Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The wimpy half of the orange.

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Well, today's run was rough.  Have you ever felt like the partner that holds your friend back from running at her true speed and distance potential?  Well that is me all the way.  I know D won't like me writing this, but she has done tons of speed, distance, and hill training the last few months, and I'm pretty sure she's ready for a whole new level of running partners.  Not that I'm going to allow that to happen or anything!!  Don't get any ideas, D.  I think she's at the verge of doing "high knees" during the runs now.

When I started running back in Jr. High, I ran with my friend Krissy Rosser.  We would run almost ever day just a mile or 2, and it was the same deal.  I know Krissy could've done double the speed and distance easily.  But she ran with whiny, wimpy me anyway!  She got me into running in the first place.  I dedicate this blog entry to you, Kris!  I remember she dragged me to my first race- an 800 meter on the H.S. track.  I wore my Keds and my levi overalls and came in dead last of course.  I think Krissy won which was very common.  She even decided a few years ago to do her first marathon.  She didn't even train- she just basically showed up and rocked it and felt great!  You suck, Krissy.  She was born to run.  I was not, but I run anyway because of what it does for me. 

Anyway, in Chile, people referred to their spouses as "the other half of my orange."  Kindof the Spanish version of our, "my better half."  I thought it was so cute to think of you and your honey as 2 halfs of an orange.  But in D's and my partnership the halfs aren't matching up lately.  My half is shriveled and discolored a bit.  And has PF.  Danna almost daily wither gets up before I do to run hills till I show up, or keeps running hills after I leave.  I mean, I have no desire to do those hills and extra miles right now, but she's getting fast and strong, people.  And I don't like it one bit.  Suzy's pregnant but will surely be back to kicking my booty in the summer.  Hayley is gaining speed faster than should be possible.  And me?  I'm the mediocre runner these days. 

Well, if I could just get rid of this blasted PF!!!  I got my Strassburg sock today and will give an update soon!  I've been reading so much about PF lately- it's ridiculous.  I'm think of even doing a little barefoot running.  I know it seems counter-intuitive, but what I've read about the impact on PF is very compelling. 

Anyway, happy running! 


Karin said...

Tell me how to avoid PF! I remember the days of you and Krissy running. Wish I had done it too, now! I doubt you are a partner that holds the others back! Is it just the PF that's effecting yoU?

Danna said...
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Teamarcia said...

fast, slow or in between, it's so great you girls are such great running buddies--cherish that!

Danna said...

K- Total Crap! The only reason I get up early to do hills is because my booty half of the orange is about double the juicy! D

Anonymous said...

Seriously, just let her move on m/w/f. She needs to fulfil her full potential. Which is not a media squishy platano. ;)

misszippy said...

Sorry to hear about your PF still giving you trouble. It can be such an insidious thing. If you see a doc about it, ask about a night brace--I stick mine on all the time and get some nice relief from it (although it's not gone). Stick w/ your running partner--I'm sure she's happy to have you along!

Tanya said...

Forgot to tell you. Since we don't have a dog and I don't run with anyone, I started carrying pepper spray a few years ago. Never had to use it, but worry about the kid's getting into it. Found out Bailey did and played with it a little. It sounds like she regretted it! (I always ran with my finger on the trigger too).

Heyhay said...

Kristen, you don't slow me down and I have enjoyed every moment running with you. I've gotten faster because of you and Danna. Suzy had to ask me to slow down this morning and I did't even know I was going fast. I guess I anticipating your and D's speed. I'm glad you got that sock and I hope the article I sent you will help too. Having PF and any other aliment can really get a person down. You've been such a trooper though! I look up to you that you still run often. If it was me, I would whine and stop running.

Pam said...

Ah, Kristin, you're not a wimp!!! Anyone that has accomplished as much as you have and have such a passion for running needs to be proud of yourself!!!! 14 miles--how on earth did you do it????? I enjoy the blogs---they are so neat!
Good that you had a good Easter--you needed some down time!
We had "spring Break" this week. Didn't get accomplished what I wanted--but at least I got to sleep in a bit. How'd you like that snowstorm Mon night and Tues? At least there's light at the end of the tunnel--spring is on the way!
Loves, Pam