Sunday, September 6, 2009

Running and Blogging Tips

Wordle: Marathon blog

Okay, I know it's not my turn to blog again yet, but I just wanted to throw this in real quick. Sometimes you just get the blogging itch!
Some interesting facts:
  • Danna and I have begun to get up earlier than Vicky! We refer to this as "quarter to Vicky."
  • This weekend we got up at 3:30! 3 freaking 30!
  • We both have new running outfits.
  • We have discovered a new runner's foot powder that you put in your sock and shake. It keeps your feet dry and blister-free even in the rain. It's AMAZING!! Buy it at Wasatch Running Co. (Even better than Bodygliding your toes!)
  • Many of our friends don't know how to make comments (so per request, I have instructions over there on the right side of the blog)
  • Our bodies did not take kindly to 18 miles.
  • We no longer complain in the mornings. We have turned into running robots.
  • Underwear Man wears a strange green head band each day, possible made from crepe paper.
  • Icing after a run provides miraculous healing!
  • Husbands giving priesthood blessings provide miraculous stamina! :)
  • If you want comments on your blog, you have to comment on other peoples' blogs.
  • Here is an amazing new IT-band stretch I found!
  • Not getting comments on your blog equates with a self-esteem crisis.
  • We are always the first people on any given running trail every Saturday morning (for at least an hour).
  • Danna gives you presents every Saturday if you run with her (this week she gave me little packets of sunscreen, Bodyglide-esque wipes, dry foot powder, a post-run power bar, Gatorade, and a "pot minder" from Sur La Table!!! I'm not making this up.) Last Saturday? Jeff Galloway's book "Running."
  • Julie and Julia is a good movie.
My other running tips include: Getting your shoes at Salt Lake Running Company, running without leaning forward, walking an extra 1/2 mile-a mile after each run, stretching your legs well immediately after runs, applying Bodyglide EVERYWHERE! For more info on this email me privately. :)

And now, and ollld video I couldn't upload until now. It is obsolete as I no longer Cross Train! My doctor said I didn't have to!


Ms. Muppettt said...

Here's my comment to boost your self esteem. You guys ROCK!! By the way, what powder did you find that prevents the blisters? That would be good to get for Jeff.
Melanie (Tucker)--yes, you should feel really good knowing that someone all the way in Mississippi is cheering you on!

Katrina and David said...

I seriously feel like such a slacker every time I read your blog...but it's also motivational...but 3:30?!?!? I don't know how you did it! You gals are either very dedicated or a little bit crazy. Either way, KEEP IT UP!

Suzy said...

Kristin, I am jealous that you got more free stuff from Danna than I did. I had to even pack my own ice this run. :) Keep up the good work. You are awesome!

Danna said...

Melanie! Hey girl! You are so nice to read our blog! I love it! Hope you and Jeff are doing well. How is his running going? Does he have time for stuff like that now? The name of the powder is "Blister Shield" anti friction skin guard. It is made by twotoms. I found it at a local place (wasatch running)but I'm sure you could get it anywhere. I really do like it. Even with my fancy schmancy running socks, it helped. Great to hear from you! Thanks for the comment!

Jennie Kunz said...

This post made me laugh! I loved it, and it made me miss seeing you and you making me laugh in person! LOVE YOU!

Monica said...

Enjoyed the post...always love a healthy dose of sarcasm w/ this crazy thing we do called running. Have to try Blister Shield, good find. In the spirit of "comment on other blogs", I thought you might enjoy a recent post we did w/ running tips as well. I don't think it's as humorous :), but you might enjoy anyway. Find it here:

Monica @

PS. don't worry that it's for "over 40 runners", most tips are for runners of all ages...