Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My most memorable run.

Hiya, It's Danna. If you are my mom reading this, warning, you are about to hate this.

This past Saturday was the Salt Lake City marathon and half marathon. As you all know, we have been helping my mom and Ksenia to train (or hindering their training is probably more accurate!)

Post run stretch!

Training run on the Parkway.

Runners World has been publishing a series of articles every month about "my most memorable run". They often say how difficult it is to narrow down your runs. I imagine that may be because of sheer quantitiy we runners tend to do, and also because of those endorphins- they make ya happy. Almost every run is a good run!

Saturday was a specail day for me. Running with my mom in her first race was the opportunity of a lifetime. She is amazing. To train and run your first race in your 60's is admirable. To train and place 7th in your age category is astounding. But it isn't her pace that is most special about my mom. I watched her work to finish training runs, and when it was hard, she would walk- for only a few seconds, then run again. She did this over and over until she reached her distance. One time we were all about half a mile from home when we reached distance. We all said, "Phew!" and began walking. Oh no, not my mom. She ran the rest of the way and waited for us on the porch at home. She never, ever gives up. I learned to just keep going when it's hard, from her. When we crossed the finish line, I was so proud of her. I will forever remember that smile on her face. It was perfection.

I got a real kick of watching my dad rush to several aide stations to cheer her on. I was proud of him too. They are who I hope to turn out to be.
And so Saturday, was my most memorable run.... I think it will be for a very long time.

There is something that bonds running partners together forever. How blessed am I to have it all wrapped up in one person- one of my best friends, my training partner, and of course, my mom.
I'm so proud of you mom. Thanks for running with me. I literally loved every minute.
Way to go 'she runs like a girl' team!!!!


Adam said...

Congratulations Danna,
You and your mom did a fantastic job. It was so fun to see you finish the race. You both worked hard. I am glad you enjoyed your run. I am proud of you. Also, way to go Kristen and Ksenia.

Susan Fields said...

How fun to be able to run with your mom! She sounds like a fantastic person. Aren't moms great?

Kristin said...

Thanks Adam!
Nice job Mama!
Danna, what a cool experience to have with your mom- I'm jealous. unfortunately my mom's feet and knees will never allow a race.
Love the pix!

Teamarcia said...

That is the coolest thing ever! I hope to be that kind of mom to my daughters. You are very lucky to have such special parents!

Stacey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
How fun to run with your mom on her first race! Congrats on finishing another race!

misszippy said...

That is very cool! What a great opportunity to share that with her. Tell her I said congrats!

Sarah said...

That was such a nice post to read, what a wonderful experience! Congratulations!!
Also Danna, Thank you again for coming to the Tulip Festival- I cherish the photos you took, you are a great photographer!

nyla said...

Okay...this is the Mom and Danna does tend to embellish things sometimes. I wish I was as good as she says I am. But oh well! But running with her on Saturday was such fun. I really did love it even though I was tired the last couple of miles. She kept telling me this was the "party day." She was right. I love you DL - thanks for putting up with me and helping me through all the training. I've so enjoyed the runs, but most of all enjoyed the company with you. Also thanks to Ksenia, and Kristin. What great gals! Krisitn...please be sure to thank Matt. It was so great when he plowed in there and got our drop bags. So appreciative. I love what running has done for me and feel I must continue. Thanks for sharing it with me. You're all great.

Brandi said...

YEAH....I love running with my Mom too! The Salt Lake Marathon this year could not have been more perfect....except oh yeah I did not run it!:( But I get to run this weekend at the Thanksgiving point 1/2. I hope for weather and memories as good as yours.

Maryann said...

Way to Go Dana and Mom!!! Hopefully I can join you next year!

Karin said...

Your mom rocks, Danna! She seriously inspires me.

PB and J Mom said...

I am so proud of you guys! Keep up the good work ... what an amazing journey this has been for all of you! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Danna!! that was the cutest post i think i have ever read! i even got a little teary eyed! i love the bond that you have with your mom!! its adorable and i love it!! you are both so cute!! : ) Congratulations on all your success! All of you runners!! i am soon to become one myself!! I love you and miss you!!

Rosie Huff