Sunday, August 23, 2009

APX alarm protects more than just your home

So many exciting things have happened lately. Where to begin...

First, I want to tell about our run a couple of weeks ago- the biggest run yet- 16 miles!! Can you believe it? I'm amazed at myself! And the strangest thing is, it wasn't even hard- it felt good. Weird!!

The weather that morning. Rain!
Danna, Suzy, and I arrived at our new trail after much driving around in circles in the rain. We finally found the spot where we could park on the Legacy Parkway trail in Davis County- my favorite location yet! Oh yeah, it was pouring! It was pre-crack of dawn. It was freezing. Who'dve thought to check the weather in the middle of August? We've never really run in heavy rain before. If the girls had said, "Let's bag it," I was game. We wimpily sat in the car for a WHILE, reapplying bodyglide, staring at the trail, leaning on the head rests.

My hood was scant protection against the downpour. I rage against nature.
When we finally stepped out, we were immediately frozen and drenched. None of us wanted to get our only hoodies soaked and render them useless before we even started, so we took them off and huddled together under a covering.

Then I had a genius idea! Matt used to sell security systems for a company called APX and all his old work shirts were in the trunk waiting to go to the D.I. We each put on a sweet blue APX shirt (I put on 2) and it totally did the trick! It was so funny though because the shirts were so manly and big, and all matchy-matchy too! People must've thought it was our team outfit! Ha ha! Plus we ran with our arms inside the shirts for at least a couple miles. And our water belts were inside too! We probably looked like a bunch of crazies. Out in the rain, armless, lumpy, matching. Go team APX!! Well of course these shirts are now a permanent car trunk item. You just never know when they'll come in handy again! Plus they have major sentimental value now.

As we warmed up, the weather actually felt really good, and the new scenery was great, the conversation was stellar, and the run was awesome!!

Then last Saturday, Danna and I ran in SLC- from Memory Grove up City Creek Canyon to the top and back. It was our designated "hill training week." Danna knew I was dreading hill training big time and am very freaked about the elevation changes on the actual St. George Marathon course. I have been whining and scared about it for weeks. I read all the St. George forums about it too, and freak myself out even more. We ran uphill for about 7 miles- torture for me! Then down for 5-6. Danna had to pull out all the big guns for me to be able to continue. She even provided me with motivational and distracting gifts throughout so that I would make it to the top. Like Jelly Belly energy beans, mango creme savers (PS: Adam, I know the Jelly Bellys were from you. You're the best!) which are surprisingly helpful. I even brought her a gift of my own! I put my hand on my bum at one point (no idea why now that you ask) and felt something strange. I said, "There's something on my bum!!" and after a short struggle, I pulled out:
A dish scrubbie pad! Yes, it had adhered its sneaky little self to my shorts' inner lining while in the dryer. Plus I wear the little Under Armor shorts under those. Wow. If anyone on that mountain had needed a pot scrubbed, I was their girl!

Danna also found a cute little cave. I was unable to join her in spelunking as: a.) it would have required that I climbed down and up a bunch of stairs, and my legs were already uber-stiff (and it was only about mile 7) so I'm pretty sure I never would have made it back up the stairs and b.) I was charitably trying to help her learn to use the timer button on her camera. :) Danna was way too spunky during hill training. She ran down and up those stairs twice! And at the end of our torturous run, she asked if we could run up the hill to the Avenues, and then down the steps to the car again. Um, no Danna. That's enough!! I told her she was more than welcome to do so, as long as she didn't mind walking home alone.

Here we are icing and stuff:

No, but seriously, the hill training wasn't as bad as I had feared. I really think Danna picked out a sick run this time and we got to see so many cool and beautiful (and blissfully distracting) things. Like Memory Grove when it's still dark! We also saw homeless people getting up in the morning, and druggies dealing, and dogs running around, and fellow St. George Marathon-ers. We ran for several miles near these 2 other guys training for St. George, and they were so funny. Might I add that they were veteran marathoners, and we passed them!! I hope they didn't see our high fives. They told us about other marathons they'd run, including one they ran next to none other than JEFF himself!! And we (D and I) talked together about every topic under the sun- from the gospel, to the differences between men and women, to life working in the hospital, to bristle pads of all things!!

