, but Tenley got on my nerves with her voice, regardless of how nice she was. I didn't care too much for either bachelorette.

Good luck with finding a pair of running shoes! Every time I find a model I like it gets discontinued. I wear a neutral cushioned, so I can't really suggest anything, but I've been liking Pearl Izumi and Newtons - both are different for me.

Nice run with the hubbie!

Irene said...

"both are different for me"... DOH! That sounded odd. Sorry. What I meant was that I was used to wearing Asics, but they changed my favorite model. Pearl Izumi and Newton are newer to me, but seem to be OK.