Wednesday, April 14, 2010

8 thoughts

Dear readers,

It's Kristin!

1.  No that was not me that posted the pregnancy post ("Running with Baby") recently.  Nor was it Danna.  We've received some hilarious and angry responses from friends (i.e., You're pregnant!?!?!  And this is how I find out?  Your blog?!).  It's Suzy!

2.  If you are a person who prays, pray for my foot this weekend, will you?  (The race!)  Right now, say a little prayer in your heart...go on...

3.  Why does Blogger mess up when you try to push the enter key to skip to the next line.  Anyone relate?  Super annoying.

4.  Danna and I registered for another marathon in the fall!  This is a BIG deal for us.  I won't say which marathon so as to keep you in suspense.  It's a really cool one.  And out of state too!  Hope we get in- it's very popular.  I am confident that we will get in.  

5.  I accidentally posted last night when I added something to my on-going list of blogging ideas.  What a nerd- I'm totally embarrassed!  Now you know all my inner thoughts and future posts- try to forget this ever happened, K?

6.  Danna got in-grown toenail "mini-surgery" yesterday from her podiatrist!  Yes, YESTERDAY!  And she's planning to race with me Saturday.  (Do another prayer in your heart, k?)

7.  I didn't run today.  Curse early morning meetings at work!  And now I feel fat and frustrated.  And frustrated and stressed about many other things in life, so I really NEED a run.  But tomorrow there's another meeting.  Looks like my next run is the half marathon.  Well, I hope my PF enjoys the rest at least.

8.  If I can't run, at least I can blog.  Which makes me feel a part of that runner/blogger community and is comforting.  (Only then I look at your blogs and get a big of mileage envy.  But I'm happy for you.  And I wish healthy feet upon ye.

Happy running or resting.


misszippy said...

Good luck this weekend! I hope your PF holds up for you. It really is the most cursed injury around. And I agree about blogger and the enter key. Most annoying!

Karin said...

I'll pray for you! Yes, I also have the "enter" problem. Fix in in the HTML mode. Hope your toes feel better, Danna!!!

Tanya said...

Oh girl, don't be so hard on yersef! I stopped and prayed for ya. Good luck this weekend! (Run some of my winter hybernation 7 pounds off for me too K)?
Lovr ya

dAd said...

You're not pregnant?!?! And this is how I find out?? Through the blog??

Danna said...

K's dad- you are HILARIOUS! You seriously crack me up. Still laughing at your comment!