Girl's camp
A couple weeks ago I was at girls' camp which was super fun- I love all the girls so much!! They are fabulous. Here's the only shot I took. What a lame camerawoman, right? Luckily, one of the YW -Bailey- helped me out and took 16 interesting shots of her own face. I have shared some real gems below from that sample.

Last week Matt and I spent the week with my fam and a few friends in Lake Powell. I did a lot of water running as X-training. Mikelle and I even got up at 6 one morning and went running on some hiking trails. It was fun. We got to drive the wave runner up a cool swampy river, saw baby frogs, ancient pictographs, we nearly sprained our ankles, and we rocked out with out ipods!On our way to the run!
Inside the boat
My dad has been feeling worried that the world may think I only ever wear a sweaty bun in my hair, to match my sweaty outfit and make-up-less face. (My parents have always been vehemently anti-bun.) Well, just for you, Daddio, I have included a few photos below, proving that I am not just Sweaty Bun Girl. And I do have an outfit other than that dang black and white one I think we are all a little sick of seeing on the blog by now.


d e memmott said...

Another excellent post, that! (Thanks for the bun-less photos!)

I didn't know that you didn't know about Memory Grove/City Creek canyon. Cool and pretty, huh?

To show support for you and Danna, I plan to run/walk 10% of your weekly Saturday runs from now through October 3--topping out at an impressive 2.62 miles over the next 5 weeks!

Wish me luck!


Kristin said...

Sweet!!! You're awesome for doing that! Do you have our schedule? How do you know how much to run? Yeah City Creek and MG were really cool! I'm surprised I'd never seen them. Totally a SLC must-see.

Katrina said...

never a dull moment! Thanks for sharing everything. love it!

Tanya said...

WOW! You and Danna are lookin and doin GREAT!!! Good for you!
This is the longest I've gone it 2 years without exercising. I'm already counting the x-tra cellulite holes appearing in my legs!!! I decided I'd try my elliptical and see if that bothered my hip flexor and it is starting to do better. Unfortunately, I added something else this morning which is why I had time to read part of your blog...I'm icing!!! I didn't seriously start icing till last weekend and I think that has made the biggest difference ever! One good thing that has come out of this is that I used my crazy exercising as an excuse to eat what ever I wanted. I now have finally had to make myself be better since I'm not running or walking 6 miles everyday or strength training. The weird thing is, it's easier to be better & say no to food & x-tra treats now...go figure!?

Dad said...


I just made that 10% thing up on the spur of the moment to be silly/funny. Pretty pathetic. But for me, it is very doable. Measures are approximate based on the cemetery layout. No GPS.


Bailey said...

ha haaaaa i didn't see the pictures but i did read it!!!!! i want to see what pictures you put on!!!!

Kristina said...

What the scrubbie pad?!? Bwah hah ha ha! I love it! That would have been the end of the run for me, too much laughing to continue! And the matching shirts? A must from now on. PS I so love your hair, curly or straight. Thanks for the "bunless" pics. He he he.

Kristina said...

Seriously...No gift will ever out-do the scrubbing pad that made it's way up the mountain stuck to your butt. I can't get over it! Ha ha ha ha

Topher, Natalie, Macie, and "The Brand New" Hazel said...

A 16 mile run that felt good??? Who are you??? That is awesome! I love to read your posts Kristin. Keep it up, think of me just off of the Legacy Parkway next time you are on a little jaunt:)

Robin Fisher said...

Loved the sponge story. I couldn't stop giggling. DANNA, when are you going to post--let me guess--you are icing :P

Mikelle said...

Woah Rast, you look very thexthy in those last pictures.

Sarah said...

Kris, you look sooooo beautiful in all these pictures. Love the make-up.