Monday, March 22, 2010

What BFF's are for

~It's Kristin~ 

I'm working on a little art project tonight.  My sister gave me this great idea.  She has super cute pieces of paper or thank you notes or something framed all in a row above her bed and it looks fabulous.  I asked her to do some for me and she did the 2 pictured above as part of my Christmas present last year.  So now I'm making 7 new big ones for my entry hallway.

Here's my favorite print (above).
I was having a hard time picking the paper I liked best.... 

I called for reinforcements...
What are BFF's for anyway?  I mean, last night I went and looked at the shoes she was deciding on at Nordy's.  It's so nice to know you have a third opinion (after the husband's opinion, of course) available when you need it.  Incidentally, Matt also has excellent taste and helped me arrange and sort through most of the project!
I'll post a shot of the finalized display soon.  I'm excited!

And she went with me yesterday to pick out new running shoes!!  Yes, a trip to SLRC where we are regulars.  There was a new sales guy there- Dave.  At first we were not enjoying Dave.  He was the first to offer us help and we didn't know how to say, "Uh, no thanks, we don'' know you yet."  Dave seemed arrogant and made a statements about my PF being with me for life.  No, Dave!!  But then Dave grew on us and we may just work with him again.  We've been shopping for a new shoe guru since Seth, our running idol, quit.  (PS:  He came in 3rd in the St. George Marathon we ran in the fall!)
Here's my new garb!  Can you spy, with your little eye: a GU, Adidas, Smartwool, Matt's first pair of running socks, an extra jumbo sized body glide!, blister shield, Saucony's (40% off baby!), and (this is a hard one- bonus if you can spot it!) an injured foot.

I LOVE having new running stuff.  Can't wait to bust out the new shoes tomorrow.  I never anticipated buying a pair of Adidas, but Dave recommended them and they were so comfy and felt just perfect as far as arch support for my PF and all.  I jogged around the store and fell in love!  And I've always wanted Smartwool socks.  D's always raving about them.  I knew it was time for new shoes because I was having weird aches and pains in random novel places.  And I was past mileage for my other shoes.

Any of you runner girls recommend any sports bras?  Nothing fancy needed- I'm cheap!

D and I have a cool giveaway coming up so be sure to stay tuned!



Davis Family said...

Love your paper project. Something I can see Paula doing. Make good on your promise and post pics soon!
Have fun with your new gear.
You just gave me one more reason to like you: you're cheap! :)

misszippy said...

"At first we did not enjoy Dave"...that's excellent! Glad you found some new kicks--hope they work like a charm. And I love the picture idea--gotta try that.

Thanks for the giveaway plug!

Katrina and David said...

Champion bras...wireless maximum support, maybe a little on the pricey side, but as a fellow "cheapy", worth every penny.

toovinnie said...

Nice Educational Runner's shopping tutorial. Couldn't find the foot though. ;)

Machy said...

oie!blacky esos cuadros favoritos tuyos lo haces con papel de regalo asi de simples son?? kedan lindos,,¿¿¿¿¿¿

Karin said...

Wow, your sister is talented ;) Your pics are way cuter than mine--rude!!! Ha ha! Did I tell you I've started running? Dave and I walked 6.5 miles on Sat., but I ran about half of it (running back and forth cuz Dave was walking). I need new running shoes. Should I go with Asics again? I also need some good stretches (I've been doing the t band one you showed me). I also need a new sports bra for these big nursing jugs!

Krissy said...

Super cute pictures! Makes me think about the art project we were going to do - I still have that big-humungo frame sitting in my basement. I think I've finally decided to just blow up a black and white of one of my favorite European shots. Karen cracks me up going on about her "big nursing jugs" Ha,ha. Funny stuff.
That's awesome you have Matt running. I wish I could convince Neil - but it will prob never happen. :(
Love ya!

dAd said...


I espyed with my little eye what appears to be your big toe and painted toe nail on your left foot. Its location is on the bottom edge of the photo, near the bottom left-hand corner.

¿Es correcto?

Just mail me the prize. :]

Karin said...

I spotted it first, Dad.

Kristin said...

Dad: You are the WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wanna take you to the Salt Lake Running Co. next time u come down here- wanna? I think you should try a different brand- Mizunos! What IT stretch did I show you? The one where you cradle your leg in your arms? Do you know pigeon prep pose from yoga? Good job on the running! Let's also shop for sports bras while we're at SLRC! When r u next coming down? Are you planning to come down for Easter? Let's have another egg hunt!

Mom said...

You're blog wallpaper looks like the pictures Karin gave you for Christmas. Was this on purpose. Is that Danna in the photo, her hair is soooo looooong. Wow, it grows fast eh.


I love Moving Comfort Bras. I have been wearing them for years. I'm actually giving one away on my blog right now.