Saturday, April 3, 2010

New girl, big run, little secret

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So there's a new girl who joined our little running group recently.  Allow me to introduce cute little Hayley.  She and I ran 8 miles together today ( I did a total of 14).  Always nice to break up the run with friends.  Hayley and I gabbed about running plans, life story-type stuff...and then we confessed.  Sometimes running makes us feel...bloated.  Do you guys relate?  I mean, could it be the sugar?  The agitation of bouncing along?  The metabolizing?  Or maybe it's not running related at all?  We need advice, runners.  Or at the very least, I'm wanting a little validation and reassurance. 


This was my longest long run since the Marathon back in October!  I'm so proud- my foot really held up well!  I've been trying to run more on my mid-foot lately which seems to help.  Eat it, PF!!  During the run I tried the GU Chomps for the first time and loved themmmm!  Much easier, cleaner, and yummier!  I thought they tasted like a really great fruit snack.  I'm a fan-- goodbye gels!  I also ran a couple miles with a random gentleman on the trail.  He gave me some great advice.  One of those veteran runners who's done every race out there and loved all my questions.  We're tight now.  I also found it interesting that he too runs with pepper spray.  Keeps it right in his hand, finger on the trigger!  He says he's used it several times on charging dogs.  Hmm.  Hayley and I later ran into him and he convinced us to look into the Hobble Creek half marathon- apparently the best in UT.  Anyone done it?

Well, after the run I'm just feeling great!  I felt well prepared for it, the air was clean and refreshing, Hayley and I commented that the wildlife sounds in the air were great!  And the ducks are so funny to watch as they waddle around the grass.  The book I just finished- Committed- described ducks as "walking around, muttering to each other about the latest duck scandal."  That's exactly what it seems like- I love it.  I did get cold on the run.  My bum was so numb I didn't even realize my red Gatorade had dripped all down my shirt and pants (I've washed my white stuff twice today...with both sports wash and stain sprays and can't get it out!)

Today I also watched General Conference and it was fabulous!  Matt and I hung out and lounged around the house.  Conference weekends are my favorite!  We also ate tons of Easter candy and have decided Milky Way eggs are the best.

Happy Easter!



I love Chomps. so much better then gels! New running friends are so much fun!

Mindy said...

I like you a lot. that's all. :)

Karin said...

Yes, GC ROCKED! Love the duck conversation--ha ha ha!

T said...

Read your blog! You sure have turned into a running machine!!!
(I had to laugh about the bloating truth, that is part of the reason I exercise alone.

Heyhay said...

K, I tried the benefiber Saturday after our run and all I'll say is that I suffered badly the entire day...complete opposite from what I/We thought it would do. Hope you have better luck.

Thanks for the spotlight! :)

Heyhay said...

Check out the Get Relief Herbal Red Tea on the Republic of Tea's website. It's a bit pricy but it's really helped when the bloating is bad.

Robyn said...

Chewys are so much better than gels! Try Honey Stingers, they're so darn delish. (and organic.)