Thursday, April 1, 2010

The report from this morning...

So we ran this morning in the snow.  It was a nice run!  Once a blog I like had a little post about running in the snow.  I thought it summed it up perfectly.  I always remember the line "we relish running through the stillness."  I think it describes a winter run in the snow so well!  The way the snow absorbs all the sound, the snow crunches under your feet.  This morning there were even a bunch of birds chirping.  Danna, Hayley and I recently commented that winter running has shortened the winter for us, and made the weather tolerable and even...lovely.  Don't get me wrong- can't WAIT for Spring!  And even more- Summer!  I am a warm weather woman through and through.  But winter running has grown on me to the point that I now, well, hate winter less.  :)  

Okay, so I tried out the Stabilicers as noted in my previous post.  They really stay on nicely.  I thought they were comfy too!  They make a nice little clicky, crunchy sound when you walk which I thought was fun.  Fun in the same way it's fun to wear tap shoes on a stage.  It's got that gratifying click.  There was no chance of slipping with these babies on.  Bottom line- I love em!  I took them off mid run when the trail was clear and they just peel right off.  They look easier to keep clean than Yak Trax, and they have better reviews online in general!  They come in a nice little zip-up plastic bag too.  Thank you so much Heather for the recommendation and sample!  I'll re-post about them at the beginning of next winter too, but now that the season is over, this is a great time to buy them for cheaper!  Check out 32North.

Well, my friends, happy running!  Do a nice long run on Saturday, drink some chocolate milk, and ice those lower extremities.  Hope to see you on the trail!  I've got 14 miles to do and Danna's OOT.  Hope old PF can handle it.


PS:  Check out my new widgets- the books I'm reading/have read, the local temp., and the countdown.  Fun!
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dAd said...

Nice blog. I like how you are so energized by your running fix!

Speaking of freakish weather, it just hailed hard for about 15 minutes here in Kaysville with the most perfect, dry, pea-sized hail that feels like little styrofoam marbles....

Running Diva Mom said...

just found your blog -- looking forward to following your journey! Keep it up!