Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some legitimate things to whine about

It's Kristin!

I am currently sitting in bed with ice on my feet.  I ran 5 pretty fast miles today with D.  We were super impressed with ourselves and how good we felt.  I think my PF is flared up now though.  I can't take my Danskos off for a second these days- going barefoot seems to be a bad idea.  I feel the pain if I step on the ground barefoot.

It's so discouraging for runners to have injuries!  You're rarely in true pain, but it just messes with your running and future race plans in a way that is super discouraging!  Danna really wants to sign up now for fall marathons.  I really want to run one, but with my foot issues, I'm not sure I should sign up yet.  Any advice, PF-cursed people?  
Here are some races we are considering:
  • Goblin Valley's Ultra Marathon
    • Pros: it's an ultra- how cool!  People love it!  Only 200 get in
    • Cons: includes lots of dirt and sand trails.  It's an ultra- scary!
  • San Francisco's Nike Women's Marathon
    • Pros: Tiffany necklace for finishers, amazing place to race, girl power!
    • Cons: hilly, pricey with travel, and: hilly
  • TOU (Top of Utah)
    • Pros: No travel needed
    • Cons: not exotic 
  • Other?  Any recommendations, readers?  
 There's a fun 5K Danna told me about in July.  You run through lavender fields, and get fun swag, and even get to pick as much lavender as you want after the race and there are lavender wreath-making classes!  How fun is that?

Well, goodnight my dears!  Pray for my feet to heal, will you? 



Mindy said...

When I got PF I would do pool workouts. Do you have a local pool you can go to? Often times they have a little ... buoy belt/running belt that you put around your waist and you are actually able to run in the deep end of the pool. You are vertical and just run. It feels like you are hardlly doing a thing {which is the idea - no pounding etc.}. I usually would do this for a week and then I would be good to start running again. Once your foot is better, I would suggest find a grassy area to run on {high school football field maybe} and strength your foot by running barefoot. Start off slowl and minimal minutes {maybe five to 10 minutes a day, three days a week}. Then up to 20 minutes three times a week. It will strength your foot without relying on the shoes to do all the work for you and hopefully prevent future PF.

misszippy said...

I've had nightmares w/ PF. Two years ago I partially tore mine and spent six long months sidelined. I finally had extracorporeal shockwave treatment and that cured me. doc then put me in orthotics and prescribed shoes 24/7 and now my other foot has its share of flare-ups. I agree with Mindy that perhaps being in shoes so long has weakened my feet. I also agree that walking around BF makes the PF hurt. So...I think Mindy is on to something, and it's something I want to try also. I have been attempting just a bit of walking around BF in the house and it's been a no-go. Again, though, I think it requires getting the PF to calm down first. Final piece of advice on PF--stretch, stretch, stretch!

Suzy said...

Now that I know your PF has flared up again I don't feel like you are trying to avoid morning runs with me now that I run so slow. Hope you feel better. Danna and I ran 4 then she did 3 on glut hill while I slowly walked up and jogged down. Then we ran another 1 and she finished off with probably another 1 1/2. I did 7 total. It was fun. I miss you though.

Karin said...

I'll pray for your foot. Guess what--I did my 5-mile walk the other day and ran/walked it! It was tough. If I'm going to do a half, I'm gonna do TOU, so I say do that one, and it's cheap.

Karin said...

Hey, I referenced you on my blog, Kristin!

P.S. I think you and Dana should put profile pics on your side bar so people can know who each of you are when you post! Maybe a short bio under the pic for each of you...

Krissy said...

I have heard the Nike Women's marathon is awesome! But, it's really hard to get into.

jeannette said...

You're blog wallpaper looks like the pictures Karin gave you for Christmas. Was this on purpose. Is that Danna in the photo, her hair is soooo looooong. Wow, it grows fast eh.

Kristin said...


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Heyhay said...

I'd like to run the lavendar field 5k if you and Dana are going. Maybe I could hitch a ride with you?

Machy said...

pero negris! tu crees que aca en Chile hay de ese papel?? mmmmm si sin simples y lindosss!!! Claro que veo tu blog y lo leo tbn :) y OBVIO QUE TE AMO,.. me entere de tu pies que esta malo, que tienes metas de correr otra maraton y has entrenado muchoooo!!!!!!!,,,y todo lo que escribes ahi lo leo te amo pooo